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I believe this is a blatent disregard by Nissan Motor Co. for the rights of the small business owner.  It seems that if Nissan Motor Co. is so concerned with someone else using what they deem is thier exclusive trademark, then why didn't  Nissan Motor Co. register the domain name of back when it first came available.
What gives Nissan Motor Co. the right to assume they are the only entity to legally use the name "Nissan" anything.  There are no laws of the land that says Nissan Motor Co. is the exclusive owner of the name Nissan.  The same goes for all other major corporations with Big Deep Pockets!  What gives all these large corporations the right to think just because they have the same name as others that they are the only ones who are entitled to use it.
The internet was and is still should be based on a fair system of issuing domains to those who ask for the name first.  If Corporate America gets thier way of assigning and restricting the use of certain domain names on the internet, just because they feel they have some god given right to overide the smaller business, or individual for that matter, then we will no longer have free enterprise the way it should be. 
One more note for the large corporations ... remember you too started out as a small entity before you became too big and forgot where you came from!
It is only fair that Nissan Computer Corp. be allowed to use the name they have legally registered as they registered it well before Nissan Motor Co. became more well known after their days as Datsun.  If any of the smaller business entities or individuals wanted a particular domain name and it was already taken, then that entity would have to find another domain name that would suit their needs.  So why should the large corporations get to play by a differnet set of rules.
Shame on you Nissan Motor Co. for proving that you are no different than any of the other monopolistic large corporations.  By pressuring Mr. Uzi Nissan with your high-power legal team just goes to show you have no respect for Mr. Uzi Nissan or his family name that he apparently is so very proud of.  All Nissan Motor Co. is worried about is their corporate image and selling cars.  There is more to selling cars than cars, Nissan Motor Co.  People are involved too.  And this shows just how much respect you have for other people ... apparently not very much.
Jim Farrell

I think it is ridiculous to sue someone over their domain. If you didn't want anyone else to have it, you should have acquired it for yourself years ago.
Laurie Whelan

This is the man's name. He has the right to use it whenever possible. Does this mean Nissan motors owns ALL of his personal effects also?His check book, savings account? Are the responsiable for his mortgage, credit card balances, loan payments.  Do they pay his taxes? I think not.  There for they only want the name to be 'theirs' when it suits their purpose or when they feel is wrong.  Hmm..seems to me if they want the name so badly.. Let them have all the benefits of it.. taxes, bill,mortgages and so on.. If they dont want all that then LEAVE this man to his business hes NOT hurting you or anyone else. He is just trying to live the AMERICAN DREAM.
Cindy Kackowski

To Nissan Motor:
You can NOT do this, please don't think your company is larger so you have the power to do whatever you like. Consider purchasing from Nissan Computer company. Do not do anything silly (suing).

Nissan Motors, quit claim jumping.  It is unbecoming of a large company such as yours to bully a small private businessman.  There are sufficient means for anyone wishing to reach you to find you using nissanmotors.
Marshall Sumner

I am writing to express my support on behalf of uzi nissan who should be permitted to continue to use his family name Nissan.
Elihu Feldman

Those nissan car mfg. are idiots if they think they will win the case. the domain is obviously yours to keep.

I do not believe that any one should be give a legal right to exclude a person from using their family name in their own business.  Our name belongs to us and we should be able to use to identify us with our own business.  If Nissan Mfg. of Japan wishes to us a similar Name, then they should alter their identity as they have done before.  My name bleongs to me and all of my past and future.  Big business should be restrained in this situation.
Jesse L. Nall

This whole lawsuit doesn't even make any sense. How does this one computer corporation affect the probably hudreds of millions of profits this car company makes every year? I would think that Nissan Motor was more concerned with making profits than attacking a computer company. If they want to attack someone, they should probably attack their competition. (This situation reminds me why I decided to not be a lawyer.) I think that Nissan Motor should leave the Nissan Computer Corp. alone. He's using his own family name, which obviously existed way before the Nissan Motor Co. ever did. Since when does pointless lawsuits   equal profits for big business? I guess that's the problem, isn't it? Big business can do whatever it wants to.
Stephannie Evancio

The suit by Datsun/Nissan of Nissan of N. Carolina is a disgrace.  Reflects poorly on those who appear to be arrogant about their self-righteous rights.
D. Eisen

This is a typical example of a large company atempting to win a law suit by outspending a small company.  I hope the US Attorney get involved in this frivoulus lawsuit and makes Nissan pay damages.
Randy Fuchs

First come First serve. The internet has been around for quite a few years and I'm sure someone at Nissan motors, making probably way to much, would have got on the web or at least reserved the name. It would cost Nissan motors more to approve the expenditure than the actual cost of the domain name. Ya snooze ya loose.
Mark Chambers

I have not investigated this case in detail, but being a believer in the small company and the individual, I wish you the best of luck in your case.  I hope that Nissan will make you an offer you cannot refuse.
Phil Borod

I believe that first come first serve and especially when you have a pre existing company with that name

If the Nissan the car company wants a name then they need to be like WWW.NISSONMOTERS.COM .  You got here first and a real complany using the name. Your just did not buy the name to get money from it later. The car company just needs to grow up.
James Edward White - Indianapolis, IN, USA

Just because your name is "Nissan" does not mean you have the rights to any "Nissan" domain name. I believe, since the web came into mainstream existance long after many companies were formed, that the company that started the business first should have the right to the URL of their 'exact' name (in most cases). A good example of this is the many companies that had to sue 'URL squatters', people that registered the names of large corporations in the attempt to sell the URL to them later (for a heafty profit). I don't think I have the right to own even if it was my last name! The fact is most people associate this name with the fast food chain. In order for eCommerce to thrive these URL's should go to their rightful owners. I don't agree that Nissan Motor Corp. has the rights to all the 'nissan' URL's, since the are a company based on selling a product, they should only be able to secure Uzi Nissan, is just being stubborn. In fact I am sure countless numbers of people trying to find the Nissan Motor Corp. have been frustrated when arriving at the site that Uzi Nissan owns. I truly doubt many people associate with a guy named Uzi Nissan and his company!
P.S. - I don't own a Nissan or any large corporation.

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