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I find it hard to believe that Nissan Motor Co. would consider to sue you for name similarities.  The process in which domain names are registered on the internet is FIRST COME FIRST SERVED.  I believe that this is only a way in which Nissan Motor Co. is ussing it's Finacial advantage over a small company in order to get it's way.  This looks like the bratt in the neighborhood pounding it's feet in order to get his way.  NISSAN MOTOR CO.  SHAME ON YOU!  I WOULD LIKE FOR YOU TO KNOW THAT YOUR ADVERSARY IS NOT MR. NISSAN BUT THE LORD ALMIGHTY!  READ GENESIS 12:3
William Cortes

I believe in your cause. You purchased the domain before the Internet boom hit. You were first, you're using your name, Nissan Motor Co. should not be allowed to take it away.
I wish you the best of luck!
Mark Malleck

I'ts time for the children who run and advise Nissan Motor Co. to grow up. The rest of us already learnt how to play nicely with other.  Remember, the bully is left without friends.
R. K.

I lived in North Carolina from 8/92 to 4/2000. I have seen the Nissan Computer online Ads from the early 90's onward. Well before Nissan Motor corp had any presence on the web. this is not a case of cybersquatting but a case of Nissan Motor getting into the game late so their tough luck.
Steve Hespelt

I believe that a registered domain name should be allowed to be used by anyone who registers it first, and just because a huge company such as Nissan did not get their domain name registered ASAP does not mean that this company should have to give it up for their sole purposes.  Most of us know that domain names are a first come first serve basis, and Nissan Motors should have thought of that long ago.
Lien Ha

As an owned of a new Nissan Pickup, I would like to say that I support Nissan Computers in their fight against Nissan Motors. Nissan Motors should either (1) fork over a truck load of money to buy the domain name, or (2) get over themselves and deal with it.  Following Nissan Motors logic, I should be able to sue the guy who got the "my4x4" licence plates that I wanted, just because he beat me to it.
Mike Horton

To Nissan Motor Co.
Domain names are first come, first serve. Many companies have had to settle for variations like: or Either use something else or attemp to buy the domain you want. Don't try to take something that isn't yours.
Jason from Tennessee

Nissan motors has a bigger name than you. Most people assume that if they type in, they would be headed towards the car dealers site. That's why it is a big deal. But still, you got the domain name first so therefore it belongs to you. nissan should just forget about the whole thing and get a new doamin name like or something. I give you credit for fighting such a huge company. good luck and best of luck!

I am writing to support the owner of Nissan Computer Corp.'s right to use his OWN name.  The name Nissan is thousand of years old.  It is the name of a month on the Jewish calendar, as well as a very common first and last name.  My grandfather's name was Nissan, and I am proud to continue the heritage.  For Nissan Motor Co. to make this objection against the use of this name, would be the same as a company called "Sarah Lee" forbidding the use of the name Sarah in any other corporation, or "Steve's Ice Cream" doing the same.  While I respect the right to trademarks, there are certain words that no corporation can own.  My first name is one of them.
Nissan Carmi

This is the most stupied thing i've heard.  I work for a major Corp as a system engineer who has to come up with url names.  First come Wins.  Period.
jon jackson

Tell nissan they can kiss your @$$. There is no way any jury in america would let big buisness bowl you over like that without extreme $$ compensation. Good luck god is on your side.
Robin Holden

To Nissan Computer: Good for you for expanding and making a name for yourself.
To Nissan Motor: You suck.  You think cause you sell a more expensive product than the other guy, you AUTOMATICALLY have sole right to the WORD NISSAN?  What a bunch of morons!!!!!
Jason Bowen

I just kinda stumbled across your web site. I was looking for nissan, but after seeing the banner about the case I was intrested, fight them to the end thats what I say. Don't let the big companies think they can win. You have my support if nothing else.
Thomas Lloyd

I think that a man should be able to use his name in his business if it is unrelated to Nissan Motor Co.  If Mr. Nissan started a CAR company I would understand the concern, but a computer and a car are two different markets all together.
Robby Mills

I have read most (enough) of your site to know that you have every right to continue using your family heritage name. Nissan is really stupid for persuing this in this manner. They are a very large company and are acting like a big bully. If you really want to get them, just call or send your info from your site to all of the major tv networks and anyone you think would be interested. I am sure this would make headline news across the nation. "big foreign auto maker picks on small computer company from North Carolina" Stand your ground and you will prevail.
Mark Cox

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