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I believe Mr. Nissan has every right to use his last name. He has done every thing via legal processes and therefore shouldn't be harass by legal law suits. Its a mistake on Nissan's part for not registering the domain name when it was intact available.  Nissan motors , should really get out of this law suit. Its ethically wrong. Its not logical.
Nabeel Ahmed

Business is business. If Nissan Computer had the "Nissan" sites before anybody else had them, too bad for all late-comers.  I would expect Nissan Computer will file a healthy counter-suit that should give them significant financial damages against Nissan Motors.  In the face of this, Nissan Motor should drop there case quickly, or their financial exposure may increase dramatically.
Burns Searfoss

Early bird gets the worm! This is a life lesson taught to all of us in grade school.  There should be no reason that if Mr. Nissan legally registered and paid for a domain name that it should be able to be taken away.  If you want the address, and it is for sale, pay for it.  I would like to hear Nissan Motors side of the story.
Chris Roddy

What Nissan Motor is trying to do is B.S., it's not your fault that they waited to long to apply for a domain name. I actually typed in looking for the auto  manufacturer.  At first I thought, how can this be?  And was quite frustrated, but having read your story I realize that Nissan Motor is in the wrong.  If they want your domain name so damn bad, why didn't they offer to purchase it from you?  Certainly that would be cheaper than the legal fees involved in suing you.
Rob Faber

Mr. Nissan,
I think it is unfortunate that the Nissan Motor Corporation is putting your business in this situation.  It is very obvious to me that you have legitimate right to the name  What we have here is a large organization that made a huge business mistake in not securing a domain name. I applaud you for your vision - maybe Nissan Motor Corp should hire you as a consultant to their Web marketing group.  I also find it interesting that they did not offer to buy the name from you (or maybe they did.)  I hope that everything works out for you and your company.  I am going to forward this to other friends of mine so that they can help as well.  Good luck to you and God bless.
Jimmy Clark

What a joke.... NCC should be able to sue Nissan motors for harassment or at least court costs.  What a joke.  While I was bothered that I did not find an active link to Nissan Motors at at least is nice enough to mention on their front page that Nissan Motors is located at should DEFINATELY stay in the hands of NCC AND NCC should NOT incur any legal costs to keep it.  Nissan Motors is clearly wrong in this issue and should be dealt with harshly for harassing NCC.
Louis Iacovelli

What an unbelievable situation. How can Nissan Motor claim exclusivity?!?!? I hope Nissan Computer Corp. not only prevails but, in addition, gets full reimbursement of legal costs.  I just hope you guys don't come up with a car model with my last name and sue me for it.
Alfredo Gonzalez

I am totally on your side in this story. There should be no way that just because they have a company for cars that they should be able to sue because you have your last name as a website on the internet. People should realize that the internet, especially domain names are pretty much on a first come first serve basis. You should if anything sell your domain name to them for a good $25 million. I would fight this to the end if I was you because it is totally unfair.
Joseph Felker

I know that it may not seem this way now, but it is true that those with integrity always win out in the end. You will come away victories in this, because you and your company have more integrity than Nissan Automotive will ever know.  If Nissan Automotive is willing to spend the time and effort on such an ill-begotten scheme as this, then this domain would be of little use to them.  They will be in liquidation in a matter of years.
Eric Chernoff

As a Nissan truck owner I feel that I have a valued opinion to give. I love my new Frontier and am happier with it than any other vehicle that I have ever owned. Unfortunately for the folks at Nissan Motors, I am highly disappointed in the pettiness involved with Mr. Nissan's web sites. If you do not believe that these acts are a poor reflection on your company's reputation, you are sadly mistaken. May I suggest a formal apology to this gentleman and  perhaps an amicable solution such as Mr. Nissan placing a Nissan motors link on his pages.  Not that I feel he should be happy with this idea, but perhaps the two businesses could come to some resolve. Thank you for your time
Stacy J. Cox

Although it is crappy for the car company that your site is the main domain name that they would use, it is completely legal what you are doing and in no way can they prosecute you for what you are doing.  I fully support you in your fight against Nissan.
Aaron Rosenberg

How can you claim ownership or entitlement to the domain name Can you be so arrogant to beleive you are the only Nissan company? (YOU ARE NOT) Why do you feel you are deserving of the domain?  Did you register it first? (NO!) I can't wait to see this on W5 or 60 minutes.
Jeffrey Richard

Nissan should leave you alone. It's all about first come first serve. You have broken no laws.  Good Luck.
Eddy Stratford

Nissan motors - the man is right, you should be courage enough to admit it. in the open world domain names are bought in full price, sometimes hundreds thousand of dollars.  stop being unfair, it's obvious you're wrong !  As Nissan seems to be a good businessman, why don't you give him exclusive rights to sell Nissan cars in his area, as a settlement ?

I just came onto this website looking for Nissan's car site but I noticed the headline of Nissan suing this site. That is just plain stupid.  Nissan has no right to sue this man of using his family name as his company and website name. Just because Nissan is a big car company doesn't mean that they can take something from someone that has been here for longer than they have needed it.  If I created a website, and a new company Choi Inc, or whatever was created which had nothing to do with me but rapidly gained popularity, they shouldn't be able to sue me.
Jon Choi

Here is my opinion about the dispute:
Even if your name is Nissan, and you used this name legally, registered as a trade mark, the truth is that the time past, and you get into a position outside your willing that permits you to take economical advantages on the cost of Nissan Motor Co. Nothing wrong until now. If Nissan Motor Co. is willing to buy your domain name, you should compute the costs of the transition toward on other name and make Nissan Motor pay for it. If not than your gilt consist in the fact that you are willing to keep the advantages that Nissan Motor advertising actions, which costs a lot, will bring to your company. I don't think that you have this right, to benefit for on unlimited time from this, just because your name is Nissan and you where the first who registered.
This is not a good excuse.
Attila Pall

I think you guys (Nissan computers) should give the domain name back to Nissan Motors!!! When i go to, i don't care about your computers...i came hear for Nissan Motors!

I think that the auto manufacturer should have the web address, it would be easy for you to use  The auto manufacturer should have the right to make easy references to their website, instead of having to use some strange name, like  I feel I could be wrong though...

I understand the moral thing about it...but why don't you just see if they will you get another domain name and they must be required to put a link to your page on their page...and they must pay you for the domain name or something...because if you think about would get alot of hits if you were linked on the Nissan Motor website.
Michael Moore

If you were smart you would sell it to Nissan Motors for enough money to forget about the whole thing and retire.  I realize money isnt everything and it is your last name, but give them a break.  Thousands of people a day, like myself, try to reach Nissan's website and get even more pissed off when we run into some stupid little site like yours and its not what we are looking for.  Be smart, tell Nissan Motors if they want it that bad they have to sign a contract forcing them to put an advertisement up right on there main page for your company forever.  It might sound stupid but I'd be willing to bet you'd get thousands of hits a day from people actually interested in your company and products rather than pissed off because you got in their way trying to find something, and they could care less about your services.  Give Nissan Motors the frekin domain!!  Of course this opinion will never end up on your pages, because you filter them out and only post the ones in your favor.  I hope Nissan Motors sues you into the ground, and takes THEIR name back for THEIR site.  I've never owned a Nissan, but I will continue to consider buying from them regardless.  Thank you for your time.

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