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Shalom Uzi: I just come back from school and I returning your e-mail. OF COURSE I had mentioned to everybody the abnormal situation towards Nissan (japs).  Hey .....Uzi do not worried you are going to win.  May be by slow motion, but please be intelligent and PATIENCE.
Yolanda Barrios

Apparently Nissan Computer Corp. has had the right to use of the name (name of the owner which he has the right to use) historically.  He has functioned with this domain name for his business and has made no representations to undermine the Nissan Motor Company.  He therefore should be allowed to continue to function as he has done, unimpeded by the Nissan Motor Company.  Your muscle may be great but that does not mean that you are right.
Merv Berger

Don't waste too much energy in this case; Internet is going to change dramatically soon, in the other hand, Nissan Motors trial is helping you by letting others know you and your company.
Gille Pinxon

I don't know where did the Nissan Motors got it's name, but if it was after a name (for instance Mr. Gyula Nissan), why couldn't it happen to someone else, that his name is Nissan (which is actually a month's name in the Hebrew calendar.)
Sincerely yours,
Tamas I. Banki - Budapest, Hungary

I think that in this case Nissan motors is wrong.  It is your last name, you have used the name in business for a long time and Nissan was Datsun for a long time.  good luck
Keevin Berman, esq.

To whom it may concern;
I have only recently heard of the injustice being done to Mr. Uzi Nissan by the Nissan Motor Co.   I find it appalling that a gigantic company such Nissan Motor Co. will pick fights over such a nominal issue, especially since what Mr. Nissan has done in registering his company name as an Internet site is 100% legal. Nissan Motor Co. has until now not taken any action against Mr. Nissan because his site is perfectly legal and not causing any disruption of Nissan Motors' operations. After all, Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, etc. never complained about the uses of their cars' names as web sites! After all, the name "Nissan" is used in so many other web domains not associated with the motor company. And furthermore, I find the notion utterly ridiculous that a person is being sued for the legal use of his name as his company name!    I appeal to Nissan Motor Co. to drop its case against Mr. Uzi Nissan on the bounds of basic decency and respect. Give the poor guy a break!
Hyim Bessin

The name Nissan is such one that is too generic to be allocated to one company only. What intellectual right does one firm just because it deems it self larger and more powerful have to stake claim over such a word like NissanNissan is a word that has been around over two thousand years in scriptures and been a common  name with many families.  There has to be a line drawn now over this issue otherwise no name will be safe from the brute force of multi national corporations.
Gideon Benson

To Whom it may concern:
I am writing against the lawsuit by Nissan Motor vs. Nissan Computer over the registration of "" by Nissan Computer.  I am a Nissan owner and loyalist, but I believe that Nissan Computer has a definite right to the domain  Furthermore, Nissan Computer registered it first, so there should be no dispute.
Brad Andrews - California

It's perfectly clear that company sizes shouldn't be the reason to get a "winning decision".  In my company in Argentina, I suffered a similar kind of pressure by canceling a contract with Toyota, because they considered themselves in the right position, for their size as a company, instead of looking the other's position.  As a Jew, a small company owner, I'm 100% with you.
Diego Benbassat

The name Nissan has been a Hebrew name for thousands of years. It is also the first month of the Hebrew religious year. Perhaps Uzi Nissan should file suite against Nissan Motors for using his Hebrew name.
Clementine Bender

Good luck with your fight.  It never ceases to amaze me how much arrogance large corporations can have.
Doug Yelland

Just writing to express my displeasure with yet another big corporation trying to prove they own the world.  Get over it.  Corporations exist only to serve people.  Uzi Nissan is a person, with a name which has existed for many, many centuries.  I could care less about Nissan Motor Company or Nissan Computer Company.  A person named Nissan has every right to use their own name as a domain name, including if they choose only to disparage the reputation and products of Nissan Motor Company as a personal opinion.  Obviously, this is not the case here, so BACK OFF!!  Also, the salespeople at your dealerships are arrogant A-holes. Now that I think about it, if Nissan Motor wins their suit, they should be required to have a little blurb on their home page that says "Not affiliated with Nissan Computer Company - for their web site see" or something to that effect.  Here's hoping that the Uzi Machine Gun people don't get pissed.
Julian Tan

I believe that the first organization to reserve an address should own the  rights to it, regardless of the financial size of the  parties interested.
Shel Doblack

I think Nissan Co. Has no right and should have no right EVER to take this domain away or even control the content of it. I think Nissan Computer Corp. Has the right to this site and I strongly disagree with Nissan Motors for their actions.

Clearly, Nissan Motor Co. is simply trying to bully Nissan Computer. I believe this should be a no brainer.
Sean Carter

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