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1 of 62????. I would like to thank Nissan Motor company for helping decide from whom I should buy a car. (Hint: not Nissan). At first I was about to dismiss the email from cyberspace about the Nissan DEBACLE. Then I read page one of the opinions. I thought at least one person would stick up for the big corporation, but I guess common sense is more common than the big company expected. 1 of62???? The best thing Nissan Motor company sharholders can do now is sell their shares or demand that everyone involved with the decision to sue Nissan Computers be fired, up to and including the CEO. Datsum wasn't a bad Name you know.
Minh Duong

Wow- what a mess! I am speechless after reading about this situation. Good job for being smart enough to register when you did. This is especially strange to me because I was looking into buying a Nissan after graduation(November) when I move to Raleigh,North Carolina. I was searching different sites and looked up your domain, now I would not even consider buying a Nissan. Just the fact alone that you are using your family name and they are trying to strong-arm you into giving it up really upsets me. I wish you the best of luck in defending your rights!
Jeremy Farnham

I am ouutraged at what I have just read.  I am certain that if Nissan Motors had registered the name first Mr. Nissan would have found another domian name, as it is he was first and I think would be a fine domain name.  I will continue to check the status of this case and until it is resolved I will buy Toyotas, Hondas or vehicles from the big three. I will also reccomed to my friends that they do the same.
Kurt Kiesel

I was in the process of shopping around for a vehicle (suv) when I came across looking for some final information on the Xterra.  After reading what Nissan Motor and Nissan Computer are involved in.  I am making my final decision and purchasing a Ford Explorer.  I think it is a shame that large corporations feel the need to bully the "smaller" companies around.  shame on you NISSAN MOTOR!  But thankyou for making my decision that much easier.
Eric Gonzalez

I have already posted a message, but i thought of something after I did so. WHY do you even have the Nissan Motor website address as the top line of your site? They do not deserve this! And I, as well as many others who have written to this site, will tell everyone I know about this situation in hopes that they will never give business to them! America loves the underdog- and you Mr. Nissan, will always have our support.
Jeremy Farnham

Please leave the domain name alone. It isnt yours. Being a member of the 300ZX community, we are frowning upon your actions. Nissan has made a LOT of bad decisions in the past. Leave that poor guy alone or give him a sum of money for the domain.
Matthew P.

I recently became aware, that your company was pursuing Legal Action against "Uzi Nissan" of the Nissan computer corp. in reference to the rights to the domain name of  I don't know the details of the case but if what the defendant claims is true that he has been using the domain name since 1994, than I fail to see what right your company has to take it away from him.  I find it quite disquiting, the recent trend of big buisness in America to quell and extinguish small businesses, which people have put their entire life's energy, and savings into.  Especially as this company is not a competator, I fail to see why you can't just give the guy a break.  I hope you will reconsider your action against this business.
Justn Fauci

If you registered this name it is yours.  If you have been doing business under the name since 1980 then in my opinion you can use it.  This is why this country needs tort reform that includes payment by the losing party in this type of frivolous suit.
Orlando Stephenson

Dear Nissan,
Cease and desist from this reprehensible behavior - it's Mr. Nissan's legitimate name, his legitimate business and you were frankly slow. Or is it that free market fair play is not in your vocabulary?
J. Drury - Ft. Lauderdale
PS. I'm now more glad I drive a Land Rover.

Mr. Nissan has a right to use his family name for a business he runs, that does not in any way pretend to sell the same products as Nissan Motors. This is common sense. No web browser is going to be confused for much longer than a few seconds before finding out they got to a computer website instead of a car web site... and Nissan Motors loses nothing if such confusion discourages a person (poor resolve in getting information will not result in a sale).  Get off Mr. Nissan's back, and get back to work. There's enough room for all of us, all our names (despite the limited voules and consonants we have to share), and plenty of money to go around.
Elias Roustom

I belive That If a person uses his or her last name for a bussiness or web site and is the first one to do so should be able to keep it,and for no oneelse to interfear with them.Nissan Motor Co. needs to go back to Datsen and stay there.Leave MR.NISSAN alone.
Barbara Vasey

We wish Mr. Nissan success in winning this lawsuit. It should be clear in everybody's mind, not to mention the law, that we should not be prohibited from using our legally given name. This should apply equally for a brick and morter business as for a virtual business. I expect Nissan corporation will pay dearly, if they are indeed trying to use their financial muscle to "steal" and
Carl F. Peteresen

"Nissan" played fair, had a legitimate purpose, and is clearly in the right.  Nissan Motors should not prevail,and the burden is on them to get an alternative site.....RDT
Robert Trammell

Mr Nissan has been doing business for many years using the Nissan name & has duly registered this name. It seems that now a big corporation with lots of money comes along & is trying to usurp his name.This appears to be a case of power & greed vs a small businessman using his own name.
Sam Engler

Dear Mr. Nissan,
This is a travesty but I have no doubt you will prevail.  This appears to be an opportunity in working clothes.  Keep a positive attitude, smile all the while and go head to head with the "other" Nissan.  You have truth on your side.
I wish you well.
Gary Springer

I have heard this a lot, ie., bigger corporation highjacking domains from smaller companies.  I do not have time to read the whole story, so it is difficult to know the whole story, however if your last name is Nissan,  you have all the rights to own   Look at, it has nothing to do with the fast-food mcdonald.  I think the way domain names are given, etc., is all messed up, there is no guidlines/rules.  I am surprised they did not buy the domain off from you.  Would you sell it ?
good luck!

This is a classic case of the big guys throwing their wieght around.  You are in your right as to haveing the right to use your family name to conduct your business. You havw been established longer then Nissan has and it should be the other way around. You should be sueing them for infringment LOL.  I will pray that you win this battle and that Nissan has to pay you big time for duress, slander, and what ever the courts see fit to charge them with.
Lisa DeShane

A person should be allowed to use their own name. Nissan has not always been known as Nissan in the US (Datsun in the past) and has no sole right to the domain. A disclaimer that Nissan Computer is not Nissan Autos should be sufficient.
Pat Fox

Nissan Motor: Lame!  Nissan Computer got there (quite legitimately) first.  As with so many other things, if you snooze, you lose.  Either leave Mr. Nissan (the one who didn't change his U.S. name from Datsun) alone, or treat him like the businessman he is and make him a fair offer for the domains.  (And if he says no, go register or something.)
Scott Dunham

I hope that you prevail in this case.  Although I stumbled across this page while looking for Nissan Motors, I believe you have every right to continue using your given name in business situations.
Best of luck to you.
Steve Helling

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