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Hello Uzi Nissan--
Keep the faith and fight the good fight!  We're all spreading the word out here regarding Nissan Corporation's efforts to grab your rightful property. This is not the first time this has happened-- giant corporations run over small businesses and  individuals as if they were ants.  Sometimes there is justice-- enough momentum builds until a sufficient number of the public becomes aware of their actions that they are embarrassed by what, in retrospect, they realize to be a terrible lapse of common sense (and a horrible example of corporate greed) on their part.  I'm sending your web statement here to National Public Radio, 60 Minutes, Geraldo, and every other investigative media I can think of.  When Nissan Auto Corp. sees their side of the case presented in national media (which probably won't be presented well from their standpoint), they'll do what otber corporations have done when they find themselves looking stupid all over America, which is: wonder why they didn't do the right thing in the first place and fire the genius attorney who advised them to their position.  These guys could buy your entire computer business for what they spend on lunch one day-- but they'd rather wait (based on bad advice) until they've costed themselves a hundred times that.  And I hope you get all of it (you deserve it)! Hang in there and believe-- sometimes right does win over might.
Chuck Psimer

If the facts in this case are as Mr. Nissan has described then I feel I must not consider the purchase of a Nissan Xterra as my next vehicle as planned. I believe that while companies should have the ability to use and enforce their Trademarks, individuals and smaller companies also have the right to use their legal names. It appears that Mr. Nissan had the keen foresight to legally register and use the domain name before the Nissan Motor Corporation had thought of it. This is unfortunate for Nissan Motor Corporation, but Mr. Nissan simply thought of it first. Just because a company is bigger than an individual, or small company, should never give a large company the right to take away something that has been rightfully given to or obtained by an individual or smaller company. I will look into the Isuzu Trooper, and four-door Ford truck now. I do not think that I would feel right doing business with the Nissan Motor Corporation with such a law suit pending against an a small company or individual, such as Mr. Nissan.
Sincerely yours,
Michael Swindell

I logged on to interested in looking at a list of Nissan vehicles.  After seeing how the car company is treating a legitimate business trying to conduct itself in an appropriate manner, I think I'll go look at Toyota's website instead.  Best wishes to Nissan Computers in trying to defeat the 900 pound gorilla known as Nissan Motor Corporation!
James C. Lamanna, III

I work at a Nissan dealership in the parts department.  I also have worked at an Internet Service Provider for 3 years.  I feel I know what is right and wrong in the Internet field.  Cybersquatting is when someone registers a domain name with intent to sell it off a corporation for profit.  This is very, very very wrong.  I hate people that do that.  However, in the case of, this is his actual name.  He has a right to own it.  There is nothing wrong with it, and you have no right to sue him over it.  Even if you are a multi billion dollar corporation :)

I am in the market for a new truck and typed in "" to get here. The very first thing I saw was directions to Nissan Motors own site.  This should be plenty enough to make the big car company happy.  It leaves a bad taste in my mouth to know Nissan is suing the small computer company. Obvious attempt to intimidate you with their endless supply of lawyers and funds.  Well, I won't be contributing to their cause.  That new Toyota ( is looking like a much better choice.  Don't give up, Mr. Nissan.
Eric Burns

The only way these big corporations feel some pain is when their balance sheets and profits drop and they have to justify their actions to their shareholders. I am an Australian property developer that have some Nissan trucks in my fleet and after reading this despicable story about the Nissan corp. versus an honest and hard working individual that had the foresight to register his domain before them and now has to spend large amounts of money to defend what is legally and rightfully his  as WRONG. My next purchase will NOT include the Nissan brand or ever after. WAKE UP Nissan!!!!!
Isaac Arbib

I'm currently considering a Nissan. I've owned two in the past. I always try to buy American first. Maybe I should try a little harder this time.  I support the American Nissan computer company.  I really hope this helps. Continue to keep us posted as to what we can do to help.
Regina Walton

This is very silly and Nissan Computer the owner he has the right to name his company after his own name. It was his fathers name and his great grandfathers name etc. He had it before your company. You are a big corporation and you  should be ashamed of yourself. Anyone can see that this is not your company. Please stop this. It will only make you the 'bad' company. Every person who knows about this will think twice before buying a Nissan car. I sure will.
Yoka Bazilewich

It is unjust to ask Nissan Computer to refrain from using a domain that was registered in good faith. I am an owner of a Nissan Maxima 2000 and was trying to find Nissan Canada's web page when I came across this story of Nissan Motor bullying the little guy. I was thinking of buying my wife a Nissan Altima, now I think I will look elsewhere.
Dave Devine - Toronto, Ont.

If they have the name and you want it, Buy it. Give me a few bucks too! Otherwise take your big corporation and use the money to rename it or hire some people smart enough to secure domain names before everybody else. P.S. I found this site looking for a Nissan pick up, but since this is what I found I think I will try What the hell was I thinking looking for a Nissan anyway.
John Fallis

If Nissan Motors wanted to use the domain name, "", then they should either offer to pay for it or just accept the fact that they didn't think far enough ahead to register it themselves. I also feel that instead of badgering Mr. Nissan for using the domain name, they should be thanking him for linking their sight so that potential car buyers like myself can get to the Nissan Motor Corporation home page easily. Not only does he link it, but it is located on his home page in such a manner that you can't miss it.
I was originally looking for the Nissan Motor Corporation page because I was interested in purchasing a car. After seeing how petty and arrogant Nissan Motors appears to be, I think I'll just take my money somewhere else.
M.N. Mitchell

If you wanted the domain name, you should have registered it. It does Not automatically go to the largest company, but the FIRST who registered it. Get with the program. Quit being such a**holes to a guy who is trying to run a legit biz. I was considering getting a Sentra, but the Accord is looking pretty good...
Concerned Web User

Leave alone.  A big company like Nissan Motor bullying a little company like Nissan Computer is bad for your image and reputation.
I was considering the new Frontier truck, but will now buy a Ford instead.
Jeff Wilder

If you want so bad you should have registered it first. This guy's name is Nissan. I was thinking of getting a Extera but know I don't know. I do not want to buy a car from a company that act like thugs to real business owners. As a business owner I am insulted by your actions.
Frank Rizzo

I had some serious customer service/dealership issues with Rosenthal Nissan in Gaithersburg, MD. I went out in search of others who have had as bad as an experience that I had. I stumbled upon your site and I find this to be absolutely ridiculous. My ENTIRE family (that's five of us) have either purchased or leased our LAST Nissan. Best of luck to you in your battle against this corporate bully.
Kristen McGuire

Well, Nissan Motors..
I was surfing the web looking to spec out a new Nissan car for my teenage son who is going off to college. Being a small business owner I was disgusted to see your strong arm tactics against the struggling small business owner.
Looks like you just lost another sale... I guess we're going with a Pontiac...
Richard Seccondro

I visited the website because I had just returned from test driving a Nissan Pathfinder at a local auto show (Edmunds Live, sponsored by the website.)  The test drive was the real clincher -- I hadn't considered a Nissan vehicle prior to a test drive, and it was definitely at the top of my list!  But reading about this lawsuit instituted by Nissan Motors against Mr. Uzi Nissan over a _domain name_ that Mr. Nissan has every right to own has left me with a sick feeling in my stomach.  Do I really want to purchase a vehicle from a company that would do this?  I will seriously have to rethink my decision to purchase a Nissan truck.
Cathy Plant

This is so sad I have lost all the respect for Nissan motors I personally will never buy any from Nissan motors. Bein a large company they shouldn't be doing things like this. infact they have to compensate you back for creating mental tensions and for suing you.  Good luck Nissan Things will change and People from Nissan motors will realize their mistake.

I first came across this issue while car shopping via the internet.  Having previously owned a Nissan I inputted "" in hopes of reaching the car company, instead I was taken to MR. Nissan's site where I learned of this bogus case.  Because of this I refuse to ever buy or endorse the buying of any Nissan Motors product.  I would hope that the giant itself Nissan motors would realize that they are not an all mighty entity that can force it's misguided powers on smaller businesses, especially over a NAME.  This is not a case of taking a domain name with the sole intent of financial gain, this mans last name is "Nissan" and why in the world should he be subjected to the hard-ball tactics and financial pressures imposed by Nissan-Motors.
Jason Schorn

We went and test drove a new Nissan Quest today and liked it very much.  I came home to read up on it on the internet and naturally typed in ''.  I then read of your attorneys picking on this guy with the surname of 'Nissan'.  This upset me greatly to see a huge company using legal power to get what they want when the original owner is perfectly within his rights.  You (Nissan Motor) may win your battle, but you just lost my business.
I'm now going with a Toyota Sienna.
Bart Moore

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