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I remember when Nissan was Datsun!  I just happen to believe whoever registered the name first is the owner.  Why should our court system allow anyone to steal because they have the money to crush.  I buy Chevrolets and I always urge everyone to do the same.  More now than ever!!
James Wesson

This is the most ridiculous and frivolous lawsuit I've ever heard of. To try to stop a man from using his own surname..well now I've heard of everything!  I'll most definitely be spreading around to all my friends the injustice as well as recommend to whoever I know, NOT to buy anything from Nissan Motors!
Doreen Goldman

If someone bought a domain name, it's there's.  That's the way it goes.  You might however try suing all people whose name is "Nissan", saying it's a trademark violation, and then you won't have these kinds of troubles in the future.
And I'll be sure not to buy any Nissan cars in the future.
Itamar St

I could hardly believe my own eyes when I read about this ridiculous dispute. How can a supposedly respectable company like Nissan Motor show such an un-respectable attitude, trying to keep a man from using his own name? I shall think twice before buying anything from your company. Shame on you!
Ricardo Gouveia

This is outrageous behavior.  You are using your deep pockets to beat a small business into submission.   I hope he recovers substantial sanctions.
Meanwhile - you just sold another BMW.  My wife wanted a Lexus.  She will get a BMW.
Mike Burrows

I am a consumer who has made a recent auto purchase. I have spent a few hours on the internet to assist me in finding the make, model and price that I wanted. I can understand that some people may initally be confused that when they type "nissan" into a search engine or directory, "Nissan Computer" is one of the hits.  However, as web sites are viewed, it becomes readily apparent that Nissan Computer has nothing to do with Nissan Motor. Although I understand that Nissan Motor may wish to have this particular domain name, it is too late. If they desire the name so much, they could at least offer Nissan Computer appropriate compensation for it.  To declare that Nissan Computer has no right to their own domain name is incorrect and wrong. It would be better for Nissan Motor to resolve this issue in a fair and professional way (if you want soemthing, you buy it; you don't just take it) rather than to bully a much smaller firm who was quicker onto the internet.
Pat Gomez

Shame Nissan Motor Co.!!!!  Do you practice highly regarded Japanese courtesy or are you applying principles from "The Art of War"???  Give your legal beagles something important to do, stop harassing Mr. Nissan.
Jerry Kreps

While I am opposed to internet "squatting", (people registering domain names with the hopes of profiting from their transfer) it's obvious Nissan Computer has a legitimate interest in the domain name they registered.  Allowing them to keep their domain name will keep integrity in the registration process.
Ken Hall

If you want a domain name a person should by it, you can not lay claim to, everything thatis close to your name, in america you must pay for it.   first come first served.
Thank you
Paul Shropshire

I think it is sad that money drives people to such a place where they HAVE NO INTEGRITY! Have a heart and stop feeling so mighty!
Steven Merola

Nissan Motor Co. is to late to grab Uzi Nissan has every to use HIS NAME for HIS domain name.  Nissan Motor Co. get a life.
Robert Gross - Car Owner

It is clear from the articles I read that you are legally covered at all ends. I believe that you should hire an attorney and counter sue for defamation of character and business name. If no action was brought because you legally incorporated your name with the state, no action can be binding for a name on the net. First come first serve especially if your name was legal before DATSUN became NISSAN. It may be financially advantageous to make them an offer to sell them the name for a couple of $$$$million$$$ and change your domain name to something like But a lawyer could answer this better and I think you should look into it. You may get an answer from a lawyer as well.
Good luck and Shana Tova.
Murray Greenberger

How can you possible think you are somehow "entitled" to this domain name.  Nissan computers rightfully and legally registered this domain name in good faith. Just because you are a well known car company DOES NOT give you instant rights to this domain.  I will be URGING everyone I know to look into this and respond to this abortion of a law suit.  I LOOK FOREWARD to Nissan computer company SUING Nissan Motors for a HUGE Settlement... they will win
Mike Daniels

If Nissan motor wins, we'll have the proof of a corrupted USA judicial system. They were to late, you won.
good luck

It looks as if Nissan Motor Co. is ethically incompetent as well as fiscally incompetent.
C. Calhoun

To whom it may concern:
I feel that Mr. Nissan was wronged by Nissan Motor Co.  Mr. Nissan used his own family name for the Computer Corp. which has nothing to do with Nissan Motor Co.  People should not be sued for using their family name on their business. Besides, we must not forget that Nissan Motor Co. was previously under the name of Datsun, and when they decided to change it to Nissan Motor Co., Mr. Uzi Nissan had already opened his own business under his family name. I hope that the law will take this in consideration, and that Mr. Nissan will be left alone.
Rebecca S. Camhi

I support your fight with the Nissan Car company.  I wish you luck.
Erez Glazer

I went on the web site in 1994 & was shocked to find the nissan computer web site.  This was obviously a devastating blow for the giant car company.  But the fact is Nissan Motor Co. was beaten to the punch.  There is no ground for a law suit against Nissan Computer Corp. 
Babak Lotfalian

It is absurd and malicious to seek to restrain someone from using their true name to do business on the Internet.
Rachel Ebner

Dear friends,
Nissan is as far as I know a Babylonian name used from the jewish people  since thousand of years. So when this name is used by a jewish person with his own name "Nissan" , it is just fair to use it as an internet adress, especially when using it already before nissan motor inc was interested in the domain.  Thank you and hopefully good luck
R.Guggenheim - Zurich, Switzerland

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