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Dear Mr. Nissan,
I wish you would win your case against someone that was not clever (even being large keiretsu).  and to you dear managers of the Nissan Motor company, hire people that think a head and not in response for changes in the environment. Being a  leader is the way for making business.
Ilan Gil - Israel

This is a clear case of corporate bullying.  They seek to use their size and financial position to obtain an asset to which you appear to have every right.  Their initial inaction or lack of forsight whould not mean that you are penalized as that asset to your business and the marketplace it is in matures. In choosing Nissan as a name for their company, they were not inventing a name, Nissan is neither fanciful or arbitrary and they cannot claim sole rights to this word and therefore to the domain  tself. In the case and case it has been made clear as to how trademarks should be  viewed and I hope, for the sake of all internet businesses, that your ownership is vindicated.
Good luck.
Paul Cotton

First come, first serve in the internic game.  I have to side with Uzi Nissan on this one.  But I'm glad that he has put a link to Nissan Motors, because that is why I wound up on  Nissan Motors is very arrogant to think they are the only ones who should have the right to use that word.
Jeremy Miner

After I checked all the documents you present in your website - I am sorry for your event.
Boaz Guttman - Israel

Sorry Nissan Motor. You should have registered the domain name as soon as you knew about the Internet. That would have been around 1990 or shortly after. In any case, Domain names are first come, first served and Mr. Nissan was first to come.  I don't think you should be suing Mr. Nissan over it. You just need to settle for something different. I am a loyal Nissan Motor owner and I still think this is wrong. I hope the little guy wins this one.
Wayne Snider

That's HORRIBLE!  Don't let big business get their way because they think money is all that counts.  I hit your site in error, actually, looking for information about the Nissan Maxima, but completely sympathize with you.
Good Luck!
Holly Simon

I truly believe that any single entrepreneur has the given right to any and every avenue of business as long as the legality of that pursuance is registered with the proper authorities.  If Nissan Motors believes they have a right to the domain names "" or "" on the sole assumption that "no other persons" should utilize any logos or terms "remotely" similar to their own, their complaint is weak and futile. In an open market of commerce and trade, a corporations supposed "legal right" to such trivialities SHOULD NOT lead them to pursue a lawsuit against the supposed individual who presumably "stole" THEIR company name.  Such behavior shows a lack of character.  I truly believe that Nissan Motor Co. should back out of this pursuance (ie-lawsuit) and leave Mr. Nissan be.  In other, more harsh words, Nissan Computers beat you to the punch and Nissan Motor Co. is just going to have to deal with their loses.  Have a good day!
Edmer Martin

A domain name already registered belongs to the person who registered it first. The fact that the Nissan Motor Corporation did not have the vision to register their name should not penalize anyone else.
Chris Genova

Nissan Motor, should not try to use legal force with "Money" because you have plenty! to spend it and use it to show more power over a small computer company.   I am a Nissan car owner and if this will continue I will fell bad about the car I have, and consequently I will start to hate Nissan the car makers.
Victor Espinoza

To Nissan Motor Corp:
Shame on you!  If the shoe was on the other foot, I don't think that Uzi Nissan would have a pray in hell of winning a lawsuit from Nissan motor's domain name!  What makes you so high and mighty?  Uzi registered the name "" first! period!  He should be allowed to use his domain name without the threat of a lawsuit from a "bully" like Nissan motor corp.  By the way, I own a Toyota and I'm proud of it!
Ellen Kahle

I feel it is obscene that the court system can be tied up by large corporations to bully independent business people. The man has a right to use as he was utilizing it in his business operations long before Nissan Motors. First come, first served.
Mike Brown

If what is describe by Uzi Nissan at his website is true, I think it would be grossly unfair for anyone to stop him from using his family name for his trademark and services.  Just because Nissan Motor is a bigger company is not sufficient reason for you to hog a name.
Yong KitSan

Dear Nissan Motor Co:
Obviously your time could be better spent.  Attacking a small computer company using a family name really exposes the  heartless nature of your corporation. I feel that you should offer to compensate Nissan Computer Co. for all legal fees.  If you are intent on taking their right to use their family name, you should purchase it from them.
Mark R. Marvin

You own the domain.  You got there first.  If you would like to be helpful, you could include a link to the Nissan auto web site for people like me that reach your site by mistake.  Other than that, Nissan auto corporation ought to back off.  I am a Nissan customer.  I will just have to work a little harder at finding their web site.  That's their problem for not having the foresight to secure the domain name before you did.  Hope you to do not have any more trouble from Nissan auto.  Good luck and God bless.
Kathy Priester

I refuse to believe that Nissan Motor Co. actually has a case on this one!  THAT'S JUST CRAP that they think they can even attempt to take away your registered domain name!  It's not like you "stole" there name in order to promote yourself or your business; Nissan is YOUR name - so tell this big company to just stay out of your business.  In the event they wish to pursue further legal action, I suggest you try giving it right back to them, by pursuing a legal course of action of your own!
Diana Hershchuk

I came to this web site looking for Nissan automobiles website, but Nissan computers has a valid claim to have this domain name too.  Sorry Nissan Motors, they beat you to it.
John Q. Public

I'm not sure this email will make it to your website. Anyway...
I am a proud French owner of Nissan cars since 1994 (oh my god... 8 years! Time passes...). Anyway if you were so smart M. Nissan, you would ask Nissan Motor one new free car every year for the rest of your life in exchange of this domain name. You would earn money instead of losing it. And tell it frankly: your website would draw the same number of customers if it named "" instead of "". And you would own any Nissan car for free. And they would accept your offer. Or ask 500 grand. That's peanuts for them. 15M$ is way too much, and you would gave 33% of that sum to IRS. As we say here in France "un bon arrangement vaut mieux qu'un mauvais procès": a good deal is better than a bad lawsuit.
Have a nice day
H. Oseguera

Personally I think that the web address of should belong to the Nissan motor as when the name 'nissan' is said, you automatically think of the motor company!!
Meriam Elaouni

Hey i think that Nissan motor should have the because they are a big company and that not having a wbe site is taking away from their sells and any way no one has ever heard of Nissan computers cuz any way i want an Nissan altima and i need info and i am i going to find that out if they are colsed and i need to see how much the cost is their is no domain fo Nissan so i am for Nissan motor getting what they own
Dominic Mclendon

People don't know what does Nissan computer do, In personal I prefer Nissan motor because most of people important prefer to buy a car than see a machine.
Mauricio Monroy

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