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To whom this may concern,
Do not think that a small company or even one individual cannot bring about the demise of a large corporation. Simply look at the example of the American tobacco companies, the Electrical Coops, certain chemical companies and some Pharmaceutical institutions. You may have the upper hand at the moment, you may even win this case but be rest assured that I shall never purchase, rent nor recommend a motorvehicle or any other product for that matter, manufactured by Nissan Motor Co. Furthermore I shall use your example to teach my children of the immoralistic, injudicous and even contemptuous manner in which Corporations such as yourself treat their employees, competitors and even worse their own "customers".
Stephen Blair

Actually, I would have assumed the would have been Nissan Foods, Inc.  Get a clue and call your site!
After seeing the type of tactics used by Nissan Motors I would NEVER buy a car from Nissan.  I'll make sure that I tell all of my friends about this too!  I have worked with companies that sue people out of business just to grab assets, talk about highly unethical!  To me it just a smoking gun of even worse corporate ethics, the problem must go much deeper in management.
Carl Hartman

Your site requests no improper language. Is 'Wow' improper?
Approximately 1 year ago, I was in the market for a new car.  I wanted a new Cougar, made of course, by Mercury (Ford).  It took almost no time at all to find that belonged to Mercury Technologies, and the division of Ford Motor Company called Mercury could be found at  It didn't ruin my day to take the extra step to find the site I was looking for.  I'm also happy to know that Ford is not filing suit against Mercury Technologies.  But... The Cougar I currently own is not suiting my needs.  The XTerra seemed like a vehicle that would be appropriate to my new interests.  Based on the fact that the Nissan automobile manufacturer seems to feel it has a God given right to the name, I believe that a different four-wheel-drive vehicle will suit my needs.  I think it very nice that Nissan Computers provides the address to direct a great many of their 'hits' to the desired site.  If I'm not mistaken, that's not even required.  Isn't that enough?  (By the way, and a similar type situation, for a long time the site belonged to a law firm who kindly directed individuals looking for major league baseball information to the appropriate site.  Now, major league baseball respectfully directs people to the law firm's site.)  Differing enterprises are really ALLOWED to get along.
Good luck to Nissan Computers.  You've got a supporter in Denver, Colorado.
Maxwell J.

I am outraged to learn of this case.  That a large corporation can assume that it can easily trounce a private citizen, who has done nothing wrong other than to use his god-given name is totally unAmerican.  I will do my best to spread the word about this to all my friends and acquaintences, and will certainly urge all that I know to boycot Nissan Motor.  There are many other auto manufacturers out there who don't resort to such tactics.
Uzi, Good Luck in your fight.
Steve Faiwiszewski

The law suit that you, the BIG  GIANT, have against a small company, the Nissan computer Corp, is a Big disgrace!  I would like to let you know that as a family who have four drivers and like Japanise cars, we can very easily take our business to Europe!  You should be ashame of yourselves!!
Mrs. Entenberg

Give me a break!!  A large company like Nissan Motor Co. basically trying to bankrupt a small family-owned business with legal fees all over something as trivial as a domain name!!  Why not just make Mr Nissan a monetary offer for the domain name in an amount he can't refuse.  He registered the name perfectly legally with no bad intent toward your company.  If he doesn't want to give it up, he shouldn't be forced to by your bullying tactics.  Why can't you use the name ""? Or what about "" after all, that IS the reputation you will be giving yourself by persuing this litigation.  Give it a rest already, won't you???
Daryl Wilson

It appears to me that the only proper way to handle this dispute is by negotiation.  Or, Nissan Motor shuld manage to sell cars, have a website and anything else without interfering with a man that beat them to it with his name.  And why didn't you just stay with Datsun?  Trying to confuse us?
Avram Kalisky

You most certainly deserve to keep your domain names!!!  Good luck and keep up the fight!
Jerry Hoffmeister

To: Nissan Motor Company
Big business should not and cannot win this one. This is a legitimate case of first in best dressed.  I am certainly against people who have registered/reserved domain names in the hope of extracting $ from their potentially rightful owner(s) and had opportunity to witness this occur at BP Oil Australia during my time there as (computer) network analyst. Neither or are owned or used by BP Oil but one of these unscrupulous individuals. These individuals should be stopped.
Mr. Nissans case clearly does not fit into this category. I have been a dedicated user of the net since not long after its inception, back in the days when we only e-mailed and IRC'd, prior to the WWW insurgence.  I am sure that Mr. Nissan would happily provide a link (on his site) to where you would be free to display information regarding products available in the USA. Zero hits on your web site, if you won, would not be a desirable outcome I'm sure.
The Internet is a sub-set of the global community and word would spread. Leave the Nissan Computer Corporation alone.
John Dunn
(Computer) Communications Specialist - Melbourne Australia

These people deserve the name Nissan, it's his family's name.  A corporation has no right to a name already in internet use no matter their size.
Michael Atkinson

The Internet is a Unique playing ground with the word  FREE  written all through-out.  The early bird gets the worm!  Mr. Nissan registered the domain name FIRST.  Nissan Motor Co., being Japanese, should "HONOR" his name and heritage.  In fact, Mr. Nissan should be sueing Nissan Motor Co. for using his computer name as a trademark to sell cars and trucks. Nissan Motor Co. is wrong in this lawsuit.

Since you have such a legitimate claim to the name as well as the domain (seeing as how it has been your name for at least three generations), Nissan Motors has no basis upon which to try and wrest it from you, their only option is to reach financial settlement with you.
Nissan Motor is looking for a lot of bad press going after this. Yahoo News still regularly mentions that the Rockstar Sting failed to take over [Are you aware that the UN has a board called WIPO which is designed to settle disputes such as this one quickly?]
Good Luck Uzi,
Hanan Jacob

Nissan Motor's law suit is frivilous and should have already be thrown out.  Your family name was in existence before anyone ever thought of Nissan Motors and you had the ".net" and ".com" names registered.  Twenty years ago this would have been thrown out.  With today's courts it's a crap-shoot.  Best of luck and I'll be praying for level heads to be involved in your case (keep us informed).
Bud Gross

Nissan Motors is wrong.  Just because you are larger than he his, does not mean you have the right to his company name. (I also happen to drive a Nissan) Nissan is a legitamate hebrew name and he was Nissan before Datsun was Nissan. Either buy him out or leave him alone.
Jonathan Kepets

Why don't you guys from Nissan Motor Co. use a different site name like nissanmotors, nissancars or nissanautomobile that would as good? Or register all your favourite name and point all of them on to your web site. So whatever people type, they'll end up on your web site. Better yet, why don't you settle with Nissan Computer corp and ask them to put a big Nissan Motor co. on their web site at the beginning that point on your web site. that way, any person that is looking for cars will click on that link and be automaticly fowarded!  You can't take from Nissan Computer corp. It belong to him. It's not like if he was keeping it with no reasons! His company have all the rights to keep it!

Stop to Nissan Motor Co and Nissan North America!. Don't use the power against Nissan Computer Corp. Is better spend your money giving a bit salary increase to your employees around the world than in ridiculous lawsuit against small business.
Alejandro V.

Hello, I feel first come first serve. If the owner makes his regisration payments on time every 2 years then thats good business for him. Nissan motor company should have had the forsite as Nissan computer company had and made the effort to attain the name sooner. Shame on Nissan motor co. for sitting on the laurels so long and trying to steal from another for there lazy no forsite marketing department. You do a name search when you finally want to have an online presense and if its taken you come up with a different name thats how it works! You snooze you lose.
Rick LaPouttre

To Nissan Motor Co.
The word Nissan is means miricle.  It is the name of the Hebrew month in which Passover occurs.  Nissan is also a commonly used Hebrew name.  Therefore, I do not see how your company can claim sole use of that name.  Furthermore, your company had a perfectly good Japanees sounding name "Datsun" until the middle seventies.  Why the need for a change is beyond most of us that remember the name "Datsun."  Thus, I suggest you forget about owing the name Nissan and go back to using "Datsun" if you want a name that's all yours.

I read about your problem with Nissan Motor Corporation. Naturally, I agree with you and hope you will prevail and possibly countersue them(you need alot of bucks to do that!) for using your name. Possibly a contingency fee is possible. Unfortunate, I do not have a sight to post your banner.
Heshy Grunberger

This is a tragedy.  Once again the story of the corporate giant  side-stepping the law to over power the smaller bussiness is being told.  I pray that Nissan Computer Company's lawyers are of  the top nich for this is what will win the case.  I stand behind Nissan Computer Company and hope they win for if they lose it will be the beginning of a chain of unlawful events.  This is not the first time I have heard of this.  I am doing work for a company that was perswaded to change their web address and even name from Tennessee Net,, to 37212 because Tnn was about to sued.
Best of luck to you Nissan Computer Company.

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