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Dear Nissan Motor Co,
I suggest that you  change your position concerning this matter. Mr.Nissan has the right to use his name in an unrelated industry.  Face up to it,your prople messed up and did not register the name when they should have.  Take my advise you will lose the public relations game on this one.Just give it up.
Steve Doppelt

As the director of a small Internet services computer company, I find it very disturbing that you are taking unreasonable action against a small company that has legitimately registered a domain name that happens to be both his family name and company name.  You may be aware that the precedent in this type of case will probably favour Nissan Computers as the domain name was obviously not registered with the purpose of depriving you of a commercially valuable internet domain, rather as it matched their company name.
If you really want the domain, I suggest you do it the legitimate way - through negotiation with Nissan Computers, rather than the unethical way you are currently going about it.  Otherwise, the resulting international bad publicity you are going to get will not do you any good at all.
Martin Davies - President, TW Systems Ltd.

Was looking for Nissan cars and found this page.  Interesting stuff, it does not surprise me that Nissan Motors is going after you, it is a very "American" thing to do (as rotten as it is).  I do like the history of your last name and what it means, that put merrit to your side of the case as far as I am concerned.  good luck.
Andrew Barnes

I think if what is said is true and correct, you should be sueing Nissan Motors for using your family name.
Bobby Tan

My opinion is that Mr. Nissan registered the domain name just as I would have if my name were Nissan.  He was the first to register and is entitled to keep the name.  I'm sorry that the Japanese company was sleeping during the internet boom, but that's life.  Also, Nissan Motors should be paying for each and every hit they recieve from this website.  (If not, then take off the link and watch their traffic drop off.)  They should also pay for the additional server costs it takes to handle as many hits as this site actually gets.  I will continue to follow this situation and if Nissan Motors wins, I'm selling my Nissan!
GPF  Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Nissan Computer,
The Nissan motor used to be datsun, and Mr. Nissan was "Mr. Nissan" before that so the auto co. stole your name for their cars !!!!
Steve Q.

In as much as Mr. Nissan registered his domain quite some time ago and legitimately uses the domain for business purposes UNRELATED to and not in competition with Nissan Motor Company; and in as much as Mr. Nissan is NOT attempting to extort money from Nissan Motor Company to unethically "sell" to them the domain name he has legally registered;  the legal representatives and public relations personnel of Nissan Motor Company should be reprimanded for harrassing this poor man.
Leave him alone and allow free enterprise to flourish on the worldwide web!!!!
Brian Williams

You don't know me, but I read about the lawsuit against you from Nissan Motor and I just wanted to say that I hope you win your case.  I think there is a huge difference between a legitimate business web site and a squatter sitting on a domain name.  Obviously you run your business on the web and have had this domain for many years and Nissan Motor has no right to it, it's your own last name!

I believe as a tax payer that if mr. nissan has follow all the right procedures for registering his business and NISSAN auto corp. was slow to do so, than first come first serve. Mr. nissan is not dealing with cars, he is dealing with computers. MR. Nissan has a very good case and easy case.
Fernando Tabares

As long as it's not an illegal attempt to block name usage, or try to sell it, which obviously it isn't, how can Nissan Motors tell Nissan Computers that they can't use their company name on the web? What's wrong with
Anthony Mori

I am a proud owner of a Nissan Quest 2000. I now feel ashamed to have bought this car from a company that could behave like this. Even big names like also did not belong to BBC, but the site had a small link to the British Broadcasting Corporation. The matter could have been solved amicably instead of adopting such strong arm tactics. I fully support Mr. Nissan in his fight against the Japanese Motor Company.
Anil Ladwa

I am in the market for a new vehicle like many others who stumbled upon this site. I was considering buying the new Nissan Maxima before reading the plight of Mr. Nissan. I believe he (Uzi) has shown a great deal of class for responding to Nissan Motors in this manner. I don't think that many people could endure this kind of pressure and exhibit the same integrity. Its unfortunate that he has to hire an extremely expensive attorney to prove he deserves what is rightfully his.  I think a court-appointed attorney could win the case for him as long as the judge is not corrupt.  I agree with the other respondants that Mr. Nissan's legal fees should be paid for by Nissan Motors when they lose the case. He may deserve compensation for the stress associated with this mess. Best Wishes.
Michael Stewart

Nissan Motors has more money than you. Why can't they find something else to use. I'm sure with a huge advertising budget they can get people to associate their new internet name. I'll think twice about buying a Nissan now. Didn't read the full story...hope you're counter-suing and have a good attorney! I mentioned  this lawsuit to family members and colleagues. They were outraged and thought I didn't have all the facts. Then they went to the website for more details. Tongues are wagging now!
Good luck.
Ms. jam

This is Bogus.  Nissan should just swallow their pride and pay up. A domain name is a commodity like anything else. Mr.Nissan was smart enough to realize the value of the Internet in 1994. It's not his fault that Nissan motors was too dumb to register Beyond that the Internic was established by the government. The way I see it, our government allowed Mr.Nissan to purchase the name. If anyone should be sued it should be the Internic for "Illegally" selling a trade marked name. Or the government should be sued for allowing this to happen. Mr. Nissan is only guilty of following the rules. He legally purchased a Domain name. He didn't break any laws. These types of law suits should be thrown out of court. In America how can you be punished for following the rules?
Bob O'Leary

It is a shame that Nissan Motor Corporation waited in the limelight while the internet revolution passed them by.  However, business is a game of survival of the fittest, and the wolf that shows up late for the kill goes without food.   If Nissan Computer Corporation were using the domain name NISSAN.COM for a purpose to slander Nissan Motor Corporation or to attempt to somehow devalue Nissan Motors, I would believe that Nissan Motors would have a legitmate complaint.  However, Nissan Motors has been sleeping behind the wheel, and in my opinion, they don't have a leg to stand on. I am an owner of two Nissans, and as a Nissan owner, I've always known that their website was or I am absolutely appaled at the behavior Nissan Motor Corporation has exhibited by bullying a small business out of their livelyhood by attempting to steal their domain name. I certainly won't buy another Nissan.  If these are their core competencies and business tactics, I can only wonder if they cut similar corners in the production of their cars.   Good luck on this one, Nissan Computer Corporation.  I believe that you have a strong case and will win the dispute.   I would hope that you also receive a settlement from Nissan Motor for all of the expensive legal fees you have had to incur trying to defend the domain that is rightfully yours.
Sam Goodworth

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