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The position you are taking concerning Nissan Computer is Not moral. I have decided to join Nissan Computers in their fight against this hijacking by a bully.. and I will not consider any nissan motor co products for my self and for my family members.. I will also tell all my friends and co workers of your actions and encourage them to joining  this movement
Ed Merkel

Nissan Motor is way out of line. A legitimate company was up on the internet before them with the Nissan name and rightly so. It's not like Nissan Computer Corp. and its owner is using the Nissan name without any justification - its his name! He shouldn't suffer just because Nissan Motor was late to jump on the Internet bandwagon. If anything Nissan Computer Corp. should be filing a suit against Nissan Motor! If they go through with their suit, not only would I never buy a Nissan product, I will tell and e-mail everyone that I know about this and how Nissan Motor conducts business. There are a lot of choice words in our vocabularly to describe Nissan Motor... but I will refrain from stooping to their level!
William Bennett

I feel that there should be peaceful coexistence with the respect of domain names.  Clearly one can see the difference between the two companies names.  This action just re-enforces my desire NOT to purchase any Nissan Motor products.  Nissan Motor Co. should spend it's time and resources on making fuel efficent, non pollutting cars instead of attacking small businessmen.
Gary C. Smith

To whom it may concern;
For a company that has finally freed itself from the clutches of the Arab Embargo and is now selling cars in Israel, it is especially disgraceful not to have learned from its mistakes.  I grew up in Israel. Nissan is an Israeli name and Hebrew month. Clearly Mr. Nissan had no malicious intent in using his own name to publicize his computer company.  My wife and I own a 1994 Nissan Quest. We were seriously considering trading it in for a new one. I was also contemplating replacing my little Toyota Tercel with a larger model Nissan. We are having second and third thoughts now.  Please do not drag an honest businessman through the mud. Nissan Motors is a massive company: You make enough for a living; you make enough to support a medium size nation. Please, keep your hands off small businesses, particularly American ones. Otherwise, expect to be unwelcome in the USA.
Hillel N. Goldstein

I am considering buying either a Nissan SUV or a Toyota SUV.  I ran across your situation with Nissan Motor Co and will keep it in mind when I make my purchase.
Sure wish you the best.
Dave Smith

Dear Nissan and Nissan,
I am writing to state my support for Nissan Computer Corp. I am angered by corporations that believe that, by sheer reason of their size and power, they can roll over the rights of a smaller company. This sort of litigation, if successful, sets a dangerous precedent which says "might makes right." I find that unacceptable in a free society. Thank you.
Andy Wolfendon

This is a classic example of the big corporation bullying small business. It's clear that this computer company is named by and after the founder and president of the company and he is entitled to use the domain name. I suggest that if Nissan MC want the domain name so badly that they pay for it - a large 7 figure amount sounds appropriate!
Dennis Kuchar

Dear Nissan Motor Co, 
I am dismayed to read about the problems that Uzi Nissan is having with the Nissan Motor Co suing him for rightfully using his name for business purposes.  Mr Nissan was on the ball and bought this domain legally and, most importantly, first.  You were too slow Nissan Motor Co!  I do not understand why Nissan is trying to settle this through the courts.  Dont you realise that the negative publicity worldwide (I am writing from the UK) will probably cost Nissan Motor Co more in bad press than owning the "" name could ever earn?  I wont make a grand and pointless statement like “I’ll never buy a Nissan car” but I will say that it all goes into the mental mix of how I feel about the brand, and feelings like this can’t be good.  Who knows, perhaps in a few years I will be having real trouble about deciding between a Toyota and a Nissan and this little incident may trip me over the edge.  I work in a brand management company and I can tell you that your brand is all you have in the modern consumer market and this fuss will not be doing yours any good at all.  Have some decency, and respect for Mr Nissan.  Drop this foolish action and lets all get on with competing in the free market as mature individual and corporate citizens of the world.
Matt Campbell
P.S. What's wrong with "" or something?

How dare those corporation think that their name is the ultimate name.  There is a precedence of such a case with McDonald suing a lady in Scotland whose name was McDonald for using her name for her shop. The gentleman Lord of the McDonald Clan of Scotland got involved His reply was his Clan existed long before McDonald did and none of the McDonald people liked to be dragged to the level of a hamburger and if anyone should sue, it should be the McDonalds of this world. The case was dropped.  You should investigate the case.  There is a precedence anyhow.  Fight for your name.  May be call yourself Nissan The Third.. but that would be backing down to those arrogant corporations.
Best of luck.

Leave Nissan Computers alone Nissan Motors!!  Mr. Nissan beat you to registering the name so deal with your mistake or offer him $4million just as Microsoft had to pay for  You guys have the money so quit cryin about it!  Face it Motor Corp- you screwed up by not being competively innovative like & did- as evidenced by your failure to keep up with technology !
Trent McKee

After consideration of what is going on this case concerning Nissam Motor vs. Nissan Computer Corp. I must agree that Nissan Computer has my Moral support regarding the before mention case! I hope that you will take in consideration of what is the right thing to do, instead of what is the "Profitable thing to do" in this matter which is you have taken too task to the Law. It always pays much better too have respect than too lose respect!
Dr.Richard Yosef Krutsinger D.Div.

Give me a break!
You are going to spend a fortune of money, but no court in it's right mind will find in your favor.  We have a tradition in this country of "first come, first serve."  Mr. Nissan has as much a right to the domain name, as anyone would.  Just because you are a large corporation doesn't give you more of a right to the name.  As a suggestion, why don't you just use: or and leave it at that.  Give up your lawsuit, you haven't got a chance in this country.  Bully tactics won't work.  Try the friendly, nice-guy approach.  It'll cost you a lot less and win you friends instead of enemies.  I would suggest you give up your lawsuit and instead get Mr. Nissan to include a banner link to your web site (for whatever the normal fee would be).
Robert Hersh

I am in full support of Uzi Nissan being able to use his name on his website. He has used is family name in his business for many years and as a business owner should also be able to us his name as part of his website. He had the website before Nissan was knowen for their cars.
Very Truly yours.
M. Kurzawa

Sirs and MS., please desist in your attempts to retail the legal internet site Nissan Computer. The web is a powerful tool, and there is room for us all in it. It is, after all, universally roomy. I suggest you re-think your attempt to claim a name used on the net well before your corporation needed it, and aquire it through somewhat heavy handed means. Thank you for your time.
Katch Bacheller

I firmly believe that although Nissan Motor company makes neat cars, they should bugger off, because in the net, that name is taken!

Domain names should be first come, first serve as long as the name is legitimate.  Multibillion dollar companies shouldn't be able to swindle a legitimate user out of their domain name.  Nissan Motors needs to be more creative in selecting a domain name, or pay up!

I think you have incorrectly targeted Mr. Uzi Nissan for using the domain name Nissan. It is his family name and he is entitled to use it. It is an unfortunate coincidence that his last name is the same as your company.  I think you should drop the lawsuit in the interest of doing the right thing.
Respectfully yours,
Elianna James

Hope you win the suit, America should not be about large corporations bullying smaller parties.
Good luck to you
Chris Brown

Your company should file a countersuit as soon as possible.  A jury, if hearing this story, would rule against the assholes at Nissan Auto.  Sue for big is the only thing that gets their attention.
Good luck!

It is wrong to tell someone that he or she cannot use his or her own name to promote a family business or individual artistic endeavor. To Nissan Motor Co., I say: your wealth and your position in the corporate world do not give you license to do as you please. The real world does not operate according to your whim. Live with it.
Jackie Lalley

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