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I am ashamed that I previously owned 2 Nissan cars. I assure you that I will not have another. The lawsuit by Nissan Motor against Nissan Computer Corp. over the domain name is big business trying to bully the little guy. Nissan Computer registered the domain name first... it belongs to them. Uzi Nissan did not register the name so that he could make money by selling it to Nissan Motor.
I will pass this message to all my friends and encourage them to support Nissan Computer and boycott Nissan Motor Co.
Augusto Escribens

I support the boycott of Nissan Motors.
Anne Koh

To whom it may concern:
After reading the account of the legal case over the use of the domain name, I have to state that I believe this case to be unfair and unjustifiable for a number of reasons:
1. A name is just that - a chosen identifier for an entity of some sort. It is improper to assume the sole right to a name, especially if that name has historical or popular significance.
2. Business opportunities have to be taken when they arise - the hijacking of an opportunity seized by an individual can only be seen as unjust, especially as this individual had the presence of mind to take advantage of the internet considerably earlier than Nissan Motors.
3. This case suggests that any company with enough money to pursue legal actions of this type can freely plunder smaller companies at will - this would mean the end of free enterprise, and would make it pointless for any individuals to make an effort to push back the boundaries of their field of expertise.
As a result, I intend to boycott all aspects of Nissan Motor's trade until this case is dropped.
Mr. Lewis

I wonder about big businesses that take for granted their superiority over the masses.  In a land where all men are created equal, why should a company act as though they have more rights than someone using thir last name.  This is America, and we are free to live and prosper, and using our names is not asking to much.  I believe in supporting a boycott, as long as the lawsuit is in effect.
Angela Bayliss

All of my families and I have considered Nissan vehicles to be fine products, but I cannot condone the actions of Nissan Motors concerning domain names.  I consider such actions as totally unacceptable,
and my families and I will join this boycott and encourage all friends and acquaintances to do the same.

Sirs. Madams  whatever
As a long time Nissan Motor customer, I am disturbed about your suit against Nissan Computers. In the past 5 years  our company has purchased over two hundred Nissan autos.
As of to day, I have instructed our staff to begin a boycott of all Nissan Motor products and will actively encourage our extended networks to do the same...until this wholly unjustified lawsuit is dropped,  not settled.....dropped.
Wayne Carter

I've owned Nissans for 17 years now.. What Nissan Motor did is clearly terrible.  Why not try to sort things out between 2 companies, maybe collaborate in business, WIN-WIN situation is much better than WIN-LOSE..  Nissan Motor, you're creating many enemies in this world by your action.  You will loose reputation.
Me and my friends will be BOYCOTTING you until you withdraw that lawsuit. 
Nissan Computers & Nissan Motors, I'm sure both of you can partner up to do something, Motor+Computer tech, POWERFUL business.

I feel that if the person is not a cyber-squatter, which is proved by the facts that they should have a right to the site name that they paid for. This person is not trying to sell you this web site and can prove that it is his actual family name.  You have a tiger by the tail if you think that the internet community will let you get away with this bullying tactic. Your sales will go through the floor and it could easily be the ruination of your company.
The internet community as a group are a LOT more proactive. We will e-mail our friends and family about this, we will e-mail our representatives about this.
I personally will NEVER own a Nissan product, I will search out your affiliate companies and I will NEVER own any of their products. I will e-mail my friends, family members, co-workers, acquaintances and urge them to join the boycott of your products.  Bullies shall NOT prosper if I have any way to thwart them that is legal and moral.
Laurie Duffield

This is one of many part's of a greater problem. the internet is growing up. it is becoming more and more a part of everyone's lives. and if you have kept up on the news, worldspy, napster and many more are just the tip of a greater iceberg! those who are the "haves" as radicals have put it, know that the control of the internet is the next great step in gaining leverage to increase wealth and power for those who already have too much. now, i am not one to panic or to raly for lost causes, but I can see the signs that are so much before us. we, the little people, are being slowly and methodically cut off from any influence or "free" use of the internet save for that which brings other wealth and power. the free internet cut off, free music cut off, small business's losing their names to those who could care less for the common man. everywhere you have spam and such trying to get your personal information and credit card numbers.... this is a problem that WE have allowed to happen by doing nothing. we think, it's not that bad and do not worry about it. and yes, it is now that bad.... NOW. if we continue in this thinking, i can safely predict in 5 years.... that other through the internet, will have full control on how it is used and by whom and what you and us are allowed to do with it. it is becoming a new elite in the world and soon you are either with them or at their mercy. now, i am telling no one what to do, say or think as personal liberty is the basis of what America was and is about, but if we do nothing, we deserve what we are losing.... i personally have and are writing my congressmen and senators and rallying locally to keep the internet for you and me. if this endeavor is successful, depends on how many also fight for our rights on the internet and win or lose i know i have at least tried. i implore you to check the facts for yourself and listen not to the people who are benefiting from the right's that are slowly being taken away, but see for yourself and make an informed decision on what you consider sacred  for us and our children and do what you think is fair and right..... or do not complain when you wake up... and all your right's and freedoms for you your family your children and us all are gone...............
Mark Garrett

I am deeply  indignant  by the constant abuses of gigantic corporations such as Nissan. Such behavior represents not only is a violation of economic liberty but also open the ways to the violation of more fundamental rights. Oligopolies and monopolies of huge corporations not only exploit their market power  restricting consumers' possibility to choose between different products and imposing well above costs prices, but also threaten the survival of small companies and economic pluralism. These economic rights are already systematically abused. 
Next step is not recognizing the right of a person to have a name.
What comes next? 
My contribution to prevent such abuses may not be significant, still I hope that a large number of people will join this initiative and boycott Nissan corporation. I certainly will. And you?
Kristian Orsini

I am boycotting your company on the sole grounds of the ludicrousness of this lawsuit.  A name is a name on the internet, and no matter how big your company is, if you didn't get it first, and the prior owner has legitimate claim to that name, too bad for you.
These bully tactics are enraging consumers, and I will spread the word to avoid any products that come out of your company.
David Holz

They say "Only in America". As if the court systems didn't have enough silly lawsuits going through them right now. It has been five years and Nissan Corp. just now wants to bring this up. They had just as much chance to register their name as Mr. Nissan did. They just didn't do it.
I will definately boycott Nissan Corp. and any part of them and also tell my friends and family too.
Good luck Mr. Nissan and I hope it all turns out in your favor.
Joseph Rhoden

I agree 100% with your cause and will do all I can to boycott Nissan Automotive Inc. and refrain from buying any products from this company.  What else can I do to show my support???  That lawsuit is terribly unjust.
Bobbi Anne

I do feel that this goes against the free market system.  Does that mean that Nissan Motors has a monopoly on everything named "Nissan" only because it is bigger than everyone else.  Nissan Computers beat them to the punch and that is the way the free market system works.
I would oppose Nissan Motors in this issue and will boycott if becomes Nissan Motors.
Jose R. Garcia

I was disturbed to say the least after hearing about the current lawsuit Nissan Motor Corp has bought against Nissan Computer.  How ridiculous it seems.  I can only come to the conclusion the Nissan Motor Corp has evidently come to the misguided conclusion that people all over the world cannot differentiate between "Motor" and "Computer". Heaven forbidden we should accidentally go to Nissan Computer and mistakenly buy a computer, when all along we really wanted a car!  This lawsuit is not only ridiculous and grossly unfair to Mr Uzi Nissan and his entire lineage, but to people all over the world.  You sirs, at Nissan Motor Corp affront all people with this lawsut.
I will support the boycott.  I don't want to buy a car from some big corporation that thinks so little of human intelligence!
Barbara Westcott

This lawsuit utterly discusts me. To the point where I will never buy a Nissan car in my life, nor would I ever recommend a friend to buy one. If I ever have a friend whom I know is thinking about buying a Nissan automobile, I will do all in my power to persuade them to other more concientious brands. Thinking that Nissan Motor corp actually lowers itself to these standards makes me want to vomit.
Joseph Carlson

I also fully support the boycott of any company who attempts to pirate the legitimate claim to domain addresses. The arrogance of Nissan Cars is incredible, and they should be stopped.
Mark O'Neil

I will never buy a Nissan automobile or recommend one to anyone I know. You would think motor companies would worry more about the AUTO than a domain name when I am sure there are others that could be used. Get real you idiots!!
Joe Hinkie

I will never buy a Nissan again.  Goliath is returning to slay David.  It is time to fill our sling.
Bob Klemow

Hey, Nissan Motorers. Watch out. A day may come when a bigger dinosaur than you may come and try to grab your name. You get it? You were late. Very late. Accept it. JUST ACCEPT IT. The Web is not reserved for you only. Even if you win the case, I think, it wont be legitimate. Even if you win the case, this way, you will never win the PEOPLE'S HEART, THEIR SYMPATHY AND EMPATHY, which is more important. You have committed a really big mistake. So, accept that you were late, and may be, you would be satisfied with the domain name "" or something like that.  And Nissan Computer, never give up. Even if you lose, fight ahead. BECAUSE PEOPLE SUPPORT YOU, AND NOT THAT SHAMELESS GARGANTUAN.
Nurlan Karynbayev

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