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I am in disbelief over the dispute of a name that is, and has been for generations, a birth right!  I recently purchased a 2000 Nissan Frontier King Cab, after visiting Nissan's website(I found it, without a problem)-If I had known of this dispute-I would have re-thought my car purchase.  I hope the car company drops the charges, I'd hate to be driving a vehicle that promotes such pettiness.
Good luck!
ilene berman - Honolulu, HI

To Whom It May Concern:
Nissan Motor Corp should either offer the owners of Nissan.Com a SUBSTANTIAL amount of money or take their problems elsewhere.  There were late, they have never made an attempt to amicably acquire the domain name and they are acting like bullies.  I personally think they should get lost.
Scott Kerfoot

i think you should do your best to get your story out to the public by contacting CNN, and other similar news type programs and tv station. Best of luck!

I find it ridiculos that in a country like America a large corporation can impose their will on a smaller one. Domain names are 1st come 1st serve, and how could a company's copyright prevent someone from using their name? I think the Nissan Motor company should grow up and just stick with the domain's they have now. If they want the name so badly, they should run a moe honorable business practice and buy the name outright, instead of suing.

My thought
Keep up the fight for the right to use your family name--but avoid using it for a company in the same business as the auto manufacturer.
Zecharia Dor-Shav

Nissan is clearly a hebrew surname, and as such I suggest Nissan Motor Co. has no greater right than Nissan Computer company to use the domain name.  As Nissan Computer Company registered it first, and clearly did so without the intent to deprive Nissan Motor of the domain, but rather to promote Nissan Computer, it surely seems that Nissan Motor is abusing its ability to out litigate in an effort to scare off Nissan Computer.
Aaron Dishon, Esq.

To: Nissan Motor
I am a Nissn Car owner and have been for a long time now . i decided to come to this web sight to look at car parts and find a nice man has already registered the name for his computer buisness . I Guess you dont understand the computer LAW yet .. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE ... Guess your going to have to think about
Laura Bergeron

It seems that Nissan Motor Co. is up to stomping a fellow human being. It may be so in Nipon, but not in the US. I, as many others will make sure that this is known throughout the cyber and real world.  One of my sites gets 40,000 visits a day, what would happen when I post this on my front page.  Bad move Nissan Motors, please be kind enough to drop your move against out fellow citizen.
With Thanks,
Kedem D. - CEO, S&A International

This will look really good for the auto company.  Who would want to deal with a company that assumes they own anything with the word Nissan attached to it?  Are we now to the techno-point where web sites can't be created with your personal name as the URL because some company might want it?  I firmly believe that Nissan Computers got there first.  The auto maker needs to just deal with it as a good sport!

Well, if Nissan Computer Corp was smart enough to register the domain name first Nissan Motor should just wait in the Queue. No bullying is going to work.

It is capitalistically ridiculous to think since you are a major motor company that you can bump someone's domain name just because it is similar.  I would really like to know how you're going about defending your domain rights and the final outcome, whenever it occurs.  I don't think you should have too much to worry about since domain names are a first come first serve right on the internet, those who snooze...lose in other words.  I don't see any harm in them using - other companies have to go around the same obstacle they have to.  Please keep me informed...
good luck!
Grant Smith

I believe what Nissan Corporation is doing to the Nissan family is outrageous.  You are just using the fact that you have more money than this guy to violate his human rights. SHAME SHAME ON YOU!
Holly McCool

I believe that this lawsuit is a complete waste of the justice system. The case is cut and dry; Nissan Computer is a legal Corporation and was legally registered and can be used by the person that registered it for whatever he/she chooses. One Company cannot force another to give up a domain name, even if the registered owner of the domain were to put a "Don't buy a Nissan because..." site up... as long as there are no lies, there is nothing that Nissan should be able to do. If Nissan is allowed to "Bully" someone away from using simply because they were not proactive or creative enough to register the name first, there is no reason for InterNic at all.  I would question whether Nissan Motor Co. has any right to use Nissan in their company name before I would question an American-owned company with a legally registered name.
Thomas King

I understand the concern of getting mixed up over similar names, but it seems clear to me that Nissan Computer Co. is not the same as Nissan Motor Co. The lawsuit should be dropped as a waste of time and money.

I believe that what Nissan Motor Corp. is doing is wrong.  They should not be able to sue you for use of your own given name.  Any domain name can be registered at any time, nor can a company like nissan motors be assured a domain name.  I hope you win.

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