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A salute from Chile; we want luck to you in the "war" for the domain name; we are also fighting for a domain name with a local company. 
Daniel E., From Chile

We all would think that Nissan motor cars would have better things to than sit around and harass hard working Americans, because they didn't catch the E-Train on time. Nissan motor cars should leave well enough alone and be happy to have what they have.
John Cochran

I can't believe Nissan Motor is picking on a small computer company.
George Mars

I'm very much in support of your cause, Mr. Nissan. I think we all remember the cluelessness of the "big corporations" regarding the internet in its infancy; they thought it would pass and perhaps that's why they didn't bother with registering a domain name earlier. You saw the potential and registered the domain name first! Also, it should be noted that on each of your sites, you state your company is not affiliated with Nissan Motor and then you provide them with the correct URL - something you as the domain holder do not have to do. In my opinion, you're doing Nissan Motor a favor by displaying this message.
Keep fighting!! And you will WIN!
Michael Hamm

It is entirely un-American for this large company to attempt to intimidate you.  I would that you will stand your ground and not give in to the pressure of this large company and its lawyers.  You have the right in this country to pursue life, liberty and happiness using your own name.  Be encourage and keeping fighting for your rights.
Nadrian Smith

As a driver of a Nissan car I think they are acting quite rude. Suing another company over a word! Get beyond it Nissan Motor Company and invest your money in better things. Like building a better car.
Rae Kelley

Dear Sirs:
This is yet again another case of corporate bullying, and it is indeed unfair.  When a consumer searches for the Nissan Motor Company online, one would expect the url to be, because it is a very recognizable name.  I think it's great that Nissan computers was able to get the rights to the site before Nissan Motors!  They were the first to claim the site, and they should be allowed to retain their domain.  This is simply a case of FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE!!
Andrew Westerhaus

Dear Mr. Uzi Nissan,
You have been bullied around by the larger corporation in this battle for the domain name, and that isn't right. You got to it first, it belongs to you, and if they want it that bad they could have tried to make a friendly out of court financial agreement in exchange for the domain name. There is nothing wrong with anything that you did with using your last name as the name of your computer corporation. You beat Nissan Motor to the web address, and there is no reason why you should be put in the situation that you are in.  You have clearly been mistreated by Nissan Motor, and I am on your side 100% Mr. Uzi.

Hi Nissan
Acording to your information you use "NISSAN" first. If that the case get your sling ready to fire back just like David did.
Nissan Barazani

This is a little crazy.  Mr. Nissan should not be banned from using his family name.  If anything he should sue Nissan Motor for using his name.

I wish you all the best.  Isn't it amazing how big corporations have all the resources to overpower the small companies.  I say, Nissan is public domain due to it's age and origin and thus cannot be trademarked or patented under intellectual property laws.  Also, the family name of Nissan was registered and documented well before the Incorporation of Nissan Motor Company.  On a final note, why not go after the guy who has registered and is waiting on a paycheck?
Grow up Nissan!
Corey Manahan

I hope that Mr. Uzi Nissan wins this baseless legal action.  What a shame... a large corporation bullying around the little guy.  Seems to me that Mr. Uzi Nissan has compelling evidence that he is the rightful owner of the domain name

This is a free country, If you want the domain simply buy it from them. Nissan Motors, you are going nowhere with your action. Your lawyers are hungry.
Lejeune David

Nissan Computer has been Nissan Longer than Nissan Cars have been Nissan. So I feel that the Computer company has all rights. Another thing is, this mans last name is Nissan and the Car's name is Nissan which was changed from "Datsun" then to Nissan. Who cares about material things that much to complain about a simple website address? That's so ABSURD!!

While looking for a way to get my car key out of the ignition switch, I came across your page.  My feeling is this: first come, first served.  You registered the name first and it is relevant to your business.  I do believe that sites with similar/confusing names should provide, as a courtesy to others, links to those sites that are similarly named.  Good luck, I hope things work out in your favor.

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