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Did you ever hear the story of the giant who was slain by a young boy with a sling shot? Would you put yourself in the position of the giant and have the people rise up against you en masse to take you down. Stop your move against this kid with the sling shot.
M.L. Cook

If the owner of a corporation is named Nissan then he has a right to name his corporation Nissan. Nissan Motor Corp is a motor corporation. Nissan Computer should be considered a different entity . If necessary a line underneath the later corporation should indicated -not affiliated with Nissan Motor Corporation. Since Nissan Motors original name is in Japanese - perhaps the spelling in English is not their property for as long as they believe.
H. Cohen MD

Hello Nissan,
I'm so sorry for you to inform this story, to know how unfair this world today is. I hope, this little meaningless e-mail of mine could help you, much or less and actually I'm an Asian girl myself, what this big company did to you, it's shame on me, though I'm not a Japanese! Anyway, I wish you all my best to get through this unbelievable situation like this very soon. From my opinion, I don't see anything wrong with you using your last name for your company and it's very normal that there're many people who happens to have the same name! And you are in the States, they're in Japan what could be a problem? You both even are in a different career. I wish, I could speak Japanese and speak to them personally for you, that they should take off of this topic!  It bulls. (Sorry if you find it's impolite:) So, Nissan I crossed my fingers for you so tigh and if there's anything more that I could help, I 'll be very happy if you mail to me again, to let me know the result, too.

I think Nissan motor should use the domain name. Since Uzi has used since 1994 and all his customers refer to him on the web through this web site.
Roger Abi Chmouni

I believe the use of the name by Nissan Computer Corp. is entirely appropriate and grounded in history, and that Nissan Motor Co.'s belated attempt to take control of the domain name is unfair and should be terminated.
Fran Berman

If Nissan Computer in North Carolina obtained the web address of it seems they did so first as I believe one cannot obtain an address which has already been registered, right?   Therefore I submit that whoever got first should keep it and for the court to steal it seems totally unjust.
Art Cadoret

I feel that the original owner of a domain name has the right to keep it until they no longer wish to use it. When they wish to give it up, they should have the right to sell it, or let it expire.
Ivor Cherry

For heaven's sake, the car company should give it a rest! They were known as Datsun here in the USA until the late '80s. As a person you had the name Nissan from birth and brought it to the US.  It would be a different story if you  changed your name for a perceived marketing advantage, but it was the Car company who changed THEIR name.  The two industries are non competitive. The car company should just register Nissan. Automotive and be done with it, and stop harassing people over using their own name.
D. LeWitter

you guys are right.  I'm sick of seeing huge corporations trying to use their muscle to squash the regular person.  Just because they make more money than you, they think that gives them the right to have be theirs? i don't think so.  Fight this one, and not only you will win, but others too by having a case example.  Good luck, and fight the power!
Matt Hodel

I think you have the right to use you last name to register any business company, beside the Car manufacturer was known as Datsun and not Nissan.
I wish you luck!
Tan Seng Huat

Nissan (formerly Datsun) should concentrate on competing with it fellow car and truck makers instead of harassing small business people.
Michael Parrotte

I really support you and I would like to say that you have to fight to use your name for business.  Don't let Nissan motor change the name of your company. You have the right to use your name and that's all.
David Ganem

El seņor Nissan tiene la razon,teniendo en cuenta que el utilizo este nombre para su empresa debido a su apellido.  La empresa Nissan MOTOR COMPANY debe pagar al seņor Nissan para poder usar el nombre en internet.
Camilo Altamar

It is disgusting to see a large corporation move in and attempt to strong arm a small business owner.  I see no conflict between Nissan computer and Nissan automobiles.  Please drop your case.  Any internet user will have no problem finding the automobile site.  Nissan computer has a right to use the domain name.  If Nissan Motor wished to have the domain name they should have moved sooner.  The early bird gets the worm. 
Justin Batz

While I am a big fan of Nissan motors and understand the need to protect ones trademark, famous words do come to mind:  "You snooze, you loose!"  You should have listened to that young punk marketing intern, back in 93, and invested the whopping sum of $100, instead of telling him to copy your handwritten lead sheets.
Marco Anderson

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