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It is my understanding that you (Nissan Motors) are sueing Nissan Computers over the use of the and .net domain names. As a webmaster and domain name owner, I find this behavior repulsive childish. As a computer industry professional, I'm disappointed that your company was blind-sighted enough to miss the Internet boat in the first place; and that you're trying to sue a valid company to remedy your own oversight. The Internet is a first come, first serve entity. It will always be this way. I suggest that you grow up and stop picking on the little guys. I'm glad I typed in the wrong URL to look at the Altima I plan to buy, it gives me a sense of the type of company you are.
Kenny Scelfo, Jr.

I would like to say a few words about what your company is doing to Uzi Nissan,"IT SUCKS"!!!!!
I will never ever buy another nissan veheicle again!!!!!!!!
Lonnie Collins

Prior registration by a person who is actually using the domain name in good faith should always be honored. Domain names are not trademarks.  In any case, I fail to see how trademark law would apply if Mr. Nissan is trading under his own name in a market that does not intersect with Nissan's and that does not offer any possibility of confusion between the two enterprises.  Finally, appearances are very much against Nissan Motors in this matter. It certainly looks like the company is attempting to use legal process to bankrupt or coerce Mr. Nissan's much small enterprise. I hope his attorneys are considering a civil action and/or a criminal complaint for abuse of process, barratry, and/or extortion, once of which must surely apply.
I will shortly be considering the purchase of a new car, and I will certainly exclude Nissan Motors from consideration, given this episode.
Robert Johnson

I think that what the car company is doing stinks.  I will never buy or drive a Nissan until they give up this stupid suit.
Aaron Gross

It should be embarassing to a large corporation who has started as a small co. and thru hard work and ingenuity, became the Nissan Motor Co. to attempt to steal something from another because they didn't think of it first or didn't choose to participate until someone else had shown it works.  It appears to be a way of doing business for large Japanese co's to either let their govt. subsidize their R+D or to buy or use financial muscle later after someone else has taken the risk.  Nissan Computer Co. has every right to the name, if it is truly the family name and has been for more than this generation.
I will boycott all Nissan Motor Co. products because I am fed up with large cororations and big money stifling everything except their own interests.  What ever happened to this being the land of the underdog, where the little guy had the same rights as everyone else.
Jack Pickens

I can understand your concern and empathize with you and your organization.  Nissan Motor Corp. is trying to strong arm their way to utilize the website.  The unfortunate thing is that they have more lawyers than you have employees (more than likely).  I would suggest that you never give up the domain name regardless of the action they take.  It would be easy for them to pay you 500k or 1 million dollars, but where it really hurts is keeping the domain name and not giving it up...
Keep the faith
Jeff D.

To Mr. Uzi Nissan
Shanah Tovah!  I would have to think that the Hebrew usage of Nissan shurely pre-dates that of the automotive giant and would have the right of emminent domain.  Has the corporation sought to recall all Jewish Calenders also using the name of Nissan, or other Passover related items?  The names Ford, Dodge, and Lincoln are virtually everywhere in the marketplace without any confusion between the automotive manufacturers' products and those on the local market.
Good luck in your efforts!
Sharon Frant Brooks
P.S. Have you sent this to Senator Lieberman?

Mr Nissan has every right to use his name "UNLESS" the Federal Court subscribes to the theory that only the very rich - - and therefore powerful - - are America's Super-Citizens and the rest of us are merely second class citizens.
James G Blessing

Didn't Nissan Motors used to be called Datsun?  Perhaps Nissan Motors should change its name back to Datsun.  Was Nissan Computer Corp in business when Datsun changed its name to Nissan?  Maybe Uzi Nissan should counter sue for trademark infringement.  This is rather silly on the part of Nissan Motor I'm glad I don't own any Nissan vehicles.  It makes me angry that this corporte giant is tying up our legal system and courts with such a farce.
Bernadette Breen

I am not an attorney, but this seems quite simple to me. NCC has every right to do business under their registered name. The only question I see is "Did NCC intend to infringe on Nissan Motor's trademakk and capitalize on the better know Nissan name?"  Why is the suit in California and not North Carolina?  I don't know all the facts, but from what I know I would, if I were a juror, vote in favor of NCC and award legal defense costs as well.

I find this law suit ridiculous and without merrit. Why is it even being concidered. How much of a threat is Mr. Nissan to the Nissan Corp.?
Randy Krofick

You have my full suppurt!  I wish that you will win this fight.
Israel Eshed

The story which was wirtten by the president of the Nissan Company is believable. With an ivestigation, the points may be figured out easily. There is no such a thing as the bigger the company, the better change to survive. Nissan Motors, may be a global company but they do not have any rights to play with smaller companies, and try to terminate their survival. Nissan Motors do not have any rights to sue. They should have been faster to get the domain name or they should pay the necessary amount to rebuy the domain name. There is not even any point to discuss this as a legal manner.
Edip Akbayram

I support the right of Mr. Nissan to use for his website for Nissan Computer Corp.  After all, it is the gentleman's name and he was using it when Nissan Motors was still Datsun.  It would be a travesty to allow a big corporation such as Nissan Motors to run roughshod over Mr. Nissan.  Let Mr. Nissan keep the name!!!!
Doug Stiles

Get off of it... if they registered it first it's THIERS!!!!
Montie Miles

The internet was made for everyone, and regardless of how you came accross this domain, it is yours legally as long as you renew.  Nissan Motors should realize that they must abide by the rules.  I am a BMW owner and BMW AG forgot to renew their domain, but they acted promptly and fixed the error.  The difference is that BMW had the domain already.  I hope things go well on your law suit and you win, because it will stand as a good example of the equality in the internet.
Bernard Artola

Good luck.  Don't let them scare you.  I had the same problem with Proctor and Gamble because I was using the name Dr. Luv on my web site.  They claimed that it was too close to Luv's diapers.  Nevertheless I told them where to shove it, in so many words, and their threat of legal action never arose again as I convinced them in a long letter that they would have no chance of winning in court.  So, don't let them scare you.

Time to stop the major Corporate raiders such as Nissan Motors. The same has been happening with the likes of AT&T and others.
Ross E. Williams

Please try to resist the temptation to be in control of everyone and everything.  Leave some room for independant entrepreneurs.
Solly Epstein

Nissan Motor Corp - AKA Datsun - you gotta be kidding!  Shame on you - you moved late and now want to punish the innocent!  Perhaps you should go back to being Datsun!

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