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Mr. Nissan
I wish to offer my support to your fight with Nissan Motors. If there is any support I may offer please let me know. I feel Nissan Motors is totally unjustified in there attempt to intimidate you into giving up your name. Fight ON!!!!!!
Daniel J. Elliott

Dear Mr. Uzi,
I read your story on your web site with great interest. I believe that Nissan Motor's legal action against you is an outrage. My wife and I are now planning to buy a new car and we have been considering Nissan Almera, Mazda 323F, Renault Megane, and Peugeot 306. After reading your story, however, there's nothing that would make us buy a Nissan car, even if they paid us to take it. I wonder if Nissan Motors knows that they have just lost one, and will no doubt lose more customers if they behave like a bully towards local businesses like yours.
Martin Bruczkowski

Mr. Nissan,
Your story is pretty amazing. I find it outrageous that Nissan is suing you simply because you got the web address before they even thought about going to the web. This is a prime example of a multi-national corporate giant trying to bully individuals and small owners through the court system. I own an Infiniti automobile but I will never buy another Nissan automobile unless they show a modicum of decency and fair play by dropping their lawsuit and compensating you for your legal costs.
Joseph Suh

Interesting situation.  Mr. Nissan (Nissan Computer), it is in my opinion that you have every right the name.  It is your family name and you registered it first.  Nissan Motor company has as much right to it, but they didn't register it first.  In America, everything comes with a price.  If Nissan Motor company wants it bad enough, a few million would change my mind.  After all, you, Nissan Computer company, registered this name in good faith, not in hopes of making money from selling the name as so many others have.  I have owned Nissan cars since I purchased my first 1978 DATSUN 280z.  If they don't make right on this deal I will forever look bad upon there company and consider other Japanese cars.  Nissan Motor Company needs to do the Honorable thing.
Robert Mireles

I am wondering why it took so long for Nissan Motor Co. to sue Nissan Computer Corp. If Nissan Motor Co. really wanted the name then they should have applied years ago. I think that this is another prime example of the big boy's trying to throw the little guy's out. Nissan Motor Co. should stop being petty.
Aron Ben-Zev

Truly disgusting Nissan Motors!  This is just another example of big business picking on little business just because they didn't get what they wanted.  We know what this is about.  It's about a domain name. Mr. Nissan the owner and president of Nissan Computer Corp. got to it first and you can't stand it. Well we will stand by and support him and the Nissan Computer Corp. I was planning on buying a Nissan Xterra in the next couple months. You know when I'm going to buy one now?  I'm not.
I think I'll spend the extra dollars and get a Dodge Durango. Instead of flexing your legal muscle, you could at least try to negotiate a reasonable price for the domain name. I think 10 Million dollars would be a fair price.
Nissan Computer Corp. has definitely done their homework and in my opinion are way ahead of this sick game.
Lay off, grow up, just deal with it. You didn't have the vision in time. It is too late.  First come first server or should I say register. Nissan Computer Corp. you have yet another supporter. Nissan Motors you have one less.
William Hayden

Dear Nissan motors,
You have every right to sue Mr. Nissan! why I'm sure he has just hurt your sales and really made life for Nissan motors a living hell.  Yea right, and cows fly, the cubs are going to win the penant, and moby dick is a minnow. I hope this story somehow airs on TV so that more of the public will be aware of your ridiculous intentions. I like so many others came to this site in search of a Nissan auto and would have happily kept looking, instead, I found a classless and greedy story of a big punk trying to pick on a small American company. Shame on you!!! I have purchased Nissans in the past, but right now all I can think of is Toyota, Toyota, Toyota, Toyota...
Scott Davis

To Nissan Motor Company:
I've been following the case with Nissan Computer in the last days and I think you're making a bad move on this small company and it's owner Mr. Uzi Nissan.  I own a Nissan Truck and I'm very happy with it. It has outstanding quality and is a very strong vehicle.  I believe, as I've seen in the people's opinions that they are very pissed off at the fact that a powerful company like you is trying to destroy a small computer business that does not affect your vehicle sales operations.  Some people consider they will never buy a Nissan car or truck again in their life. This is very serious because your company is losing customer credibility and identification.  I hope this solves in the best interest for both parties. I may just be an outside person looking at this hole situation, but remember that I'm a client. Maybe I don't have the buying power now to embark on a new vehicle purchase but When I have that power I'm going to put Nissan Motor Co. in doubt and I'll think:  "Is it worth buying a vehicle from the company that is trying to hurt a hard working citizen like Mr. Uzi; a man that could have been me?" I believe this will be solved properly.
Eng. Kelvin Alberto Peņa Raymond

Like everyone else, I learned about this ridiculous lawsuit when I went to in search of car information. Like everyone else, I have decided to scratch Nissans from my list of potential cars because I don't want them to make any more money that can be used for legal fees in this lawsuit. Good luck with this battle. I will support you by putting your banner on my website .
Leonard Herman

As others before me, I stumbled onto Mr. Nissan's website because I was looking for information on the Nissan Xterra.  Well, Mr. Nissan, I'm a firm believer in your stand, so I will look elsewhere for a car.  I will never purchase a Nissan, and will recommend against them to everyone who will listen.  Good luck in your cause.
Tony Kay

I, like many others, came to this site looking for info on the Nissan Motor Corp's vehicles.  I am no longer looking at Nissan (deliberate lower case).  Mr. Nissan, you did the right thing, both in being 1st on the net and by sticking to your rights.  I applaud you on your generosity of linking Nissan motor corp's site to yours.  I am not sure that I could still be so nice.  I was thinking of a $40,000 Pathfinder to replace my Toyota, now I'll pay more for my new Toyota and spread the word about this ridiculous lawsuit.  I took the time to read a few of the other responses and I gather Nissan motor's is losing some real money.  If Nissan motor reads these messages, I'd suggest dropping this suit, publicly apologizing to Mr. Nissan, paying his legal costs and take a lesson from him.  Be a responsible corporate citizen.  Thank you Mr. Nissan for bringing the facts to my attention, I can no longer support Nissan motor as a corporation.  Toyota you win.
Dave D.

Why the hell don't you leave this small company and it's president alone and let him use his last name. I am sure the family name dates back hundreds of years and spans many generations and countries. It is not as if he picked the name in order to mislead anyone or to extort you for money for its use. Hey you came to the internet table too late. Deal with it!!! Japanese imperialism is just that, "JAPANESE". Outside of your borders you have to play ball and act like the rest of the world. This is not a derogatory remark, it is to underline the fact that in the rest of the world the "CORPORATION" is not the holy being.
Jack Buzaglo

I am presently in the market for a Nissan truck and I happened upon this web site.  It was not a great inconvenience to point my browser in a slightly different direction. Nissan Motors, you should be ashamed of yourself. Your lack of foresight (concerning the internet) does to constitute this type of frivolous lawsuit. I will seriously conceder never buying a new Nissan car or truck. Your company is a disgrace to the free market system. Why not try to buy the domain name? Would it cost more than a lawsuit as stupid as this. The free market system is based on competition. There are many things involved with being a successful businessman.  Foresight is one them. Nissan motors, your people failed in this category. Why punish the "little guy".  Lose with honor;  Be a good sport, Make up for it in some other way,  Die on your feet or live on your knees, you still make a good product.
In other words, don't give this guy hell.  It is not warranted or appreciated by people concerned with airplay.
Just keep on engineering and producing excellent cars.
John Noriega

You go boy!  Nissan computer company got the name registered first.  He is not a competitor trying to keep business from Nissan Motor Co.  Deal with it!  Dodge has very well with their Domain name.  I have been to your web site you seem to be doing well without it.  If you keep squashing the small guy I don't think I can in good conscience ever buy a Nissan
Andrew Shafer

This morning I was going to take a look at Nissan Motors website, stumbled upon Nissan Computers site, and all of a sudden am now writing you both.  Nissan Motors, it's without question.  Nissan Computers has every right to use the title Nissan, and to have ownership of  It's obvious your out of line; and I think it's horrible your so viciously attacking a smaller company.  You with your big Lawyers and your big corporate money, and the big lawyers too!  If you had a heart, you'd stop.  I have one, and I decided I'd stop looking for your internet site!
Jeremy Groves

While looking for info on Nissan cars, I inadvertently got  Since they were NICE enough to indicate YOUR correct web site, i was going to go there to find out info since i am considering a purchase of a new car.  However, seeing you are sewing this other company leaves a very bad taste. BIG companies should not take advantage of smaller companies just because they have the legal staff to do so.
Sid Besmertnik

Shalom to you Uzi Nissan,
You have been legally using your surname as part of your business names and domain names well before Datsun Motors became Nissan Motors.  I think Nissan Motors are very disgraceful in trying to sue you for using your registered domain names.  Especially when they are registered as Nissan Motors which makes more sense to me.  I am currently looking towards buying a family car.  It was to be a Nissan Almera.  However, because of the greed and utter contempt that Nissan Motors are showing you, I will DEFINITELY NOT be buying a Nissan vehicle.  My family and I are in total support for you and we hope you win your case.  May your computer company or what ever you undertake in the future grow from strength to strength, and may you one day, look down on a small company like Nissan Motors.
Eng, Alan Alls

You snooze you loose. I will never again consider purchasing a Nissan vehicle.
Ted Schwind

I have just decided I won't be buying a Nissan automobile any time soon.  If I lived in North Carolina, I would probably purchase computer equipment from Mr. Nissan.  Good luck Nissan Computer Corp.
Brian Berry

I was comparing the Nissan Xterra to the new Mazda Tribute and others on a purely economical basis.  After stumbling across your site, I realize that there are other considerations that are also important.  Guess I will be taken a closer look at that new Mazda.
Keep up the fight!
Chris Wright

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