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I have, like many others, stumbled onto this while looking for Nissan Motors.  Withdrawing from moral or ethical judgements; I would like to share a few observations.  The Internet presents a remarkable new paradigm in business evolution. Free knowledge. Being seen by everyone. The ability to attract new customers from previously unreachable segments.  There is however a significant downside to this 'free market', everyone does it. With so many vendors to choose from, vendors have to go beyond product quality and financial/economic power. Customers know much more. You have to sell quality products as well as a quality company. The slightest blemish on the 'character' of a company can turn potential supporters to the opposition, I do not use the term 'buyers' as selling the product is just one of the requirements. In the grand scale (drum roll... The Internet), you need support from people.
52 pages (at this reading), contribute to this hypothesis (that's all it is). 52 pages of people, some of whom Nissan Motors has lost for life, not because of an inferior product, but because they could not support the perceived social and ethical stance of the company. Whether they are correct or not is immaterial, 52 pages of people have decided not to support Nissan Motors.  I have not read Nissan Motors comments on this. However, the fact is 52 pages of people are boycotting the company.
What intrigues me is this.  Surely we have all read the same management texts, seen the same articles and agreed to the same concepts. The customer is king. Whether Uzi Nissan is correct in his stance is immaterial. The customer has been swayed. People do not have to be supportive of Uzi Nissan, however they are becoming unsupportive of Nissan.  52 pages of approximately 5 people per page = 210 people, with a scope of influence of possibly 10 people = 2100. Lets assume the 2100 people do no more than silently boycott the product. 2100 people at a vehicle repurchase rate of once in every 5 years (pessimistically) and a life span of 20 buying years = 8400 Nissan vehicles. That is the fleet of a major corporation. Surely if a major fleet buyer raised a concern, you would sway to close the deal.  As I said no ethical or moral viewpoints, just a few hypotheses.
PS: Why not co-operate together, find a win-win solution. Nissan = Nissan Motors + Nissan Computers. Assisting each other.
Thank you,
Kumaran Selvarajalu - MBA Student: De Montfort University

Dear Sirs:
I am appalled that the Nissan Motor Co. would pursue such a frivolous law suit in order to prevent the Nissan Computer Corp. from continuing the use of it's name as their web address. I suggest Nissan Motor Co. drop this suit before the rest of the world gets wind of it and Nissan Motor Co.'s reputation is further damaged. What were you thinking?
Karen Chambliss

I see exactly where you are coming from. I feel that what the nissan car company is immorral and wrong. I also feel that you should not give up on your persuit of "Winning." I will post your link to my website and refer all of my friends to visit the site. Good luck!
James R. Adelfson Jr.

It seems that rights to a domain name have more to do with the one who legally registers the domain name first.  It is a sad day if the law allows the fact of the sheer size of a mega-corporation to influence how it upholds justice.  If this small computer company is forced to make a compromise due to an inability to thwart off legal costs imposed by the low handed cynical attack of a corporation wishing to pirate and capitalize on the expedient use of the domain address ""  -  the corporation should be punished for misuse of the legal system by paying damages and court costs to the rightful registered owner of the domain name.  How cyncical and cutthroat this is. It lowers the bar for business ethics all around. 
Herb Cole

That is ridiculous.  A big company like Nissan should not even consider trying to do this to you.  This is not only absurd but against the law.  E-mail me if you need any help.
Jonathan Weitz

This is an old story, with others companies, like your company. Normaly, someone in the great company, have problems and he needs to create an external case for to justify own incompetence... someone in Nissan Motor Co. arrives at Peter's Level, that is the Incompetence's Level.  So, I think that is better the Nissan Motor Co. prosecute all others Nissan' Companies, and prosecute the Torah, because we have the Nissan month, and prosecute all people with Nissan name.  This is a perversity process. But it is necessary has precaution with some people mentality and his mental shortsihtedness.
Good Luck and G_od Bless you.
António Jorge Carvalheira

I just wanted to wish you the best of luck, and I hope that you prevail in your pending litigation.  It is becoming more and more disturbing the way big company's have become huge; and that they have the power to bully the individual businessperson.  Again, I wish you the best of luck.
Gregory Mabey

Nissan Computer is a legitimate business and should be allowed to keep the domain name!!!!!!
Paul Desiderio

If and were legally registered by InterNIC (now Network Solutions)for a legal company named after a person, then there is no reason Nissan Motor Company (formally Datsun) should press legal action.  It is clear that Nissan Computers is just that, computers, and computer related items which has nothing to do with the manufacturing of automobiles.  Nissan Motor Company...your loss!  A day late, and a dollar short is my opinion...and I own a Nissan Car.  Nissan Motors, go pick on someone your own size and just get over it. 
Deanna Watson

The internet domain names were available to Nissan Motor Company at the same time they were available to Mr. Nissan.  It is a shame that Mr. Nissan had the foresight to invest in this new technology and Nissan Motor Company, with all of their advisors chose not to register the available Nissan name until years after it was legally registers.  It is more despicable that they are now trying to use their large - although quickly diminishing - resources to fight for a name that belongs to someone with better insight than had.
Dennis Turner

The nissan car corporation should have been smart enough to register this domain before you.  Everbody knows that .com domains are firs come first served. They are acting like a bunch of idiots.
Savas Zorlu

Estimado Sr. Uzi Nissan:
He leido su atenta carta en donde usted hace una remembranza en relación al registro de su compañia de computadoras usando su apellido Nissan y entiendo su preocupación por la situación legal que se ha venido sucitando absurdamente por ese motivo. Es tan clara la exposición de su caso en dicha carta, que confiamos que Nissan Motor Co., reconsidere seriamente sus demandas legales en contra de usted, puesto que son dos ramas muy diferentes en la industria y el crecimiento de su compañía, no afecta en nada a ellos. Ademas, el cyberspacio es tan amplio, que hay espacio para todos. Por lo cual, tengo la certeza de que muy pronto usted encontrará una solución en forma de una propuesta de negociación con dicha compañía. Inclusive quizá, podrían ellos aceptar su experiencia de ingenieria computacional de manera que a ellos les fuera de gran beneficio en su industria y a la vez, usted incrementar aun mas las posibilidades de expansión de su propia compañia puesto que no dudamos que usted tiene la capacidad de hacerlo puesto que usted ha mostrado su capacidad empresarial desde sus inicios.  Por otra parte, deseo de una manera muy personal, su prosperidad y paz para usted y su familia.
Ivan Avila

Before I make my point, I am going to tell you a story to help illustrate my point. An allegorical story. Please take the time to read the WHOLE e-mail. Thanks. There once was a little girl named Sarah. Sarah was in the third grade. All the kids in her class either had borwn hair or blonde, but Sarah had red hair. One Monday, 4 girls with brown and blonde hair teased and laughed at her during reccess- "ha ha look at her she has red hair! ha ha" Sarah was extremely upset and cried to her parents and told them what happened and they said "Don't worry Sarah, tomorrow is another day, things will be better." But it wasn't better, and not only wasn't it better, but it was worse. On Tuesday, instead of 4 kids teasing her, the whole class was teasing. Sarah again came home crying. And her mother comforted her and said "how long can they tease you for over such a silly little thing? Tomorrow will be better" But Wednesday was worse too. Now the whole 3rd grade was teasing her. And not only during reccess but during class too. Sarah went home and she cried and cried. Her father said "now the whole grade is teasing you- who else could possibly tease you?" But, the minute Sarah stepped into the school building on Thursday, everyone was laughing at her. Not only the entire 3rd grade, but the entire 2nd and 4th grades too! And some of those girls also had red hair, but they teased her anyway- just for the sake of it! When Sarah got home that day she anounced she was never going to school again. Not her school, and not any school. Sarah spent the rest of the night crying and cried herself to sleep. She was miserable. She even had nightmares that kids were teasing her. Sarah woke up just went it got light out, an hour before she or her parents usually woke up. Red-haired Sarah gathered her things in a small suitcase and ran away from home, because she knew her parents would make her go to school in the morning. Before she left, Sarah wrote her parents a note that she had run away. Sarah never came back and her parents never knew what happened to her. Sarah's parents, her brother, John, and sister, Lisa, all her relatives, and her few friends who went to a different school mourned for her and missed her terribly. On Friday, when Sarah didn't show up for school the kids were really happy, and felt that their teasing worked. But when their teachers told them what happened to Sarah on Monday, they were upset. They hadn't meant to drive Sarah away, they just want to have fun teasing her. The only reason they teased her was to put her down to make themselves feel better and to be cool. And they cared more about themselves, and feeling good, and being cool, than they did about Sarah. They hadn't thought before they acted, because if they had realised how this affected Sarah, and the people around her, and that they would just be miserable in the end, not happy, they wouldn't have teased Sarah over this stupid thing in the first place and the whole thing could have been prevented. And in the end, instead of feeling better, they felt worse than when they started.
Now I will explain it to you allegorically. Sarah is Nissan Computer Corp. The kids who teased her is Nissan Motor Co. All the kids cared about was feeling good and being cool, and it seems like all Nissan Motor Co cares about is making money and getting more business by having their name belong to them and only them. Teasing someone about red hair is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! And suing someone for using their last name for their company and then for their website is certainly no less ridiculous. Think about it, to the public, this just makes Nissan Motor look like a money hungry company and no one will want to buy from them, so instead of getting more business out of this, they'll probably end up with less business. Nissan Motor didn't think about how this will affect others and themselves. If you do sue Nissan Computer, they may lose money, go out of business, and never be seen again, like poor Sarah. And all the workers at Nissan Computer will be laid oof, hundreds of people will lose their jobs, just like Sarah's family and friends lost her. So think about it Nissan Motor, what are you gaining from this? nothing, and in fact, you're really the ones losing out. Who wants to buy from a company so money hungry that they sue over a studip ridiculous thing like a domain name!?! Teasing is like suing. So think before you act, because truly, everyone will be better off if you don't sue at all. So please, consider taking back this action. And thank you for taking the time to read this whole long e-mail. have a great day.
Tobi Bassan

If you buy Japanese, buy either Honda/Acura or Toyota/Lexus, not Nissan/Infiniti.  Nissan's don't have resale value.  You're stupid if you buy it cause it has power.  My Toyota 4Runner Limited from '98 is worth more than a fully loaded Pathfinder from '99 with all the same mileage and equipment.  Nissan computer I understand your frustration but...Don't hate the player, hate the game!
Cuong Dang

I work as a professional in the e-commerce industry, but i'm no lawyer or judge.  This type of business name/domain name ocnflict seems to be pretty commonplace today.  If a proprietor is using a domain name, which was leagally registered on a fist come-first serve basis, and is supporting a legitamate business that is legally incorporated in the USA there should be no leagal action.  Seems pretty much a no-brainer for anyone in the legal industry. If a domain name was established to sell to another company with a similiar name at a later date, not supporting a legitamate business & infringing a registered trademark or copyright, there should be recourse.  Nissan Motor Corporation should have filed trademark/copyright suit prior to 1997 if they "believed" there was an infraction.  since they didn't, and were legally aware of Nissan Computer Corp. - maybe they should sue their lawyers for incompetance.
This is clearly a case of a deep-pocked pursuing a small proprietor, very late in the game, simply because Nissan Motor corp. has realized the large exposure from the internet and many global users searching for "nissan."  I think since Nissan computer is a viable business, legally operated, incorporated and trademarked, with a legally registeed URL. If Nissan Motor Corp. really needs the domain they should have an option to purchase it - the sale of which should reflect the loss of business by giving up the URL.  If they would rather waste their money in a legal battle hoping to force Nissan Computer into bankrupcy definding themselves in a large lawsuit, any prudent Judge should recognize this and throw the case out. Unfortunatley, this will not happen so I with the best of luck to the small, legally registered Nissan Computer Company.

How can you, Nissan Car Company, sue another company just because of the domain name? It is utter disregard for human rights and is 100% bogus. belongs to whoever registered to it first, and Nissan Computer Company did. I hope that Nissan Computers can do a counter-suit and shut you down, Nissan Motor Corp.
Harris M. Cohen

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