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It is horrible that a company of your standing would choose to lower itself to this level.  As an avid user and programmer of the internet I find your cause unjust and unfair.  Why wait 4 or 5 years to file suit.  You got beat to the finish line.  Maybe you should be looking internally for the person who did not recomend registering your domain name in a timely manner.  Did you think the internet was going to go away, were you waiting to see how it turned out.  Those who suceed are risk takers and it would have been a small risk to register a domain name in 92 or 93.  I an say with confidence that I will never buy or even consider owning a product manufactured by Nissan or any of its subsidaries.  Also, I'm sending this link to everyone in my address book, and a feww of them drive Nissans, probably not for much longer though.
A. Gorman

This is an obvious, outrageous misuse of the legal system by a deep-pocketed multinational (and NON-American), bullying, corporation to gain control of a perceived asset which Mr. Nissan owns perfectly legally for Nissan Computer Corp.  Nissan Motor should be reprimanded by the Judicial system for wasting the time of the US legal system, and for predatory and harrassing activities against NCC.   NCC is legally entitled to quiet enjoyment of an internet asset which was legally and properly obtained, without any intent of harming Nissan Motor.   What if Nissan were to bankrupt NCC,  obtain then decide to arbitrarily rename their corporation, as they have done in the past (Remember Datsun ? - did they Bankrupt everyone who was born with a surname of Datsun ???)  If Nissan had used some intelligence they could very well have gained control of - they had the same chance as anyone else to get whatever name they wanted.  The fact is, they waited too long and now want to correct their blunder by bullying a smaller company.  The internet should be understood by all as a way of levelling the playing field and BIG CORPORATIONS should not be able to tilt the playing field in their direction. Nissan Motor HAS NOT BEEN HARMED by NCC!  Nissan Motor WILL BE HARMED BY THE VOICE OF PUBLIC OPINION if they continue this heavy handed approach.   Maybe Nissan Motor has diluted the good name of Nissan Computer Corp by this frivalous action???  I's time for the court system to inject some COMMON SENSE and REJECT THIS LAWSUIT!
Mike Cox

Big business at its best.  Cut the throat of the little guy, in the name of self-righteousness.  With the myriad of variations out there, it sounds like Nissan Motor is to lazy to get up off its butt and play ethically in the American market.  I for one have no problem boycotting such a vicious giant, and will take it one step further, I'll boycott all Japanese products to the best of my ability. 
Jim Shimota - Registered/Voting Republican - CA

Hello Nissan Computer,
I am disappointed in learning of your recent strong-arm tactic posed by the Nissan Car manufacturer. It is obviously apparent that they are attempting to levy tort against your family name. Perhaps you should consider pursuing litigation against them for defamation of character. Unfortunately they have a virtual open-ended financing machine which may make that battle on your part moot. What is most surprising in this instance is that I do not recall you mentioning that Nissan cars offered to buy the domain name for a fee. Nissan Motors could be faced with a gigantic public relations nightmare if they continue on this vane. For they may win the battle, but could loose the war.  You must understand that in the Internet world, they are attempting to sieze your family name in order for them to win a market based upon their name which unfortunately for Nissan Motors, happens to be the same name as yours.
What I would recommend you to do is to contact Clark Howard directly ( and gain some mileage thourgh his radio show. I am sure that the American Public would be disdained to learn of this strong-arm tactic.  I mean after all, it is not like you have adopted this domain name for an invalid reason in order to decieve the public. Personally, this gives me a reason to get rid of my Nissan Nagasaki nut-bucket truck and not do business with them again.  Try that on for size, and please let me know how you make out.
Best Regards,
Alex Szabo

What the heck Nissan!  Give it up and let the man have his name.  Are you so naive that you believe you could be the only one in the world with a name like Nissan.  Come on now!  I have thought about buying Nissan Motor products but now I believe I just stopped thinking.
Dave Chike

Some of us who recognized too late the value of having our own domains discovered that the domains had been staked by profiteers or by legitimate businesses with similar names. In my case, I lost out on because my last name happens also to be the name of a town on Maui.  I am however free to use, just the same as Nissan Motor Company is free to use  If Nissan Motor Company's officers were ethical, they would offer the owner of not a lawsuit but a monthly fee-- for Mr. Nissan to maintain a link to their site on his home page.
Bruce Kula

Mr. Nissan and Nissan Computer Corp. have a clear prior right to Nissan Motor Co. clearly is using,,, etc. Mr. Nissan should not have to change his name or the name of his website. His referral to Nissan Motors (Not affiliated with Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.  For Nissan vehicles see "") should be adequate. Nissan Motors should pay all of Mr. Nissan's legal bills for their malicious lawsuit.
Arthur Hellman, MD

To whom it may concern...why does the NISSAN motor company have more right to the domain name than a guy named NISSAN for his own company....the answer doesn't...and I believe you will as you should lose your legal battle with Mr. Nissan on the basis of that arguement.
Thank you
Kevin Hayes

To Whom it May Concern:
I really think it unnecessary for the Nissan Motor Company to be worried about any name infringement that may be taking place. Mr. Nissan is not selling cars, but computers, and I am sure that everyone who does business with him knows this. The Nissan Motor Company's attempts to force a change on Mr. Nissan's part is alot like Johnson and Johnson stopping everyone named Johnson from ever using their name in public. If I wanted to open up a Johnson's Grocery in my town, they would most likely not be breathing down my neck to change my store's name, now would they? I'm sure that the car industry is not being hurt by someone's having a computer of the same name.
Thank you,
Max Heidel

Nissan Motor Co. must think everyone with the name "Nissan" is their private property! I have an e-mail address that some other people want. Tough, I got here first, and just because others have the same name as I, they have no right to drag me through court just to get the address. Note that this will be well publicized, and it is a wise Corporation that values public opinion-watch Ford and Firestone sink in the sunset.
Michael R. Menaker

This is an obvious case of "Might is Right" politics.  Not only is it unfair of the Japenese company, but it is bullish as well. should be available to the first person who registered the name, Uzi.  Even if Nissan was not his family name, he registered it and it is rightfully his.  Nissan is an ancient Hebrew name and just because a company has alot of money should be no means mean that they can take that away.
'L kol eish yesh shem'  (Every man has a name)
Aaron Haimovitz

Dear Nissan Motor Corporation:
I was very disturbed recently to hear of your suit against the Nissan Computer Corporation of North Carolina regarding their use of the and domain names. As a technology worker, Harvard MBA, and a long-time user of the internet, I am disappointed to hear that you feel that you must use legal coercion to gain access to what you must feel is a valuable asset. By registering and paying for these domain names, NCC has secured every right to utilize them, especially given the historical and public nature of the name "Nissan."  My advice to you? If you really believe that the domain names are as valuable as you purport, make a fair offer to purchase them from the current owner. The internet relies upon the best aspects of democracy and capitalism, surely concepts that you can understand as a large corporation. If you want something, you must pay for it.
Daniel Hays

I feel that Nissan Motor has no right to try to get the domain name from Nissan Computer Corporation. First come- first served.
Sam Handelman

I have heard about the lawsuit filed against the nissan family for having their website as "" .  It is not fair for this small family to be sued for a LEGAL act.  This sets a very bad precedent if this matter actually goes to court!
Miriam Herrera

If Mr. Nissan got the domain name first, I say Nissan Motors snoose, they lose!!!!  They can always use the domain or some other name.  If a domain name we want is already taken, we all have to find another one, dont we???  Nissan motors is no one special, and I hardly think they can sue everyone who has their name.
Dawn Hunt

I want to express my stand with Nissan Computer Corp.  Please back away from this encounter and let Mr. Nissan do his work without trouble.  The scriptures say people will be "...framing mischief by means of the law."  Please do the honorable thing and back off from this quest.  It should be an embarrasment.
Michael A. McKenzie

It sounds to me like Nissan Computer has complete rights to the domain name(s).  Tough luck to Nissan Motor Company.  An old saying seems appropriate here - "Snooze you lose".
Todd Fitch

Assuming the facts are as reported, you have no right to the web domain name.  Too bad you didn't register it first.  Of course you can buy it from the legitimate owner.  So do it.
George Mansur

You (Nissan Motor Co.) have brought big business to a new low.  that's all I can say. Why can't you just admit that a small Computer company in NC had more foresight than you? 
Craig Desjardins

I find it very disturbing that anyone can be put in the position of literally having their name confiscated. What's next? Will the most powerful David Smith in the world be able to force every other David Smith in the world to change their name because they are infringing on his ability to MONOPOLIZE it?
Peter Lee

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