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I support you fully in your name claim against Nissan Motors. It's just a scandal how big international companies often disrespect and treat small enterprises, firms and individuals.
I will boycott Nissan Motors and Nissan related Companies and will also lobby the boycott.
Wolfgang Stemmer

Do NOT BUY Nissan cars until Nissan motors publicly apologize before Uzi Nissan and recognize that all registered Nissan WEB sites are belong to him or his company.
Anatoliy Schmoukler

I second the following opinion:
which says, "I fully support the boycott of any company who attempts to pirate the legitimate claim to domain addresses. The suite by Nissan Motors is particularly agregious and I fully support the boycott of Nissan Motors and will do all I can to publicize this corporate greed behavior to all co-workers and relatives. If Nissan Motors owns any subsidiaries I would appreciate a list of such so that I can add them to my boycott list as well.
Chris Chang

I will never buy any Nissan Motor product and will tell my entire connected family in-laws etc., all to boycott Nissan (238 people currently).
Paul Splane

I fully support the boycott against Nissan Motor resulting from their bully move on Nissan Computer.  Family names should be respected and honored, especially now when family values and families in general are falling apart. My next vehicle will no longer be Nissan.  I plan to switch to Honda.
William Williams

I applaud Mr. Uzi Nissan for standing up for his rights and fighting the big guys. He could have easily rolled over and gave up like many today. He is fighting a good fight for what is legally his.
Boycott Nissan Motors, and yes they have only been Nissan for a few years where Mr. Nissan has carried his family name for generations.
Timothy Smith

I am very upset at Nissan MOTOR CORP. for such a stunt as this.  I am a loyal costumer of import cars and drive Nissans and toyotas.  All I have to say is if the guy beat you to the punch then let him have the domain name. Why don't you guys just use something like or something like that...or even or  YOU GUYS CAN EVEN HAVE THOSE IDEAS IF YOU CANT THINK OF A BETTER DOMAIN NAME THAN Nissan.COM!
As a boycott to your company for this childish act...I will only purchase Toyota's and Honda's now.
Mao Lee

I will never buy a Nissan automobile, new or used.
Joseph Shane

Nissan Motor Co.
I am asking all colleagues to refrain from buying your cars, trucks, parts or repairs. When I explain why, they quickly agree that you are myopic and bullies and are happy to do so. You spend millions of dollars for advertising to improve your image, then walk around with bloody feet from shooting them with such petty ante corporate behavior.
Dr. Canuto Chingacabrones

As always the big guys always think they can smack anyone, your big dollars always are working, but you are nobody with all of us all the small little guy that poor our money into your car company for me this is clear, you etheir have it your way or your way, and thats something we need to stop, therefore i am selling my current Nissan and i wont give you any more of the money that makes you big.
good, you say i just lost one customer, well take note, if we can get enough of us you will be soon small and then who are you going to suit???
Jorge Cordero

We are not going to take this kind of infringement on our freedom. Madonna's recent court case is a tremendous loss for our country. YOU DO NOT OWN WORDS. We should be free to register whatever domain we want without corporate giants exerting their muscle.
I am going to boycott your products and get as many people as I can to do the same.
Jeff Smith

I will be encouraging those I know to boycott the purchase of vehicles from Nissan Motors
Neil Forsyth

I fully support Mr. Nissan and shall boycott any and all Nissan Motor products untill this matter is closed.
Good luck!

Corporations, stop your silly business, or we'll make sure we don't buy your stuff come christmas-shopping time (hello watch-the-stock-dive first quarter 2001 earning estimates)
Chris Mahan

I really was going to purchase a Quest mini van from Nissan.  However, now that I am made aware of where the profits from that sale will be sent I am looking at other models.  I do not like nor appreciate large corporations bullying smaller organizations-Look at the trouble MSFT is in.
I will boycott Nissan Motors until the suit is dropped-My wife was leaning towards the caravan and armed with this information I think she will lean ALL THE WAY.
Marc C.

I am so thoroughly disgusted in Nissan Motor Corp, and other corporations who have, and are destroying small business! A note to you CEO's, lawyers and other self named "bigshots" Why don't you throw your money at INTERNIC and have them create a new domain ending... such as .corp (although I think .BS would be more suitable in this case) It could definitely save a lot of headaches in the future for us hard working small business owners.
Mr. Uzi Nissan, good luck to you. I hope it is some comfort to you that myself, my family and friends all support you and you will NEVER see us driving a Nissan car.
Sherri Flemings

I have just received information regarding the case of Nissan Motor Vs. Nissan Computer. While I would like to claim surprise I cannot.  Multi-national corporations have been riding rough shod over small business and individuals for years.  I would ask that who ever is in charge over at Nissan Motors come to their senses and show some respect and compassion.
I am a poor individual putting my wife through school but if any money comes available to me I will be sending a donation to Nissan Computers to assist with their legal defense.
Jason Hooper

It strikes me as amazing how power can corrupt.  This country was founded on the principles of free enterprise and without that we would not enjoy the thriving economy that we are so fortunate to live in.  At the same time Nissan Motors would not even be a living corporation.  Does it suck that is registered to a company that doesn't have world wide recognition? Yes, for Nissan Motors, but guess what...too bad!  Grow up, take it like mature adults! Nissan Motors, you didn't have enough foresight and now you want to bankrupt an honest person running an honest business because you have the money to do so?  Not in this great land, and if it happens, the citizens of this country better wake up because that means the backbone of our very existence, democracy, is for sale.  With mega corporations that have net worth that exceeds that of many countries, our very personal liberty would be at jeopardy.  Special recognition should go to NEIL GREENSTEIN the attourney supporting the Nissan COMPUTER COMPANY in they're fight for ALL OF OUR RIGHTS!
P.S. I'll spread the word for you!
E. Chervatin

First Of all I must shamefully Say that I worked for Nissan but not any longer I have recently transferred to Ford. Nissan is a very disturbed company which I regret working for, I thought it was only the employees they robbed from but I guess its everyone. From there work force to the innocent people on the net, what a shame that individuals actually believe in this company.  I share my stories to all and everyone I come in contact with... such a horrible choice to rob even a simple internet site from the people who support and far most keep Nissan's flame burning. Actions like this promise the downfall of a company!
Michael Razo

In this age of cyber adventures and the fortune, or miss-fortune that can accompany the exposure gained via the internet, "caution" must be the watch-word of the human race! God forbid that in contemporary America, any person(s) could be legitimately bared by any Court of Law from the use of their family name(s) in carrying out  lawful business enterprises simply because a famous, or more popular firm claims "trademark right infringement" over the use of one's own family name. To Mr Uzi Nissan, I must tell you that the mere thought of your present ordeal with " Nissan Motor Company" ought to send chills down the spine of everyone in the United States, as well as the World at large who believes in standing up against bullies like " Nissan Motor Company."
Let me commend you Uzi, for a job well done in dragging " Nissan Motor Company " into the Court of Public Opinion through this medium of the internet. I believe you have done the right thing, especially in documenting your personal and business profiles on the web for the world to see that " Nissan Computer Corp." is being harassed by the " Nissan Motor Co." This kind of lawsuit ought to provoke a public outrage, and it will as more people become familiar with the facts of the case. So far, with what you have presented to the public, I don't foresee how any judge or jury in America would deny you of the victory that you deserve against your accusers in our nation's Halls of Justice. I believe that even the legal advisers of your accusers understand that they're fighting a lost cause. The Court, the Judge, the Attorneys, the Jury, and all other parties privy to this case all have one thing in common; they have names. And this case is really about the right of an American citizen to use his family name in carrying out a lawful business enterprise. The question that will surely loom in the minds of these parties in that courtroom will more than likely be " Will it be legal to deny anyone the right to a lawful use of his/her family name? " America is watching. To Uzi Nissan, I say keep on Keeping on until your victory over your accusers is declared by the Court of Law, just as it already has been by the Court of Public Opinion. You have my prayers.
H. Ayo Abimbola

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