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I think the domain name should be retained by Nissan Computer Corp.  Big business should not be allowed to have their way just because they have money behind them. Nissan Computer isn't being dishonest, it is a family name and Mr. Nissan deserves it.  If not it sets the precedent that anyone whose name eventually becomes the name of a large company is at risk.
Good luck Mr. Nissan!

If the facts are as truly as they are represented here, this is patently NOT a case of cybersquatting, and it would be a travesty of justice for Nissan Motor Co. to be granted the domain name on the basis of their deeper pockets. An earlier comment suggested buying the domain name from Mr. Nissan - would that not be more economical in the long run, factoring in the cost of the bad will generated from the lawsuit?
In any case, might does not make right.
Troxel Ballou

There must be a way for a person to be able to use his own name and still protect the trademark of the big corporation.  A man should not be denied the legitimate use of his own name.
Monty Brown

I support Nissan Computer Corp. in this unfortunate dispute between Nissan Motor Co. and Nissan Computer Corp.  Surely Nissan Motor Co. could have no objection to using the domain name, "" or some similar name.  Given that those who mistakenly arrive at Nissan Computer Corp. when they wish to arrive at Nissan Motor Co.'s site are clearly directed to the correct site, I fail to see why Nissan Motor Co. has become clearly unreasonable in their demands.  One would think that they would not wish their public relations to be tarnished by such a public display of greed and unreasonableness.  Such lack of honor on their part is a sad commentary on how today's business practices have lost touch with traditional values.
Michael Bilson

This is wrong!!! If this man's name is Nissan and he had the website first then it is none of Nissan Motors business. Nissan Motor will need to choose another name for their website..

Wouldn't buy a Renault.. oopps I mean Le a VW, much better engineering anyway.. the PASSAT blows away anything from Renault...err Le Nissan....a guy can't use his family name....get real DATSUN.....
C. E.

Although I am a Nissan fan and stumbled upon this site looking for their site, I can appreciate your situation.  I think it is totally unfair and downright obnoxious to try and prevent someone using their family name in the name of their business, domain, or whatever.  I wish you luck in winning your case.
Craig McDade

Nissan Motors,
Come on!  The guy has a legitimate use of the domain name.  I think this is just a matter of the big corporation being to slow and beaten to the prize.  If you want to have the domain name that badly, BUY IT FROM HIM, EVERYTHING HAS A PRICE!
Brent Lemons

To whom it may concern,
It is extremely clear that the family name is in use and has been for many years connected to businesses owned by said family. There is are no grounds for legal action againt these business owners.   America it's a free country.

Your name is Mr. Nissan.  You have a legitimate business under your name.  You registered the domain first.  Nissan motor corp. has had plenty of time to register any number of other domains for their use.  This domain ( belongs to Mr. Nissan of North Carolina.  I am in the Internet business and register domains daily!  If you snooze, you lose.
I would love to see you counter sue for harassment or whatever. Let me know if they take you to court.  I'll be sitting on your side of the courtroom.
Jim Lay

To whom it may concern:
Mr. Nissan is 100% right in using HIS OWN last name for any purpose, specially a good AMERICAN Capitalist idea...A Business !  I am appalled at the idea of trying to sue him !
I trust you will make the right decision at last and come to realize the validity of Mr. Nissan's argument.
Motty Klainbaum

I think Nissan the automaker should back off.  They are just out of luck, it is your name and you have a right to be able to use that name in business.
Bob Griffin

Give them hell, just because they have a larger brand name, does not give them the right to stop you from using your family name.
It's typical action from a school yard bully.  Good Luck
Guy Domenici

I commend you for holding up to your family name.  Just because Nissan Motor company is a huge corperation does not give them the rite to sue you out of what is rightfully yours.  I wish you best of luck.

It is ludicrous to think that you are not entitled to use Nissan as your name, for both companies.  Factually, Mr. Uzi Nissan was using his name as a company before Datsun became Nissan.  Too bad, Nissan Motors, that Mr. Uzi snatched the Domain "" out before you did.  That simply represents corporate slothfulness.  I am not a proponent of the so-called little guy; I think that both companies can peacefully coexist using the same name.  Have you considered something better than  Try something more logical and easy to think up, like or  Ford, for example, uses and and so why couldn't you do the same?  Delta Airlines isn't suing the company that had their domain- they simply reached an agreement.  Perhaps your two companies could do the same.

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