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I am appalled at the audacity of the Nissan Motor Company.  I will email this information to everyone I know and I will be sure to also pass along this information by word of mouth.  A person has a right to use their name in any way they choose.  Just because Nissan Motor Co.'s marketing dept. was too ignorant to jump on the internet band wagon when they had a chance does not mean they can run to "mommy" and cry now.  It is not Mr. Nissan that they should be taking this out on, I feel they need to look inside their own company and find out who droppped the ball.
Traci King

Haha.  What a bunch of boobs those guys are.  I guess if I was a high paid lawyer, I'd stir up some little guy's soup for a kick too.  Stick in there.  At least take a few bucks from those morons.

I personally think that the name should be given back to it's rightful owner, I am with the ACLU and I feel that by not returning the name back to it's proper owner would be like being raped.
Proverbs 24:3
Shalom ~ L`chiam & Mazal-tov!
DR. Joseph Miraglia DD Th.D Ph.D.

I believe that as long as NO MALICIOUS INTENT to infringe on a name is found, no domain dispute has merit. If all facts of this case are accurate, there is no reason for forward thinking individuals to be victims of corporate plunder. Visionaries foresaw the internet when these same corporate characters viewed the it as a "toy". It is because of these visionaries that the Internet is what it is today. There should NEVER be a penalty for being RIGHT.
Ed Chavez

I think it is a disgrace that large corporations feel the need to obliterate small companies. Let Nissan Computer simply continue to do what it does best. Surely they have a right to call themselves after their family name and host a web site. Should all people by the name of Ford who run company bussinesses be forced to change their name?

To Whom it may concern!
I think it's an outrage that some person or company can think that they have a righ to have a domain name just because they ahave company by that name . I also feel that it will have a huge adverse effect on the "Nissan Motor Company" continues on with this ridiculous law suit . My oppinion is that "Nissan" will end losing this law suit and the public will have a very low oppinion about "Nissan" . It Would be in "nissan's" best interest to drop the law suit.
Efraim Krausz

From the information I have read, it appears that Nissan Computer acquired the domain names "" and "" through legal and appropriate channels. It also appears that Nissan Motor Co. is seeking one or both of these names for their own use, and has filed suit toward this end. If the above is correct, it seems the appropriate course of action would be to seek the permission of the current owner, not to attempt to force him. I seems that this is attempted robbery. May it be that the righteous of the earth will prevail.
John Dailey

Sounds like Nissan Motor Co. missed out.  Now they have decided they want the web site?  Well sorry, but Nissan Motor Co. does not own the entire right to the Nissan name.  Now lets imagine my name is Michael Ford, and i run a business called Ford Heating & Air.  I decide to create a web site for my business, i check and is available.  Of course i could make it www.fordheating& ( is so much easier to remember).  Now assume Ford Motors decides to get with the program and join the online enterprise, should i step aside and give all rights to Ford Motor Company?  No, I think not, just because Ford is a large billion dollar company does not give it that right.  As far as i am concerned Nissan's Public Relations & Advertising Depatments totaly dropped the ball on this one.  The internet is not controlled by the wealthy and powerfull.  On the internet each has the same advertising potential dependent on creativity and motivation.  Sorry Nissan Motor Co. you lose, maybe try (if you haven't already got it).
John Higgins

I believe that domain names should be first come first serve unless the domain was bought in order to make a copany who has that name pay for the domain later.  As you can see this is not the case here.  Nissan is this persons last name has been and always will be.  It looks like it is a case of the sore loser not acting fast enough to grab up the domain name.  Nissan Motor should not be sueing for this they should of fired the guy that did not have the foresight to grab the name.
Chris Longwell

The courts have already ruled that domain names don't fall under the trademark laws.  And there are many cases where two companies in two different industries have the same name.  I say, whoever registered the domain first owns it.  There is a parallel to this concerning trademarking.  If a company uses a unique word, phrase or symbol first, and puts a small "TM" next it it, and can prove they used it in public (like in advertising) first, they own it, even if they haven't registered the trademark yet.  I believe Nissan Motor Corp. is too late too he party since they didn't see the signifigance of the internet back in '95.  It is their own fault.
Chris Bulen

It's distressing to see that the internet's original "first come, first served" mentality is being usurped by big businesses.  Problems like this would be handled more gracefully if people just talked about their disputed instead of flinging legal claptrap at each other.  I hope that, in the end, Nissan Computer Corp. is vindicated -- it happened with etoy, and I'm sure that it can happen again.
Stephen Anthony

I no know engish, I have to know of this problem.  But, I know that Nissan is surname hebreo, for this reason You are all raight.
Arturo Escobar H, - Mexico

I'm on your side! They haven't got a leg to stand on. There is no legal reason you shouldn't have this domain name, it's your own name and you registered it first!
Chazak V'ematz!
Freddie Feldman

To Nissan motor co.
The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out!  God speaking here, not me.

To Whom it May Concern:
As a loyal Nissan Motor Co. customer (my first and only car is a dependable '87 Stanza), I am deeply offended by your actions against the Nissan Computer Corp.  Your lawsuit against the company and allegations against its founder are an affront to me both as a consumer who recognizes the value of small businesses and a Jew who has several friends of the same (legitimate) name.  I ask that you cease your actions immediately.
Adam Finkelstein

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