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I am deeply disturbed by the Big Corp. Nissan Motor picking on the small business company Nissan Computer Corp. It will be a sad day for ALL small Companies should Nissan Motor win.  It is time to stand up to these "Giants" and say No More!
Tami J. Anderson

Nissan Car Company ought to be ashamed at themselves for trying to rip off the domain name that rightfully belongs to the smaller Nissan company! While I am against people intentfully registering domain names so that companies with the same name would have to pay them money for rights to the domain name, this is not the case in the situation at hand. (Small) Nissan has used this name and site since 1994 and does business under the name Nissan. (Big) Nissan has no right to take the domain name away!
Oscar Burg

This is good for Nissan the motor company.  It will give them more negative press and hurt their image even more.  It will eventually hurt their business and growth and they will probably sellout to some other company, who could give two shits about the sites Nissan Motor company was to stupid to buy in the first place.   My opinion, sell them the site for a ton of cash and laugh at them.

I found this site looking for a car and seem to have been caught up reading about you Plight.  You should check with Delta Airlines and Delta Faucets, they had a similar fight over  I would suggest you keep fighting the fight Nissan Motors started.  Maybe you could include a permanent line to their page as a courtesy.  I would hate to see Big business overtake the web and leave smaller businesses out of the market.  Although I have never heard of your company, I will, and maybe there are some service I can utilize with the Company where I work.
Good Luck,
Bob Dreier

If the disputing companies dealt in the same product or services, the use of the same company name could be confusing and hence would constitute a potential conflict.  If the computer company was named arbitrarily rather than being a family name of the founder, perhaps it could be construed as trying to take advantage of a well-known name. In this case, since it has been Uzi Nissan's family's name far longer than it has been the Nissan Corporation's name, the Nissan Corporation has no legitimate grounds to deny an honest merchant the use of his own rightful family name to identify his business. I hope the Nissan Corporation recognizes the morally correct decision, and does not abuse the power of their enormous financial base to damage an honest merchant who is only using his own name.
L. B. Adams

I'm also one of many people who has visited Mr. Nissan's site while shopping for a vehicle.  I would be extremely displeased to find that, sometime in the future, the Nissan motor company could be found at "".
Gary Alvarado

I would just like to say that I respect you standing up against Nissan.  I'm fed up with disputes over names and copyright infringements, etc.  I know a lot of people are behind you.  Keep up the fight!
Peter Mikkelsen

I was looking for Nissan cars when i typed in Even though i got to your site it doesn't bother me. Your family name IS Nissan! Nissan cars should leave you alone! You probably wouldn't like it but, I simple link to their corporate site on your first web page would resolve any confusion with me. Keep up the fight! I say, first come first serve, as far as web domain names are concerned!!! Screw off Nissan cars!
M. Carney

Hang in there. Nissan is most likely using scare tactics on you but they don't seem to have a leg to stand on in preventing you from using your name. A tighter case would be you suing them for use of your name.

Car Company,
If you think you can win you are nuts! Keep up the fight and you will look like the Galieth picking on Samson. Not very smart.
Scott Mulkey

Let the little guys have a chance.  Will it really hurt Nissan Corp.?????  This is America, isn't it?
Marci Alexander

I have absolutely no sympathy with "cyber squatters" when they register a name specifically to extort money out of the "true owner".  However, in a case like this were there is no intention at "extortion" and a person has a legitimate claim to the domain name, it is abhorrent that big companies use their money and power to overthrow the little guy. In a similar situation a relative of mine had been doing business in Canada as "State of the Art Systems Corporation" for many years.  Then a US company expands into Canada and slaps him with a cease & desist order on the name even though his usage predated theirs. I note in my morning paper that there is a NHL expansion team called the Minnesota Wild.  The CWF has a childrens' magazine "Wild" which they have published for the last 5 years and have held the trademark rights since last year. Now, the NHL and the Minnesota Wild come along and demand that the Canadian Wildlife Federation give up its rights to the trademark so that the team can use it for its own marketing and promotion.  The NHL and the team have filed notice in Federal Court to appeal the CWF's right to the trademark. Another case of big business (any the NHL is primarily big business) trying to overpower the little guy by what is called "litigious blackmail", i.e. they've got big bucks, high powered lawyers and can afford to lose, whereas the little guy has little money and can't afford to lose.
Shame on Big Business including Nissan and the NHL
Ed Buscall

Dear Mr. Nissan,
I would have to agree with you that you have a right to your website domain and usage of your family name. I also use my family name for my website. It's first come, first serve. Also, if Nissan doesn't like it, they could try to make you an offer for you "family name". In your situation I would accept five million dollars.  Good luck and God Bless.
Gary Widders

I am in favor of Nissan Computer to maintain the Web address, specially when is a family name and he has a legitimate reason and proof to have used it before.  It is just to bad that Nissan Motors executives were not visionaries back then to lock the Web name in time.  I hope they drop the suit or buy it for many millions.  Good luck.
Norma Abreu

If was so important to Nissan Motors, they should have registered it first. If it's still important to them, they should make you an offer you can't refuse to purchase the domain from you. (Honestly, Nissan Motors should concentrate on improving their dealership customer service, which really stinks all over the country.) At the very least, they should pay you a fee for posting a hyperlink to their website on your computer companies website.  I see no conflict of interest.
I wish you luck, Mr. Nissan.
Patrick K.

Ok it looks like there is a problem! well to tell you the truth when i typed i was expecting the motor Nissan to appear! Personally i think that relates to the motor Nissan and that the domain should rightly be the Nissan motor's web site name! On the other hand it would help if i knew who had the web page name first as that plays a big role in who should have the domain as there name! people stated that they no longer want a Nissan motor as a car anymore and as i have just passed my driving test i still strongly consider a Nissan as a top option! Ok so i expressed my opinion and i hope this whole problem will be solved in a  peaceful way as possible!
Karim Elaouni

Number one,  this is nobody's business except  Nissan  Motors and  Nissan  Comp. CO. The situation shock me as  well  at first , but  number two...this is getting way out of hand ; I can't belive that you people would want to boycott !?  Nissan's cars have nothing to do with their cars ; it is a mere  name dispute only .  Just because two companies get into a dispute , does not mean you have to take sides ;  I'm sure that both are great CO. s  ,  with nice products .  Finally  some people just need to grow up.
Joe Willcomms

To whome it may concern,
My opinion is that Nissan Motors is an internationally well known company, unlike Nissan computer.. Nissan motors has bean manufacturing and producing cars for as long as I remember.. but Nissan computers DID register the domain first.. thus i propose Nissan motors buy the domain name.. it actually took me hours to look for the Nissan motors website.. and all i get is this Nissan computers.. a word to Nissan Computers .. YOU'RE NOT INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN .. leave it for the BIG GUYS man.. :)

I think you should give Nissan motor co the name you should change the name from to Nissan and ask Nissan motor to advertise the change for you, because i  was looking to buy a new car and your web site came up, I was not looking to buy a pc. the change would help millions of car buyers and people looking to buy your product.
Mr. Vorsic

I think neither of you should use the name Nissan motor is already different, so you should change your site to Nissan this would solve all of your problems.
You should both quit being babies and wasting your and tax payers money and time!!!!!!!!
Matthew Brian

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