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I am a recent Nissan automobile owner and feel it is inappropriate for Nissan Motor to pursue its claim to the website Nissan.COM. Why don't you relent and be satisfied with NISSANMOTOR.COM?
Thank you.
H. Brown

This is obviously a case of a large corporation trying to bully a legitimate smaller business. It is quite evident that Uzi has been using his Family name for his various corporations over the last 20+ years. I vividly remember seeing the "Datsun Maxima" back in the 80's.
Marc Bodner

I strongly feel that Nissan Computer bought the domain, therefore it is legally his. He didn't do it with any fraudulous or mischievous intent.
Malcolm Wald

I find this story completely absurd. Nissan Motor do not have any right on your family name, as Nissan Computer was the first using this name on the web.INTIMIDATION!!!
Philippe Bornstein

The internet is quickly becoming a vapid commercialized wasteland owned by big businesses instead of the forum for the little guy that it once was. Please help put a stop to this bullying by big business. This is clearly not a case of "cyber squatting" and should not be treated as such.
Chad Campbell

I, like so many others, was heading off to look at a Nissan vehicle, when lo' and behold I arrived here.  I must say that the actions of Nissan Automotive don't surprise me, but I have a good feeling that you'll win this one.  Keep up the good fight.
Dan Knight

Let it go!!!  You are adversely affecting your reputation and your credibility.  By trying to pirate the web address, you are making us cringe to think that, simply because you're big, you think you are entitled to something that legally belongs to someone else.
Go pick on someone your own size!
Sandra Laken

I think that the case is clear. Nissan has been a Hebrew and Arabic word and also popular Hebrew name long before the Datsun and Nissan corporation appeared on the Earth. It is not at all clear who shall sue who for improper name usage. I believe the Japanese corporation shall drop the case not to look ridicules...
Alexander Bukhman

After reading the full story behind the Nissan Motor Vs. Nissan Computer companies, I find the actions of Nissan Motor company to be beyond explanation. No one company can expect to "own" a name that may also be someone's surname, and thought I myself have never used my name in a business format whomsoever does so first should be the one to keep that domain. I can only hope that the justice system my forefathers fought to maintain feels as I do and allows Nissan Computer company to maintain it's current domain and sends a message to those who seek to suppress people from using their own names to mark their place on the web.
Michael Lederman

Since being involved in websites for some time now I know the domain names are first come first served and I cannot see that Nissan Motor (formally Datsun) has any right to sue you (Nissan Computer Corp) as you were there first and that gives you ownership as long as you don't fail to keep it registered as I understand it. Why don't they use Datsun for that is a respected company name as I had several friends who would purchase nothing else in the vehicle line and it could stay around like the Volkswagen "Bug" if they would keep building them as in the past.  Anyhow, Nissan Computer Corp. should be able to keep their domain name on the internet.
Cliff A. Brown

This is certainly bogus. First come, first serve. You have as much right to the domain name as anyone - and more, because you registered it first!
Good luck.
Myra Binstock

The Nissan computer company got the name first.  I do not care for the bullying of a legal owner of a web address by a company that has a lot of money but apparently few moral values.  Please think of your company's name and how your actions will affect it.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
John Radford

Why can the motor company not use the domain name "". Stop picking on the little guy! Nissan Computer Co. was there first and has a right to their registered domain name.
Manfred Luttinger

The site is named after its owner (Mr. Nissan).If Nissan Corp. (carmaker) wants the domain name, they will have to pay for it, as long as Mr. Nissan agrees.  Laws are made for everybody, whether big or small.  If Nissan Corp. is willing to sue Mr. Nissan, I would like to know the judge's name so that his judgment can be appealed and himself be judged by none other than public opinion.  America is driven by money and big corporations, I hope ,for its own sake, that some decency is left.
Revolting, astounding, improper and most of all unjust!!!
Zack Bibas

I am just one voice, a voice that can see the injustice. I will hold it in my heart and remember what you are doing, an no matter how much you advertise, I will listen to my heart, and I will not forget Uzi Nissan
Naaman B.

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