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First of all Mr. Nissan I think it is a great idea to post this info. on you case to the public, so we know what type of company is nissan motors.  No one schould be able to stop you from using your famlily name.  You are propobly going to hard times right now because they are a powerfull company.  But every thing will end up to your favor because god will be with you.
Sonia Zavala

This will be a public relations disaster for Nissan Motor Co, as the net now allows small people to retaliate against companies the size of Nissan Motor Corp.  What do they think they are doing? Normal bully boy tactics, but they will not work ultimately, look at what is happening with the World Trade Organization with grass roots demonstrations, whether you agree or not, and I do not, they are still on the news and gaining converts every time they gain air time in Seattle, Washington and now Australia.  Nissan Motor Corp should show some class, if possible, and not allow their legal teams to make millions with ill advised advice, whether Nissan Motor Corp wins or loses, the lawyers still make their money while Nissan Motor Corp will have egg on their faces.  You should negotiate and discuss the issue and come to a sensible resolution that benefits both parties.  How a brand name came supercede a family name, although I make my living by branding products and communications, will be interesting to see.
Malcolm Cullen

I think Nissan Motor Corp should pay whatever price needed to obtain the Nissan domain.  They had just as much right and opportunity to purchase the domain name and apparently did not have the foresight to do so.  I have been working in the computer industry for almost 20 years and find it humorous that companies did not have the vision of where the internet has gone.  I say TOUGH, just because Nissan is a large corporation, they do not have any more right to the domain name than Mr. Nissan.  Whatever happened to free enterprise and the land of opportunity.  So if Nissan decided to change its name back to Datsun, would they suddenly have the right to attack anyone with domain name.  Grow up Nissan, if you want it badly enough, PAY FOR IT.  I have paid for several of your cars, don't I have the right to one for free.
Rick Peoples - Addison, TX

Just because you are a large industry manufacturer, does not mean you simply can wake up when ever you feel like it and expect breakfast to be made. Early bird gets the worm, especially when that bird has been in business for over 20 years... and has full and legal right to market his business under his own name. Trademark and Copyright infringement is a serious matter, but when there is only one name, for two very different companies, that one that is "with the times" gets the goods. In no way Does Mr. Nissan benefit from the brand equity the Nissan Motors has established, and there for should not be expected to turn over the domain name. I wonder what the case would be if Mr. Nissan tried to sue Nissan Motors if they had gotten the domain name first? Here in Canada, in the province of British Columbia, the Provincial Gov't has just passed a law banning the use of "slap" court cases designed to bully and intimidate small parties into submission. Too bad your not in Canada Mr.Nissan. I wish Mr.Nissan success in the trial.
Steve Buckingham

I see no reason why nissan motors should be suing Mr. nissan. This shows an unethical and a bullish behavior on Nissan motors part. belongs to Mr.Nissan and why should he give this name away to Nissan motors...and if this name is so important for Nissan motors, they should try to buy it from Mr. Nissan, out of court, if Mr. Nissan agrees to do so.

I found this site looking for Nissan Motors also and became intrigued. What a tasteful way to let the public know what is going on! I won't be needing to use your link to Nissan Motors, thank you anyway. I won't be driving a Nissan anytime soon!  I wish you the best in this ridiculous battle. Maybe they will stop being the bully and do the right thing - offer you LOTS of money to buy the name from you!
Christine Herrera

I think this is outrageous. Nissan Computer has just as much a right to own as Nissan Motor. Stop thinking the  corporation are going to inherit the world, it is "we the people" who are.

My uncle is called Nissan. (I guess he spells it this way as well). When I was a kid the best show in radio was "Nissan&Rachamim" (nobody had cars back then). My favourite date is Nissan 27. (Lots of good songs in the radio!). I *could* get in 1994, before anybody knew there was www, and Internet was all text, but then, I would be charged for misusing the washing powder's trademark. (Did you know most Jews born before 1985 called Ariel were male?)  Ouch! is actually a software company.  Anyway, I detest the use of jurisdical violence and extortion of the law in order to smash small businesses and private people. As nissan computers cause no damage whatever to your car company, I see no reasons for this ridiculous law suit other than plain violence.
Ariel Brosh

First come, first served.  The name Nissan is synonomous with the great motor company.  However, they faltered by not registering the name as a domain. Now it is up to the Nissan computer company to give it up if they wish, but do not have to. Shame on you Nissan, this is not the last time you have errerred in judgement. You did it with Infiniti, with the new Maxima, etc. etc.  I love Nissan cars; I have a 1993 300ZX, 1991 Maxima, and an 1992 Infiniti G20, all great cars and fun to drive. But the new ones are all terrible (looks, design, quality). I'll never buy another Nissan, but I hope my old ones last forever. I also hope this feud ends in your favour Mr. Uzi Nissan because I come from India, as a poor engineer, and I know how difficult it is to fight with these "BIG COMPANIES". I have been doing it for 15 years now. I hate every one of them!!!
Dr. Yatin R. Chachad

Gee, Nissan Motor Company, isn't there room for both of you? Why resort to a lawsuit?  I'll consider Toyota before Nissan in my next purchase, UNLESS you can work out an amicable agreement.
Good luck!
Jeff Simpson

Although I'd prefer that was owned by Nissan Motors (just to make my life easier) I 100% agree that they have no legal right to it. While I hate cyber-squatting, I can clearly see that this not a squatting site.   I'm a proud owner of a '92 300ZX and part of web development team for a major US cellular phone carrier. I believe Nissan Motors should give up this silliness and focus more attention on bringing out the next Z car. At least this sites owner is nice enough to point wayward surfers like me in the direction I was intending to go by listing Nissan Motors url. Also note will get you there as well.
Kyle Bixby

Frankly as the holiday of Pesach (Passover) comes on the 15th day of the month of Nissan (which is the first month of the Jewish calendar), I was very surprised to learn of this problem.  I have always wondered why a Japenese corporation would take a HEBREW name.  Clearly the name Nissan has been in Mr. Uzi Nissan's family a lot longer than it has been the name of the auto company (cars did not exist over 200 years ago) and frankly, I remember riding in a Datsun, but never in a Nissan!  Since he is using this domain name for a computer company and not an auto manufacturing company..quit playing Golaith to an Israeli David.
Sarah Christiansen

Shalom Uzi
I'd much rather support an Israeli pioneer than a Japanese culture that delights in destroying the worlds precious marine life, (whales and dolphins).  That aside they can always revert to their old brand name.  These bully boy corporations need to be stopped before we all become victims.
Robert Simon Charig

Stop annoying Nissan Computer Corp. with your petty legal actions.  Find another type of work for your attorney's.

I own a 1978 Datsun 280Z and  my sister owns a Maxima.  You make good cars.  Leave Nissan Computer alone.
l schwartzer

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