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The domain does not belong to the corporation Nissan, it belongs to the man who obtained it first. There is no reason for Nissan Motors to push and shove their way into the domain, they already own a domain which links them to the world. Please get over it. Individuals have power on the internet, remember that.
John Lawrence

I intended to go to Nissan Motor Co. but was taken to Nissan Computer instead.  HOWEVER, I fully support Mr. Nissan on using and  These big corporation should leave the little guys alone.  They are a Japanese company and they should be happy with  You have every single right to use for your own company (this of course, is not a legal statement but of my own opinion)
Keep fighting, Mr. Nissan.
A Supporter

It is very clear to me that this person has a very clear right to use for his domain, and to use as he sees fit.
Chris Ronk

Dear Uzi Nissan,
Although I think you made a mistake in not responding to the initial contact made by Nissan and choosing to believe that not hearing from them again meant that all was 'bedayder', that does *not* mean that what they are doing by suing you is either right or just.  Your arguments are very strong and straight.  I have friends in Toronto, Canada whose family name is Nissanov (they are from Dagestan, Russia) so that I know what you say about 'Nissan' being your family name is valid. If you registered the two names (one with .com and one with .net) and have been doing business under your family name, then under these clear circumstances how can they hope to win?  Their real motivation must be to wear you out and grind you down with legal expenses.  Kol kavod to you and best wishes for your success in this struggle!
Bernard Katz

Hmmm...Let me think abou this...The old saying, "the early bird gets the worm," comes to mind.
Mr. Nissan took the initiative time and time again to obtain domain names and proper license to run various businesses using his family name.  So, I do no think there should be a leagal claim against his current ownership of the Nissan.COM or Nissan.NET domain names.  I do think Mr. Nissan should consider selling the domain names to the Nissan Motor Company.  The price of the sale should be proportional to the business he will lose for not having such a simplistic and easily found domain name.  The price should also be proportional to the potential additional revenue gained by Nissan Motor Company for obtaining and using such an easily recognizable and accessable domain name.  If, in fact, it is found that Mr. Nissan should have to give up the right to use the domain name, I do not think that Nissan Motor Company should have the rights to use it either.
Andre Roques

I think it is unfortunate that Nissan Motor is suing you for your name. It's too bad that a huge corp. like Nissan Motor wouldn't have the insight to register their name before someone else. I guess what I have to say is first come first serve and all if fair in love and war. So sorry Nissan Motor but the name is not yours alone. And I wish you all would settle this, because I like Nissan cars and I would like to access their website even if it's under a different name!!!
Erin Adkinson

Sounds like Reverse HiJacking!
Deep pockets taking advantage of legitimate small businesses.  Do you have a case to sue for frivolous lawsuit? or malicious lawsuit? or abuse of legal system? or something like that?
Edward Alfert

If it is clear that you are a computer business and not a car company than I don't think they have any business trying to make you change your name.  It sounds more like they are upset that you have the domain name. You obviously will not prosper from use of a name like theirs since you are in a different business.  Its not even a related business.

This is ridiculous. Nissan is a the English translation of the name of a month in Hebrew. It has been for much longer than the translation of the name of the Japanese motor company has translated its name as Nissan. Besides, this computer company registered the name first, its just too bad that Nissan can't try to play by the rules.  Their options now are to pay up or find a different web address, just like others have.
Lewis Carness

Nissan Computer legally owns the right to use the domain name of Get over it Nissan snooze you lose!
Jason Armstrong

Dear Mr. Nissan,
Thank you for sending me your e-mail. I greatly admire your web site; it is surely a tribute to the creativity of your company. Your case seems to me to be very solid. I am outraged that the deep pockets of Nissan Motor Company are being used to harass you.  I suggest that Nissan Motors change their ridiculous to , name that seems to reflect their business.  Alternately, is is so important to them they should make you a fair offer to buy the name (say $10 - 15 million).  Good luck in your fight. I hope you have good legal assistance which will protect you from these predators, and which will allow you to counter sue to recover all and more of the terrible costs that they are forcing onto you.
With best wishes,
Jonathan Cohen

To whom it may concern:
While I do not know the parties involved, my first impressions are that a suit by Nissan Motor Co. against Nissan Computer Corp. is frivolous, as Nissan, the first month of the Jewish calendar, is an ancient name, and there is no notoriety to be gained by naming a computer company after a car manufacturer!  There are thousands of companies in the U.S. named "Smith XYZ" Corp., or "Jones XYZ" Corp., and they don't go after each other for name infringement.  Nissan Motor Co. should realize this and immediately drop the charges, because it is my belief a court test will fail and then they will have to make restitution to Nissan Computer Corp.
Edward L. Cohn - Instructor, California State University at Long Beach.

I feel that a company like Nissan Motor could find better and more important things to do than to use it's weight against a small business.

The name Nissan is a very common Hebrew name...A lot of Israeli citizen or born in Israel due to the revival of the Hebrew language or due to family tradition which goes back to more than 3000 B.C years ago  have their family names called with Hebrew names. I was wondering how and why a Japanese company (with so big means in order to check out the validity of its company name) was using this Hebrew name and what it did mean in Japanese language...Was the President a part of one of these lost tribes ...completely assimilated in the Japanese culture as it was done in a pure Japanese as is the case for the whole Jewish  ancestry living in the Far East....  Using the family ancestral name when creating a company of its own is not an abuse or "contrefacon.."... on the contrary...If the Japanese company is not a part of this family , It is the Japanese company (with all its great means for finding an appropriate name) using the name Nissan which belongs to this family (and being aware of the existence of such a family name ), who need to be pursued...  I understand that the Japanese Nissan is a big industry...and that they are certainly arguing about the marketing of this new born High Tec company as using their company name for more profits purposes...but it is a High Tec company, and before pursuing , they should have tried to find out a solution, to make the consumer clear about no connection between them...or to ask from each side to add an other label to differentiate between both of them. Uzi Nissan High Tec company could have  be the name of the high tech, Motor Nissan Inc., the other.  I am interested in knowing the result of  verdict.
Chetboun Rosine

Definitely , for me  Nissan is a spring month and not a motor or a computer. My son and my husband are born in Nissan.  Jesus and all his apostles gathered for the last supper of the scene during the Seder of Nissan.  This name of an Hebraic month could not be the property of a commercial manufacture. Its a nonsense for me.

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