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I am appalled by Nissan Motors action in bringing this frivolous, abusive lawsuit. The attorneys involved in bringing this suit should be embarassed. I am sure that they were protecting the Nissan name, but I think that they will find public opinion will be clearly against them. I suppose they would like to take the month of Nissan of of the Jewish calendar as well. Mr. Uzi Nissan, you deserve an apology and generous compensation for you trouble.
Steven M. Croft,M.D. - Houston,Texas

Come up with another name or pay BIG money to this family.  Stop being a bully and fight fair.
Harrison GA

I am an avid and devoted 1998 Nissan Altima owner. Myself, and many of my family members have owned or currently own a Nissan vehicle. By reading the information you have posted and the information from other websites, we feel Nissan Motors is acting in an unfairly manner. If there is any part I can play in assisting you in achieving a successful lawsuit (ie. boycott, information distribution, etc.), please email me. Also, please send more information to my email address of what happens with this lawsuit.  Thank you.
David Saly

First come, first serve; that's the way I see it.  Being a huge Z-car fan, I should be rooting for the motor company, but all I have to say is: get a grip.   If you are really going to act like big babies and bully a little company just because you didn't get your way, I personally just lost a bit of respect for Nissan motors.  Why not strike a deal with the company to have post a page with links to both sites; you see, when I was three I learned to share.  Give 'em a little dough for the favor, you know, kiss and make up.   I don't know.  Just a thought.
James Koltz

I too am a business owner.  My company is responsible for our clients marketing and advertising using both print and the internet.  I have to deal with situations like this frequently.  In the rare cases where the defendant is using the name of a larger corporation as a result of his or her own legal name,  I believe they should be entitled to continue doing so.  In other situations where it is quite obvious that the defendant is using the name only to associate themselves with the larger corporation, then yes, I believe the name should be awarded to the corporation.   But from my understanding, this is not the case in this situation, and I believe that Mr. Nissan should have the legal right to keep the name. (By the way I found this site with the hopes to find Nissan Motor Company.  Immediately I realized that this site had no connection, nor was trying to appear as it did.).
Michael Short

This is my second message.  After having left this site, I continued on to the Nissan Motor Company website ( and became more familiar with the vehicles.  After reading up on the Frontier, I was curious to see if there was a website dedicated just for it.  (I do this for my customer's products as well.  We build dedicated websites for each product, to have more presents on the search engines.)  Anyhow, I tried and was sent to a website in which it was immediately made obvious it was exploiting the name from the Nissan Motor company.  My suggestion to the Nissan Motor Company would be...Go after those companies and leave Mr.Nissan and his company alone.
Michael Short

This appears to be a case of big money pushing small business around in an effort to extract (extort) unearned income. This is not why we fought wars to protect.   Nissan Motors should be ashamed of itself.
William S. Lefes

This is the worst case of sour grapes I have ever seen.  Clearly, had Nissan Motor been "web-aware" they could have registered and .net before the man from  Israel got a look in.   For a corporation to insist on someone not using their own surname for a web site, just because they failed to register it first is totally ludicrous.  Also, the web site clearly states that it has nothing to do with the motor industry and points to a site which does.  Stick with it - let them waste their money on legal fees.  You'd think Nissan Motor would be more interested in solving their severe financial problems than waste time and money pursuing this claim!
Barry Kadleck

We are currently being threatened with being sued also, my wife registered a domain name, and a company called and asked if we would sell it to them. They claimed the price was outlandish, and stated it would be more cost effective to sue us, since then they've bought up every combination and variation of this name accept the one we own. So I really feel for Mr. Nissan who in my opinion is the real nissan, I think it's sad that these big companies are so spoiled that they feel they should always get their way, fight on Mr. Nissan, for yourself, and all the small business and domain name holders that don't realize how important an issue this is, my hat's off to you sir.
good day, and good luck.
Alan Webb

I'm for Nissan Computer. It is first come first serve in the Internet business. I believe that since NCC is not defiling Nissan Motor, there is nothing for Nissan Motor to worry about. In addition, I would like to point out a similar case that Budweiser had with local brewer in Europe that used a similar name--the local brewer won.
Drew Thornton

I have been familiar with Nissan Computers almost since the beginning of the company and am a customer now. They serve as my personal ISP and host one of my web sites, I believe that Uzi Nissan has  more rights to the "Nissan" name than the car company that has operated under two different names.
Charles F. Hartman

I own a 2000 nissan pathfinder, and although it was a little inconvenient to have to enter another URL to look up their web site, I don't think you should give up this domain name for nothing. If they want it enough, they will pay you significant amount of money for that. (Besides, the new French owner has a deep pocket I am sure.) good luck. I say sell it for at least US $10,000,000, I don't mind sharing 1%. wow... haha. then again, I'd also respect that if you think your family name shouldn't be sold for any amount of money.
Yen Tu

I think this lawsuit is outrageous! Don't let Nissan Motors bully you! Just because their name is the same as yours does not in any way give them the right to every Nissan name worldwide. Take them to the Supreme Court!
Brenda Gainer

I think it is preposterous for the Nissan Corporation to have any right to the domain.   Nissan computers had it first, they were on the ball. If Nissan wants the name for its automobiles, make the computer corp. an offer they can't refuse! Otherwise, forget it and get on with life. It's not that important, no matter what your sales analysts say!
Ross Goldberg

This whole dispute is wrong. Face it this man got domain name first. He is OWNS it now!  He should have the right regardless! The man probably does not have the money to fight these lawyer battles and eventually will have to give in to Nissan. That is wrong!   This man is not cyber squatting! Plus I think the whole cyber squatting thing is bogus anyways!
Jonathan Tallman

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