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I back up Nissan Computer, Nissan Motor Co. has no right to sue, he has a link on his page that goes to their main page.  He's not trying to sell any sort of cars. It is computers. Plus, it is he last name. Personally I think Nissan is acting like fools. Thanks.
Chris Opal

I see no reason for you not to use your birth name Nissan if this wasn't your name it would be a different problem. If I were you, I Would turn around and counter sue the Nissan Auto Co. for using your name without your permission.  Good Luck and keep us informed as to the outcome of this problem you are having.
Alicia Ashby

Nissan motors is out of line on this lawsuit against Nissan computer. Dominos pizza faced the same fight from dominos sugar and won in the court of law. Nissan motors should drop this suit to save face and to save themselves from public ridicule.
Jim Sweeney

It is beyond my comprehension why a person cannot use his own name in business. The Nissan co. has no legal claim to that name as it is not just a trade name but a person's name. If it wasn't his name than that would be a different story. Also he is not in competition with them product wise.
Edith Alster

I am a new owner of a Nissan Maxima.  Do not sue Mr. Nissan for use of his family name!  It's too bad that Nissan Motor Corp. didn't register the URL first, but you lose.  Get over it!
Tim Moore

As an attorney who practices business law, I am saddened, although not surprised by Nissan Motor's actions.  I do not believe they have a valid claim; rather, they are using their size to squeeze a paltry settlement from the defendant.  I would strongly urge Nissan Motor's to approach the defendant with a legitimate settlement, representing the real value of this domain name, which I believe to be well in the 7 figures.  Let Nissan Motors buy what they DON'T OWN. Furthermore, I hope the judge recognizes the legal tactic employed by Nissan and awards both attorneys' fees to defendant but additional amounts.  I would urge defendant to counter sue on grounds to be determined with defendant's attorney.
Nissan Motors is acting with reckless disregard of the facts, and for the sole purpose of denying a smaller defendant the use of rights that Nissan Motors COULD HAVE and failed to acquire.  Hopefully, the court will see this and act accordingly.

After reading the story enclosed in Mr. Nissan's site, I came to the conclusion that Nissan motor Co. is just trying to "lick their wounds" instead of realizing that they do not "own" the market or the rights to someone's name.
I think that Nissan motor hasn't a valid point and they should realize the fact that this is democracy, and this is a free market.
If Nissan motor Co. is worried about their marketing strategy, they should take care of it rather than trying to get a free ride out of Mr. Nissan's hard work.
Ilan Keidar

I am and Nissan enthusiast, I have a 93 NX 2000 that I love. I believe that You have every right to have Nissan.Com. And I believe Nissan is making a mistake.
Dwayne Shelton

I want to help.  Please don't give up.  I believe that you have the right and it is not fair that a big company can do that to you.  Hang on...
Adiel Gonzalez

I think Nissan motor needs to back off, man.  What do they think, just because they're bigger than you, they can steal your identity?  This is America.  If their marketing people weren't slick enough to reserve before you did, that's just too bad for them!!!  Land of the free, home of the home page.

I agree with your fight.  You registered the domain name first and you have proof that you are not just cyber-squatting.  I hope you win.
Noah Whittle

I believe it is too sad that just be cause the Internet wasn't that popular like in 1995 that they obviously didn't care, that now they are trying to get the name of it online. Oh well if they didn't get it first then let them find a more creative name for their online website you know?  Nissan motors only cares to increase their profits and I believe you shouldn't let them get away with it.
Silvia Ruiz

Nissan Computer has every right to use!  The thing about domain names is that who ever gets it first gets the name they want.  Others have to find a different name to use.  Nissan Computers are legally named Nissan also.  It would be different if they were another car company but they are selling computers, computer products and services.  There is no reason that Nissan Motor Co. should be able to make them change their domain name so that it doesn't look like the car company's.  Both companies are legally named Nissan and can therefore, use whatever domain name they would like to use.  If it is taken already, that is their problem...

Dear Sir or Madam,
I have owned a Nissan since 1997, my brother since 1995, my aunt just bought one with my recommendation for its reliability.  While I did expect to view the Nissan motor company web site when typing, I was mistaken.  I believe that, like many computer literate people and literate consumers, you (Nissan motor company) have fallen behind the times.  Had you registered your domain name before Nissan computer company, you may have reason to sue this company (Nissan computer company).  Now you appear desperate to cash in on the name recognition that your company has worked to build. Nissan computer company just beat you to it.  Don't try to bully a small company because they were there (the Internet) first.
Jeff S. Clipse

It's about time the judicial system recognizes a law suit that is strictly for harassment purposes.  In the domain name world it is "first come first serve".  Too bad for Nissan Motor.  Fight on Uzi.
Niv Ben-Haim

As a Francise holder of Nissan motor .I find it UNFORTUNATE that you guys can't come to some arrangement. Lets face it Nissan is more well known world wide i.t.o vehicles. This is a problem for all potential buyers. and the main reason I went to your site.
Marius Du Toit

Let the motor company buy the name and then change your web site name.  Changing a web site name will not change your family name.  Ford went through this same thing several years ago.

I am interested in buying a Nissan car and of course I am not interested in your sad story. God only knows how much money you have asked to release the name. It is a nice trick. I hope the true, real and world-know Nissan wins.
George Gionis

If anybody looking at this website knew anything about copyright laws, they would see that it doesn't matter if Nissan Motor Co. is right or not.  You CANNOT opne a business with a name that is already currently being used.  If any one wants to be mad they should be mad at the people who allowed the other co. to use the name!
Ray Campbell

I think YOU are wrong and they are right. I typed in in my browser expecting to find VEHICLES & found this trash! That is why they should have it & want it. Millions of people DO WANT TO BUY OR RESEARCH THEIR VEHICLES & end up here, NO WHERE! Your name sake doesn't mean diddly shit here in America, so give it up!

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