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I am considering buying either a Nissan SUV or a Toyota SUV.  I ran across your situation with Nissan Motor Co and will keep it in mind when I make my purchase.
Sure wish you the best.
Dave Smith

You have NO right to try and sue this gentleman for simply using his FAMILY's NAME in the title of his business.  As you can see, I am both Jewish and have the same last name.  You have no more "right" to the word Nissan than anyone else.  Your ego and obvious racist position against jews are deplorable.
Ibrahim Nissan

I will not take up too much time to repeat what others are saying--Nissan Motors is shooting themselves in their foot. I used to own  Nissan Products but there are so may better products now on the market why support a company which is so stupid as to sue for a name used by so many others. They should have had their staff looking out for such possibilities instead of relying on attorneys who could only make matters worse. We will never look at a Nissan Product again

Dear Mr. Nissan,
It's disheartening to see an auto company wasting its resources on a web name instead of firing the guy who designed the new Maxima. Had they offered an attractive looking automobile they'd be too busy making money selling cars to bother with you. Their kind of sick behavior is so typical of companies in poor financial health. Just hang on! If they don't do something about the ugly styling of their Maxima and Xterra they'll probably be out of business before your case goes to trial.  
Jack Falik

Dear Uzi:
Your web site was referred to me by my cousin, Randy Fuchs. I just want you to know that I fully sympathize with your plight and wish you the best of luck. I will refrain from purchasing or recommending Nissan Motor Products until I hear that justice has been served.
Larry Davis

To: Nissan Motor Co.
Subject:  Pay the Nissan Computer Corp for their Domain Name or Establish Your Own Distinct Domain Name
I believe timing is everything.  It's unfortunate that your company did not have the foresight to register a domain name of  You're big enough with a lot of resources to create a distinct domain name and if any Internet user types in Nissan they will easily find your web site via many search engines.  Your alternative, if agreeable and saleable by Nissan Computer Corp, is to buy their original and legal domain name.  I am hopeful you will not pursue frivolous legal and detrimental recourse against a small company such as Nissan Computer Corp.
As a buyer of foreign cars in a 3 car family who has been very happy with foreign cars for over 15 years, the dropping of your pursuing legal recourse in this matter would definitely influence my next car purchases.  Thank you for your thoughtful consideration and positive action.
Anne Baritz

Attention Nissan Motors, it is inappropriate for your corporation to dispute domian name with Nissan Computer because your staff was not "on the ball" and didn't register first.  Family name v/s big corporation, no contest, BACK OFF !!!
Dona LaRue Dunn

Hi! I read a story about this misunderstanding between 2 Nissans CO. I think Nissan Motor cannot monopolize its name. Uzi Nissan has the same right for, he own the company with such name and adition, he first named his website under this name. So, there is no reason for filling a law suit. Nissan Motor can maned it's website as, or some other name
Michael Khvilovskiy

I think, that the name Nissan belongs to the Computer Association.

Only thing I have to say is that it is too bad for the Nissan Motor Company that they didn't register the name first, if that is what they want.  The name is yours and you have every right to use it to aid your business.  Looks like they are trying to bully your company by attempting a law suit, which I am sure that they know will never be judged in their favor.
Best Regards,

There is a simple answer to this. Who registered the name first. My question is this. why didn't Nissan Motor company register their name right away? They should know the rules of the game. A domain name is first come first serve, period! That is the way I have had to work. And that is the way we all have to work at it. If my last name was MacDonald, I have every right to call my web address or .net etc.  If Nissan Motor company wants the name so bad they should work out a monitary offer to Nissan Computer. That is the proper way, and all there is to it.  My next question is this, why isn't Nissan Motor company sueing because you named your company Nissan Computer. It is the right of all people to go through the standard system of registering names, and if they are available, they get it.
Let's get real here. If I were you I would counter sue Nissan Motor Co. Esepecialy if this if costing you money.  Also, I feel plain good communication between the two parties about who should have the name and with some money on the table the issue would be handled quickly with all parties happy.
Craig Baird

The company Nissan Motor has the right to the name NISSAN MOTOR, any other wording has nothing to do with their company.
Joseph Kiss

Mr Nissan has been using his family name for a long time as his business name. He registered it legaly. Now you Nissan Motor Acceptance are a huge company. Going after a small guy to cause him real damage to his ability to make a living, as he is by now is known around... You should either leave him alone as he is running a proud business, or compensate him accordingly for his name that he carried for generation now...
Joseph Shochat

I have bought lots of parts from you over the years and know you to be an honest and fair dealer.  I hope you can stand up against all the lawyers.
Duane Reaugh

I think a solution to the problem would be for Nissan Motor to buy from Nissan Computer the right to use the name on the internet.  I forget which company, but I seem to recall that I recently read of a company buying a name so that it would have exclusive rights to it on the internet.  The price should be worth it to Nissan Computer, and should of course include any legal costs that Nissan Computer has incurred.
Deena K.

This email is intended to document my feelings that a person who registered his own name for a website years ago, and has used this registered website for a company that bears his name should not have to go to court to defend what is legitimately his.  The Nissan Motor company should be aware of the adverse publicity effects of this type of maneuver.
Thank you for reading this.
Alan Leviton

From what I have read concerning this situation it seems very clear that Nissan Motor Co. is in the wrong.  It would be one thing if Nissan Computer was "squatting" on the name just to extract money from Nissan Motor Co.  But it is very clear that Nissan Computer is a legitimate company that uses the sites for business.  If Nissan Motor wanted the domain names they should have registered for them first.  You don't see me suing someone for using what would have been my first choice for an e-mail address ""  The internet is first come, first serve and if you didn't have the fore-sight to register the domain name from the beginning, I suggest you find a creative alternative ("" or "").  Furthermore, I would like to say that these silly disputes reflect poorly on the instigator.  It is a horrible abuse of our legal system's time and money.  Thank you.
Bethany Miller

Good Luck!
They have deep pockets and can buy justice, but  Nissan was Datsun just a few years ago. Your Family has been Nissan for a lot longer than that. If anything they should change their name!
Stephen Matthews

I believe that you are treating Nissan Computers unfairly. Nissan in Hebrew is the name of a month. I don't believe you have a right to displace a small person. If it bothers you so much you should pay him for the right to use the name. If not, I would suggest you use another name like Nissancorp, etc.
Mel Goldstein

There is no reason or decree that can prevent you from continuing to use your family name for a business or domain. That you were fortunate to register the domain before the nissan motor corporation is their tough luck. No judgement should ever go against you in a democratic society. And when this proves so....screw them for missuse of their wealth and power.
Good luck Nissan...and best regards,
oh and p.s.  don't buy a nissan motor car (as if)

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