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I support the Nissan Computer Corp. and urge Nissan Motor  Co. to cease the attacking of Mr. Nissan by lawsuit. The illwill Nissan Motor Co. is generating toward itself is growing rapidly across the internet, and is bound to cost millions in future sales. I am planning on buying an SUV in the next two months, and I am not going to even consider any Nissan Motor Co. vehicles while Nissan Motor Co. attacks Mr. Uzi Nissan.
Paul Burke - Chattanooga, TN

I have recently visited the Nissan Motors web site because I am "doing my homework" in preparation for a new car purchase.  I was a satisfied Datsun owner in the 70s, and, since I liked what I saw on the Nissan Motors web site, I requested product literature via the web.  However, what I read about this lawsuit outrages my sense of fairplay.  I would like to understand this situation better.  I am aware that any situation has two sides.  I feel I understand the Nissan Computer Corp. point of view.  I would like to also understand the Nissan Motor Co. point of view.  Accordingly, I have included my email address on this note.
If a representative of Nissan Motors, or any else for that matter, can direct me to where I can find information relating to Nissan Motor's side of the story, I will study it with the same interest that  I devoted to the information provided by, and in support of, NCC.  Failing that, however, I will have to make my future automobile purchase decisions based on the information I have now.  Clearly, if I have nothing from Nissan Motors to balance what I have read from NCC, I will not make a purchase from Nissan.
Dr. John S. Mays

I have been selling software for 15 years and always understood a domain name is first come first served.  I will be buying a car this year and Nissan Motors will not even get a look based on their behavior.
Good Luck,
Bob Kelly

First come, first served.  If Mr. Nissan registered the names first and there is a valid reason to have it (i.e., it's readily apparent this is his name and his business name!) then Nissan Motors should not be able to sue for the name.  As a caveat, however, I have no sympathy for those who register names solely in an attempt to make money from it at a later date, e.g., John Doe with no business entity registers Nissan just hoping Nissan Motors will want to buy it.  In the name of fairness, I don't believe it would hurt Mr. Nissan to give up either the .com or .net domain name.  Why does he need both???  And it wouldn't kill Nissan Motor to register as Nissan Motor.  Why do we have to fight all the time??  Why do we have to head to court every time we turn around?  I am not impressed with Nissan Motor's stand in this matter and it WILL impact my car buying decisions.
Mitzi Sosebee

The story provided me makes it clear that Nissan Motor Co. is abusing the important privilege to file a law suit regardless of hidden objectives. I suppose this is legal, but it is also wrong. I will not buy a Nissan Motor Co. product is the future.
Joe Don Jones

As a Nissan owner I am in disbelief over Nissan's heavy handed actions in this manner. I don't appreciate an overseas orginating company bullying a small American company just because they can. Nissan computer registered the "Nissan" name first and they are entitled to it. Should Nissan motor company pay more attention to their present financial woes rather than attacking small companies that had the forsight to register their family name before some billion dollar company did?
John Lewis

I hope there's a substantial punitive damages award.  Nissan Motors is several years late to the party.  Best Wished NCC.
Marc Goldberg

Trademark law has always recognized the impropriety of trademarking a surname. In other words, people who use their own names in business have a right to do so without being challenged in its use. You have every right to keep this domain name.  I am outraged that Nissan Motor would fight over this domain name, no doubt trying to use its vast resources to crush you in court, instead of resolving the dispute outside of the court system. If they want the web name that much, they should make you a financial offer you can't refuse.
Jill Holmquist

I belive that the Nissan motor company is in the wrong, I mean come on Nissen Motor company you are to big for this type of thing, If I had my way you would not be selling cars in North America, so lighten up.
Carl E. Jones

I have examined the facts, as presented by Nissan Computer, and believe that what you are doing is wrong.
Paul B. DelGiudice

I am have been the owner of Nissan products for the last 10 years and expect to purchase my 3rd Nissan automobile within the next 4 months.  While surfacing the web for infomation on my Nissan Security+Plus Vechicle Protection Plan I came to the site.  I fully understand the issue with Nissan Computer Corp. and am not suprise to find someone other than Nissan Motor when retreiving the page.  This happend to me with the Delta site when I was looking for Detla Airlines recently and other occasions.  As a Nissan owner I fully support the efforts of  of Nissan Computer Corp claim to retain their identy of their family business name.  I will now go on to my search for Nissan Security+Plus related site (whom I understand is not a Nissan company) but operates under a Nissan alias.
Thanks for listening.
Gerald Sebastian

Dear sirs at Nissan Motor Co.,
As far as I understood the dispute involving the domain, it is my understanding that Nissan Computer Corp. is a legitimate party to be an owner of the domain in question, as: a) this domain name is intrinsically related to the company's name, which supports a long-time existing operation, and, most important b) they registered it in accordance with the correct processes, which should be by itself a guaranty of their right to use it, mainly because the use is ethical, above all. Unless your supporting argument would be based on the imbalance of economic power and scale of the two companies, there are no reasons why you would demand the domain in detriment of this company. And if this is the case, it is clear you do not support to principles of isonomy and equality of opportunities which I understand the american people support.
Thank you for the consideration.

The internet needs to remain an open forum.  Domain names must be first come first served.  If domain privilege can be stolden via the courts then the internet will no longer truly be an open and public medium.  I can see aving a limit on quantity of, say, five to ten names owned by a single entity but once owned it MUST remain just that, owned.  It must not be allowed to be taken away by the depest pockets!!!
David Stasinos

Mr. Nissan runs a legitimate business called Nissan Computers. His name is nissan, his company name is nissan and he was quicker than youy and had more vision than you when he started his web-site  Now that you woke up too late, you have no right to strip him of his domain. Think of something else and leave the small business alone.
Michael Dahan

It is fairly simple, Mr. Nissan was there first with his claim to that name and established both the .com and .net domains legally and ethically it seems. So what is the question? The courts should tell BIG Nissan too bad and get on with their business and use or etc. etc. etc. PERIOD.
Craig Warburton

I am upset that Nissan car company is suing the computer company with the same name. The acquistion of the website was by no means predatory, and no malice was meant thereby.
Andy Geller

I think that Nissan Computer has a right to their own name.  Nissan Computer purchased it first.  So many people have the same name.  I searched for a while before finding a good domain name that was not used...1st come 1st serve!  Good luck Nissan Computer!
Jaime Ann Rehus

Nissan Computer has every right to use the Nissan domain name.  They registered it first...get over it, Nissan Motors!  Just because you are bigger does not mean you are right!
Kathy Garza

What you are doing to this small business (Nissan Computer Corp.) seems wrong to me.
Russell Donovan

Mr. Nissan of Nissan Computer has every legal and moral right to use his name in any domain.
Sio Mangisi

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