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I can't believe that this law suit is actually going somewhere.  At what point does a person not have a right to their own name?  Had Nissan Computer stolen it from the motor company, it would be a different story.  The real question is:  is the motor company trying to cover up their falling behind the technological times by failing to develop a website until now?
Mary Brock

I am surprised to learn that Nissan Motors is suing Nissan Computers from using the domain name, which Nissan Computers has been using several years based on the fact that the name of the proprietor is Nissan. Nissan Motors interference with Mr. Nissan's proper use of his name is bullying and is not in the spirit of our country and of the business community. Mr. Nissan is not competing with Nissan Motors and has not deliberately picked the name of his website to profit from the name of your company. I would be grateful if you would provide me with the legal and moral case Nissan Motors believes it has in trying to prevent Mr. Nissan from using his name in a domain site he has had for a number of years.
Herman Brown

I am a gray-haired computer professional and 15+ year veteran of the Internet who has registered many a domain name and been involved in more than one domain name dispute. I also am the happy owner of a Nissan Maxima. All I have to say is Nissan Motor, get over it! Your legal and moral position is bankrupt. Stop harassing Mr. Nissan with all your high-priced lawyers. If you really want the domain name, use the money instead to make him a sufficiently attractive offer to sell the name.
Jeff MacMann

Why is it that the big companies of the world feel that they can push the little people around.  If this person has had this website first, then he is legally intitled to keep it.
Ed Persang

I do have to say that i did stumble on this site looking for Nissan motors site, but it was because i assumed if i typed in "" i would arrive there.  i see no problem with finding Nissan computer corporations page here.  he bought the page first.  he has used the name for years.  its obvious that it is a computer retailer.  also, there are many companies that dont have domain names that match their company names.  Nissan, i suggest you get a different site.  dont push the little guy around.  mr. Nissan, i wish you the best of luck.
Charles William Kirk Jr.

You registered the name first. It is your site. If they want to use the "" it is only fitting they buy it from you for a price worthy of their substantial wealth. I happened to stumble upon your site while looking for information on a new vehicle. As a Jew I am well aware of the fact that our calendar predates the automobile company by a few thousand years. Good luck in this legal debacle. 
Don Shane

If Nissan was used by Nissan Computer, THE ONLY OWNER of the domain IS Nissan COMPUTER. It's very simple, thank you.
Gaston Buhacoff

That's the way the domain-name game goes. The cars guys should let Mr. Nissan from North Carolina alone or buy the domain name from him
D. Bloom

I am sick and tired of big corporations thinking that they can do whatever they like. First Madonna sued over a domain name and now Nissan motor company are doing the same! Hey people at Nissan Motors....'FIRST COME...FIRST SERVED! or 'THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM' or 'YOU SNOOZE...YOU LOSE' (Are you getting the idea!!)  To Uzi.. Ask them for $100 million and a new car every year for life - I'm pretty sure they can afford it. Good luck in your fight against corporate bullshit.

I think that Nissan motors is doing a real big mistake on this matter. its like my little sister fighting with my little brother for his game boy that he bought for him self. I am the internet manager at a ford dealer and i wanted to check out my competition on s.u.v.'s with a bunch of car makers and I came across this site.  Its so pathetic that a car maker is picking on a hard working computer guy, since when does computers have to do with cars, I think Nissan motor is losing money on their products so they take it out on a small company to pay for their crappy company decisions they made over the years.  Its horrible to think that mt step father owns his own computer repair and programing company and to see some big shot trying to take it away from him.  I am with you all the way on this Uzi and I want you to keep in touch.
Best wishes
Adrian Bonilla

I hope and pray you drop this lawsuit so each of you can get on with doing what you both do best, manufacturing fine automobiles and manufacturing fine computer products.
Scott Evans

I think it is absurd that Nissan (the car company) is suing Mr. Nissan (and his computer company).  Does that mean that I can sue the guy who own ""?  I don't think so.
Joel Auxier

I think that A case like this is A waste of tax payers money. It is very obvious that Nissan motors missed the boat on getting the domain name and that's tough luck.  And for Nissan computers I wouldn't worry if I were you, as soon as you win this case you sue the lowlifes sore losers for $100mil.
Sam Bedats

Nissan Motor Co. should not be allowed to dominate and control a "name!" Just because they're a huge corporation shouldn't give them the right to disallow another company (unrelated to the automotive business) from using the name. This is just another example of a big corporation playing "bully."
Takeo Kingi

I'm a proud owner of a Nissan Altima and I think this whole lawsuit deal is silly.  If your a president you should be able to use your name anyway you would like.  I think Mr. Nissan is being a versatile businessman for wanting to branch out into other areas and expand his horizon.  It doesn't seem like he is hurting anyone with his other business ideas.  Nobody seems like they are losing there jobs because of this.
Joshua Sharpton

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