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Let me start by saying I like the Nissan car company and right now we are considering buying an I30.  That being said, I think your lawsuit against Uzi Nissan, the owner of and .net is ridiculous.  He had the name before you guys!  What legal merit could your suit possibly have?!  I admit that it is kind of annoying when I type in a car manufacturer's name(then .com) and don't come up with their website.  However, that doesn't mean that someone who has a legitemate claim to the name should not get to use it.  Maybe your goal is to bankrupt this man so you can take the domain for yourself.  That's all I can figure.  Good day to you sirs.

Nissan Motor company should be embarrassed.  bad form - bad P.R. What were you guys doing pre 1995?  waiting to see if the Internet was just a fad?  Snooze you lose.  Better luck next time datsun. 
p.s. Mr. Nissan is clearly not squatting, stop your harrassment of Mr. Nissan at once.
Lawrence Pearson

Nissan motors,
You can let remain the proper owner's name, and he can place a large button which states, "if you are looking for Nissan Motor Co. click here".  I have seen this done on many domains.  Why does big coorporation have to be such bullies.  You and Nissan win the other way.  He gets hits, and people visiting his site see that your company is warm hearted and likes you better.  They might even visit your site despite owning a Ford.

I wish you could take your first name (a machine gun :) and shoot the idiots.  As usually, the only people to benefit from this are lawyers. How typical for this country!
Shalom and mazzle tov!

As a foreigner (from Germany) I wonder, how the US judicial system works. Will the legitmate owner (Nissan Computer Corp.) get justice, or can money buy you everything? I hope, that Uzi Nissan will keep his legitimate right to use and!
Dr. Andreas Schilling

I think Nissan Motor Corp is out of luck and in the wrong. They should leave Nissan Computer Corp alone or buy the domain name from them!
B. Kinzey

HANG IN THERE!!!! The car company is just mad that they were too slow in getting on the Internet ball!!! Hey, the early bird gets the worm. Nissan motor co was just asleep while you had the insite to get the domain name. I would tell them to kiss my hiney and stick to your guns & give them hell for trying to take your domain name away from you!!!! You got it first end of subject!!!
Kambriana Cox

You should be allowed to keep what is yours. Datsun is the one who changed their name - your name has not changed. If we let mega corps take our names from us now - what will they take in the future?
Bobbi Cooley

I am of the opion that Nissan Computer is acting legally and ethically in using the domain  Nissan Motor is just trying to intimidate.  BACK OFF
Jonathan Choate

First come, first serve.  I think that says it all.  The Internet has been in the works since the 70's and if Nissan (the car company) wasn't forward thinking enough to be the first to register what appears to be a legitimately shared brand name, then so be it.  If they (Nissan Motor Co.) want it bad enough they can make it worth your while.  Don't give up the fight Uzi!
Matt Leach

I have went through such a mess with Nissan Motors, I hope you take a big chunk out of their ass's.  My car was a lemon and they could not find out what was wrong with it. They tried for a year-in-half to find out was the problem was and then said we don't know just trade your car.  I ask for help and several times the manager hung up the phone on me.  Now I have Toyota a little upside down because of Nissan, but I got rid of the car for the safety of me and my son.  Take them down.  They think they own the world.
Lori Matthews - Morristown, TN

You followed the law and registered first.  Since they most likely are a larger corporation does not give the the right to take your name away from you.
Jesse Jordan

It's a great shame on the part of Nissan Motor Corporation in order to get domain name through that way. As it require a vision to see in the future which I greatly doubt that Nissan Motor Corporatio have. Thay have no right to do that & I hope that Nissan Computer Corporation will not get under pressure. If Nissan Motor really want to buy Nissan domain name then they shoud buy in proper manner from their ligtimate owner, of course, Nissan Computer Corporation.
Syed Ali Yasir Naqvi - Pakistan

He leido el historial, y es cierto "DATSUN" era la marca inicial de la compaņia japonesa, creo que ese es motivo suficiente.
Joel Contreras Ochoa

I personally feel that Nissan Computer Corp is the original and rightfull owner of the domain name and/or .net etc.
Edward Caldwell

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