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I think it is silly for Nissan Computer Corp to be sued.  I was looking for the Nissan Motor web site, came accross this other site and it was obvious to me that it was definitely not the same company.  So I tried a different name and there it was.  There are many businesses out there that have similar names and people know the difference.  It's not hard.  Unless you aren't near any kind of intelligence, in which case you should not be buying a car or a computer!  I own a Nissan and I must say I'm not very happy owning a car from a company that worries about these petty little things.  In my opinion, you should leave the guy alone.  It's his family name.  Obviously something that means a lot to him.  Nissan Motor Co. is so huge, does it really matter?

Nissan Motor Co. has no right to that name.  You registered the domain name first, they are just mad because they didn't get it first.  The internet has grown so much since then and they want that name because they THINK they deserve it.  It's not like you are taking any business from them anyway.  Grow up Nissan MOTOR CO.  Someone else beat you to it! My friends call me the queen of chain emails, you better believe all of my friends are going to hear about this, and believe me it will get passed on.  Good luck Mr. Nissan, I know you will win.
Tracey R. Smalls

Nissan Motor - shame on you!  It is certainly understandable that you'd like the domain name, but Nissan Computer had it first.  Don't be a bully.  I'm shocked that the courts have not simply thrown out the lawsuit.
Steven Schwartz

I think that you have the correct position.  And congratulations for all your success companies.
Nissan Motors is using the power of a corporation for try to intimidate don't worry about that you're in the right way.
Manuel Rocha - Network Security Engineer - Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Standing back and doing nothing about injustices done to others is just as bad as doing the injustice yourself.  That is why I will be forwarding this information to others.  Not only should Nissan Motor Co. back off, but an apology is in order.  If Nissan Motor Co. had gone about this the right way, just think how much business it would have brought them to have a "friendly" link on Nissan Computer Corp's site?
Monica Tempel

I understand the auto company concern on the matter, yet i think its outrageous that they would sue Nissan computer corporation because of the name conflict, when in fact after viewing the site one sees that there is no competition.
in my opinion Nissan auto company is behaving childish in the sense of being selfish and wanting and yelling about nothing.

To whom it may concern,
I stumbled onto the Nissan Computer Corp. web site while looking for the Nissan Motor site. I would not have been bothered by a small one statement re-director such as "If you are looking for Nissan Motor Corp. click here!" or something to that effect. I would have gone on happily to Nissan Motors. Instead I realize that the company I am *considering* purchasing my next auto from is  somehow under the impression that they have some legal right to own the word Nissan and that noone else should be able to use it for any other purpose no matter how remote. Maybe every person named Nissan will have to change their surname next if they are not related to the company Nissan Motors?
Nissan Motors needs to realize that Nissan Computer beat them the registration of these domain names and that is that. Too bad. Large companies typiclly move too slow due to poor communication, too much paper work, and too many decision makers. Let this be a lesson that teaches to streamline your processes. Don't let it be about a big bully taking what isn't theirs!
Best regards,
Carollee Quinn

Dear Nissan Motor Corp,
As the owner of 2 Nissan automobiles, I am very disappointed in Nissan Motors for persecuting a small business this way.  This is obviously not a cybersquatting issue and Nissan Motors should just offer to buy an advertising banner on the rightful domain owners web page (after first paying for expenses incurred by Nissan Computers in defending it's rights) and then go away and sell cars!
If you really want the domain name, offer to purchase a legal option for first refusal should the Nissan Computer company ever decide to relinquish the domain... or, since you are an enormous international company, keep offering Mr. Nissan more money until the amount becomes adequate to justify his relinquishing his legal rights.  Have you tried 10 million?  50 million??  If it is a huge, even outrageous, amount of money, then you will get a worldwide rush of good publicity for yourself and the domain... but, if you spend a lot on lawyers, they will get rich and you should change your name to MUD (and see if you can get!).
Or, since you've already changed your name from Datsun to Nissan... go change your name again!
I wish you the best of luck in finding your conscience.  I'd hate to have to sell my cars just to avoid being associated with your company.
jack Chesley
(the opinions herein have nothing to do with my employers or anyone else)

just wanted to tell Nissan Motor that they have no rights to sue someone that uses the same name as them when it is there family name and this name is from The Bible.
Thanks and hope you realize you can't win.

This is a case I love to hear about.  It is interesting that the "big" companies didn't have enough sense to see the power of the internet back in 1994.  I hope you win.  Nissan Motor has enough advertising to promote their own domain.  Good Luck
Hyrum Johnson

I'm originally from Egypt. I hope Nissan Motors loses its case against you, and I seriously think they will....after all, your last name doesn't have 'Motors' in it!
Good luck, cousin.
Hatem Eldoronki

This is an issue for congress! Abusive large corporations and rich individuals (as in Madonna vs. can afford to destroy a small business or an individual by legally harassing it with no legitimate cause. They should be held liable for legal harassment, which should be subject to damage and penalty retributions in civil court.
Lobby your congressman.
Barry Shisgal

Nissan motors must not be allowed to use the power of its bank account to bankrupt an individual in order to prevent using his personal name as his web site.  Legal precedence already appears to be in place that ought to prevent a priori such harassment and intimidation.
R. M. Braun

What right does the motor company have, to stop you from using your own surname on the internet.Too bad for them they didnt register first.Its a clear case of a sore loser and a bullie.
Felix Zeldin

nissan, you better watch out... this could backfire big time... it was the dummiest foible in your company's history to change your name from Datsun to Nissan in the usa, and you are just about to commit another dumb, or should we call it a greedy? mistake  ...remember Mitsubishi and Bridgestone, a sign of the times?  teach your seniors manners and stand tall like a samurai rather than a wrecked snake, and be aware of your French masters, the probable initiators of this frivolous lawsuit about
Urs A. Reinhardt

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