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I will boycott Nissan Motor Company products unless they stop harrasing Mr. Uzi Nissan.  I will tell my friends and family to do likewise.  Mr. Nissan has a legitimate right to the Domain Names which he has registered.  Size should not matter in these disputes.
Dov J. Shazeer

To Whom It May Concern,
Though not often moved to be involved in disputes between business entities, I feel it is worth a mention here regarding the infringement on personal liberties on the internet. If, as, Nissan Computer Corp. has claimed, the URL <> has been their URL for the period of time they claim, the site should be theirs as a matter of first come first served. It should not be based on corporate size or name recognition factor.  If, through the courts, which typically cater to the big business interests, Nissan Motor Co. force this issue to their satisfaction, my household will not consider using their products....ever. Also, my friends will be advised by me and mine about the Nissan Motor Co's tactics which I consider legal abuse.
Thank you for your time,
Very Truly Yours,
Eric L. Forsberg
P.S. I am not of the Jewish Faith nor of Israeli decent. My heritage is Swedish, English and French.ttfn

I think ultimately you're gonna lose this one, as frankly, they're more famous. You could've changed your name to Madonna 30 years ago and registered 20 years ago, but it won't matter a hill'o'beans cuz she's the famous one and you ain't. You're clearly not "cyber-squatting", so I do sympathize -- I'm just telling you how I figure it'll turn out. The little guy always gets screwed. If it makes you feel any better, I'll be watching how it turns out, and I'll be ticked at the car company if they bully the name outta you, and will remember not to buy any of their products. If they don't mind tromping on the little guy, I sure don't want to be a customer at their mercy.

I became aware of this lawsuit by looking for information on the Nissan Quest. But there are a lot of minivans on the market, and I think I will look for another car company. Good luck!
Yves Precourt

I have to say that I first visited looking for the Nissan Motor Co. site. I am very disappointed at what I have read regarding the lawsuit.  I must admit that I have always been suspiciuos of big money and the power it wields. But the attempt of Nissan Motor Co. to sue an individual to obtain the domain which they did not have the forsight to register is disgusting. Just because the Nissan Motor Co. has money and power does not give them the right to force an individual into submission or keep them in court for years on end. This is a despicable act.
By the way, I have recently been looking for a new truck. I have been very impressed with Nissan's latest vehicle designs and I was actually thinking of purchasing a Desert Runner. That has all changed. I would set foot on a Nissan car lot now!  Nissan will not see any of my money, not from a new car purchase, not from a used car purchase, and not from parts to repair a Nissan product.
Derrick Saunders

I obmect to Nissan Motor Co. use of the Courts to harrass a company in order to obtain access to a benefit that it could not obtain by more legitimate activity, such as buying the name from Nissan Computer.  I haven't heard Nissan Motor Co.'s arguments, but the ones from Nissan Computer seem persuasive as to the legitimacy of their use of the domain name.  It doesn't seem to me that Nissan Motor Co. has a leg to stand on. They just got there second and are trying to rectify their blunder and lack of foresight by exterminating the real winner.
Japanese companies are not known for their sense of humor in business affairs, so that they may not even understand the following Modest Proposal:  Nissan Motor Co. should change its name to Mitsubishi Motor Co., and sue that company for use of its domain name.
Richard Dolen

To the legal department at Nissan Motors - Sorry about your luck. If the domain name is already being used, isn't there someone at the company with enough brains to think of another domain name, or all of you can't brainstorm and come up with one, may I suggest ?  I'll even be nice and not charge you a consultant's fee for that. Or maybe the problem there is either 1)Someone is WAY too anal retentive to have to have for the automaker OR 2)You just have way too much time on your hands - If that's the case may I suggest you start using Firestone tires? I'm sure then you would have plenty to do. Just ask Ford Motors.
William Bethel

Hey, Nissan Motor Company.  Leave the little guy alone.  He has every right to the use of his last name, and the domain name.  Go pick on someone your own size.  By the way, I liked the name Datsun much better anyways.
Len Goldsmith

I would like to give my moral support to Nissan computer inc. It seems to me that they've been doing things legally and have as much right as Nissan Motor Co. to own the domain  Having the same right, I would say that the first to get the domain registered should have it.   I mean, that would seem the fair thing to do, wouldn't it?  wish the very best to you two and hope this problem is solved quickly.
Juan Güitrón

I personally think that the corporation 'Nissan' is not right here if someone else has already taken that name than it is his. Nissan should have thought about this first when the internet  began and should have started using this name then.

I am in support of Nissan Computer, How can this hijacking be stopped.
Jerry Stevens

Nissan Computer was there first. Just because you were a little slow is no reason to now sue! Why not use

How dare you. What legal precedence do you have for this frivolous lawsuit??????
Michael Parker

Dear Sirs or Madams,
You show excessive arrogance in trying to bully Mr. Uzi Nissan into parting with his domain name.  Did you give any consideration to ethics before starting this lawsuit?  What is wrong with as a domain name?  It came easily as my first guess after  Be assured that the public takes this aggressive and greedy behavior very seriously!  If you think that the computer company owner is trying to extort money from you, as you allege, then simply don't buy the domain name from him.
Andrea Poli

I am very sorry for the troubles you are having. I feel that no one has the right to sue you for using your own name. In my opinion, that is just another example of huge corporations trying to bully smaller ones. On a lighter note, my name is also Hebrew which I am sure you knew. My mother named me after Hannah in the Old Testament of the Bible who was barren but God blessed her with a son, so I am also very aware of the importance a name can hold. I wish you lots of luck and hope that you keep your spirits up.

I think Nissan Motor should leave Nissan Computer alone.  Nissan Motor should look for a constuctive solution like making their domain or
Sari Reid

I think that Nissan Computer should be applauded for having the business savvy to register his person name as the domain name for his company.  Sadly Nissan motors did not have the vision to do the same in the early days of the internet.   Nissan Motors you look like a bully going after a man that has a small business.
Fifi Hacker

Nissan Motors,
Please get real. This is simply a case of too late-too bad. Nissan Computer Corp. had the name before you and unless you can fork over enough cash to buy it from him then leave him alone.  My family has 2 of your products, one is a Nissan Maxima and the other a Nissan family mini van (the name escapes me). I would not hesitate passing this info on to these family members as a form of protest against your actions in this matter.

Attempt to restrict ability of people to use there names as a business trademarks is immoral. Hopefully US is a country ruled by law and small businesses are protected.
Igal Gutkin

Nissan motors, pull your heads out and see the light of day!  You cannot "own" a person's name!  The courts in the US (Florida comes to mind as a prime example) have already established the legal precedence of this very common sense issue!  What ever happened to Japanese Honor?
Daniel Hotz

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