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Hi Mr.Nissan,
What you're doing is right. Don't ever let that big company doint like this! Domain is on first come, first serve basis. It's YOUR name, and you got it first!
Don S. J.

I own a Nissan truck.  I am an American.  I cannot stand lazy labor unions or the oil stained drive ways caused by their products (ie. ford chevy...)  If the story presented on this websight is true, the domain dispute will be a battle between everything America stands for and a large, fat, foriegn company that needs to be a little quicker when it comes to embarrassing technology.  In other words, they have now case.  On the other hand, consider this statement "let the bidding begin!"  By letting go of the domain name, you should receive at a minimum a nice fat five million dollar check.  Consider retirement!
Kyle Gordanier

I am a senior at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA. I just wanted to say that I completely support the rights af Nissan Computer Corp. and its President to continue using his family name and the site  As for the Nissan Motor Co: too bad!!! That's business. If they wanted the name they should have registered it first. That's just the way life is.
Ian B. Pinkus

"Cyber squatting" occurs when someone obtains a URL solely to "ransom"  it to a large corporation. Nissan Computer Corporation should have no problem retaining this URL because (1) Mr. Nissan had a pre-existing vested interest in the term "Nissan" because it is his surname, (2)Mr. Nissan is and has been actively using the URL for his own business; he is not just inactively "holding" the URL for "ransom", (3) (apparently) he has NOT approached Nissan Motor to negotiate a price for the URL, and is, in fact, fighting to keep it.
For these reasons, Mr. Nissan's use of is not cyber squatting. It is not Mr. Nissan's fault that Nissan Motor Co. failed to register the URL in a timely manner. If Nissan Motor Co. had a vested interest in using it, they should have registered it earlier.  With their resources, failure to register the URL in a timely manner makes one wonder what else they are falling behind on.

In reviewing the information given on the web site about the domain name dispute, i have concluded that the suit against Mr. Nissan and his company is malicious.
There are many similar names on the internet, and often, a site will have a link to the other if you've reached the "wrong" one. Nissan maybe most often recognized as the car company, but bigger doesn't make righter, and this kind of bullying doesn't reflect well on the car company.
Elizabeth Frier

I find it very interesting that Nissan Motors did not have the foresight to secure their name on the Internet. I do not believe that the dispute over the name has anything to do with the quality of your vehicles. I do believe, however, that it has a lot to do with the quality of your corporate administration. Finally, it will be very enlightening to know the legal basis for your argument. If Mr. nissan's statements are correct, his name claim is a few centuries ahead of yours...  
Miguel Font

Dear Friends,
It is simply ridiculous that a small computer company using a family name, should have to defend itself against a giant barking Datsun...shame on you...pick on someone your own size!
Bruce Birnberg New Jersey, USA

Having reviewed the facts of this case, it is obvious that Nissan Motors is taking advantage of its size to attempt to force Nissan Computer Corporation to relinquish its registered internet presence.
I would suggest that Nissan Motors offer to purchase the name from Nissan Computer Corporation in a proper business fashion.
Should Nissan Computer Corporation choose not to sell their internet name, Nissan Motors should accept the fact that another business was first to obtain the internet rights and use their corporate advertising agency to suggest alternatives.
Howard L. Ross

This is my third and last message regarding this matter. I can not believe it!!!.... http://www.Nissan is still available. You are not even learning from past experiences. Get rid of the people in charge of Internet matters, and find some new lawyers.
Miguel Font

Dear Nissan,
As a 1994 Nissan pick-up XE model. I ask that you back off on the domain name web dispute. If you want to buy the name, let capitalism run it's course. Offer Mr. Nissan a reasonable price for control over the domain name. For a company like Nissan that's going to be an exhorbant amount I'm sure, but your probably already dropping that amount in lawyers fees.

While searching for some information on a Nissan automobile that I am interested in buying, I came across Mr. Nissans site. I think its a tragedy that an individual can be sued for the use of his family name. I believe there is enough room in the world to work with him in this matter. Anything less makes your corporation look bad. Shame on big business.
Dick Leiterman

You're in the right. You have already registered your domain name and there's nothing they can do about it. Nissan (motors) is not thinking this one thru by trying to intimidate someone into giving up their domain name they are standing on quicksand.
Joseph Zavala

You rock. I hate when corporations get all pissed off because they were too slow to keep up on technological advances. Dont sweat it.
Erik Pasco

This is a classic case of slimy trial lawyers not caring about anything but their own pockets.  Their "Damn the natives" approach is going to destroy the brand that cost them a whopping $1.15 Billion US Dollars per year to build (1998 numbers according to Advertising Age).  Out of that amount, roughly $500 million is spent in advertising in the US. 
To Nissan Motor Company:  It's time you figured it out.  This is not a case of cybersquatting.  Fire those dumb trial lawyers you hired, pay for Mr. Nissan's legal bills which you forced him to incur, and then buy the site from him.  He's got you beat, and with very good reason.  In the meantime, you are loosing business, hurting your reputation, and paying way to much money for lousy lawyers.  Get on with it!
Chas Barber

I think that the Nissan Computer Corporation is completely entitled to the domain name It is the name of their company and the last name of their president. They are also based in the U.S. Nissan Motor Co. is based in Japan. Dot-Com names were established for U.S. companies, and was established for Japanese companies. Give it up, Nissan Motor Co., if this gets into the U.S. media, public opinion of your company will sink!! Thanks for listening.

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