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It is quiet a long time ago,  as my neighour once drove home with a brand new car made in Japan.  As we were facing the car we were really astonished about it.  Is it a Mazda; or a Tojota?  Neither he replied. It is a Nissan.  We could not believe. What a nice Jewish name,  but why this from Japan? It's a through and through Jewish name. First in world, Jews do have to have the right, to ware this name.  Japanese Nissan company did know, when they decided this name, that it is Jewish. They did know, that it may get once a problem in world, to keep the name for them self, when Jews around the world use that name constantly.  It is unfair against Uzi Nissan to dragging him through courts about the principal right of his name.
Markus Yitzhak Feuerstein - Austria - Europe

Poor Nissan motor. I have been driving your car for many years. Skyline GT-R, Q45, and 200 sx, they all are good cars. After I read this motor computer's story, I can only say you are out of luck and stupid, and Nissan Computer is clever.  You should register for the right away after you found out have been registed.  I really have nothing to say!  What you can do right now,  is pay top dollars for it, or leave it!
Good luck Nissan
Nissan's Fan

It makes me sick when a big company believes they can do anything to get what they want!
Francisco Aldana

It would appear that Nissan Motor Co. is insecure when they spend time and money to take legal action against a person using their own legal name in a private business venture.  What has happened to the Honor and Pride of Nissan Motor Co.  Has it been traded for Profit and Loss.
John A. Foscaldi Sr.

Sympathetic to small entities (and individuals) being bullied in the courts by large entities. Large entities have financial influence which they use to compromise the integrity of the courts. The legal and political establishment, the courts, and many others are aware of inequities but deny such ineqities exist and stand by as small entities are crushed. The small entities are abused through intentional disreguard and "mis-interpretation" of statue and case law. Any individual who is part of the "establishment" and has the fortitude to voice against inequities is shunned.

The case here is very clear, Uzi Nissan started his business when Nissan Motor Co. wasn't even called that! They have no "case" in this lawsuit, and I hope the court will not kneel under their pressure and will dismiss the lawsuit immediately!
Mauricio David Ferman

My opinion on this whole case has allready been posted many times I will not repeat any of it, except that I'm on Nissan Computers side.... Just be glad Uzi, that you're not in the restaurant business with a family name like MacDonald.... ( I've heard a story of some little , old english lady with that family name , who dared to open a little restaurant .... with terrible consequences....)  Well, Uzi, keep it up.... I'm sure you'll win and BIG BROTHER Nissan Motors will have to reimburse you all your troubles ..... Try to find a sponsor, maybe a competitor of Nissan Motor... who might want to pay a full page ad in a newspaper in Nissan Motors own backyard, publishing this story... huh? What do you think about that?? Good luck, may the force be with you !
George Fiscus

This is absurd!  WELCOME TO THE INTERNET AGE.  Anyone can own a domain name.  Even if Nissan Computers did register this name knowing that they would get many hits, it doesn't matter.  Their business is also called Nissan and they have the right to this domain.

Mr. Uzi Nissan is completely in the right.  He reserved the Nissan domain name first and so it must remain his.  The name Nissan is his own family name and the car maker can call itself NissanMotors or something to that effect.  Leave Mr. Uzi Nissan alone!
Chavie Fiszer

I think the people at Nissan Motors need to have their heads examined or maybe elsewhere, because that is where their brains are.

It is my opinion that Nissan Motors be proud that a person of quality uses HIS name to promte HIS services with pride. It has always been held in the US that there is no legal requirement to use one's own name in a business. Mr. Nissan has been  proud to use his name as opposed to Nissan. Ask Mr. Datsun?  Computers and cars are  unlike businesses and are not likely to cause any confusion. Nissan Motors might ride the good coat tails of Nissan Computers.
Saul Freedman

It is realy unbelivable.  If some big company decides to use my name on their brand product, should I change my name to avoid law suite?  What about John Doe?  Why Nissan Motor Co. does not sue all Jewish people (and Arabs too) for the use of "Nissan" as their mounth?  What Nissan Motor Co.'s law department did than it reserved name for the model?  Where their research group were?  Did they do a name research before?  I can't believe that they did not come up with at least one "Nissan". 

Dear Uzi,
We understand your position very well and unfortunately this is the only way in which we can help you. Be strong and do not give up your family name.
Ziniuk Shlomo

I believe that the history of this case shows clear ownership of the domain name by Mr. Nissan.  I also think that it is a poor marketing strategy to take on this type of a fight.  It reflects poorly on Nissan Motor Company as it is obvious that the Nissan Computer Company is not a threat to  or in compitiiton with Nissan Motor.  I personnaly support Nissan Computer in their fight to retain what they obviously obtained way before Nissan Motors had an interest in the Internet or a domain name.  Ownership of domain names is not an intrinsic right due anyone with a company name.  Domain names have and should remain the property of those people that have registered them.  A corporation the size of Nissan Motors can certainly figure out how to get around this problem.
Ron Marszalek

Mr Nissan,
I'm very proud that you are standing up to the big car companies. Well Done.
Allon Franklin

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