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I am actually in the market for a new truck. I found the Nissan motors page with a helpful link from the page, and it caused me no delay.  I encounter this sort of thing all the time on the internet.  What Nissan motors is pulling is ridiculous.  I have never heard of such a thing.  What's the point?  Are they going to get more sales?  I doubt it.  This is a prime example of how sue happy this country is.  I currently live in LA, but being from Goldsboro, NC,  I prefer to support a local business than a global powerhouse.  I'm not looking at Nissan trucks anymore.
Chris Doyle

I believe that you have every right to use the name that was given to you at birth. After all, you did incorporate a business before Nissan bought out Datsun. For that sole reason alone, they should now realize that when it comes to Nissan, you were there first. Good luck on the dispute and I hope that they take into consideration that you have linked there site for anyone looking for them.  I know I was looking to buy a car, but if this is the way that they deal with people as a company, then I think I will look at other dealers.  I will also make this aware through out the internet community and who knows. If needed, I guess it is possible to start a river with a drop of water, boycott.
Jahid Pathan

It is clear that Nissan Motor Company has lacked the foresight to register the domain name well in advance of any other party.. irrespective of that companies name. It would appear to be using intimidation and its corporate size to bully Nissan Computers into submission.. Clearly Nisson Motors would be better off, from both a financial and public image to adequately compensate Nissan Computer by 'purchasing' the domain name from them for an amount equitable, fair and agreeable by both parties. The Nissan Motors may start to find that the public are not a bumbling bunch of fools without conscious and fair play. I would suggest Nissan in its evaluation of its offer take into account the 'cost' of its actions.
Ken,  a concerned Nissan Car owner.. with a sense of fair play -

Assuming that your facts are correct, I should think your absolute right to use your name as your company name and to register your company's website in exactly that way is every bit as valid as the Nissan Motor Company's right to do the same. You got the simpler version, by virtue of your quick response. A '' website is yours. Nissan is trying to bully you out of it, so that they can have it. Hold your ground - or sell the rights at a price that amuses you. Good work. Unfortunately you will be confused with the pirate types who sit on a domain name expressly to sell it to the logical 'owner' when recognition value surpasses common sense in the marketplace of idea v. value. You can weather that storm. Market and advertise your domain address as you would your street address, phone and fax numbers. If Nissan Motors wants it badly enough, you could choose to put a price on the inconvenience and on the expense to you for the change.
Good luck!

Nissan Computer has all the rights for registering their domain before Nissan Motor, the size of the company shouldn't imply the lost of rights for the liberty of registering their name.  Nissan Cars have many other domains to contact their site.  If Nissan Cars want the domain then they should pay for the rights to Nissan Computer.

Um........Nissan should really use their money on their sports car market instead of wasting money on a stupid domain name.  They can fairly use like mitsubishi has done in Japan separate their electron products from their auto products.  I really think they need to should consider using the money on issues such as how to bring over the Skyline instead of getting a domain name.

I believe that your computer corporation has every right to this domain. Just because a corporation is more well-known than another, does not mean that they 'deserve' the rights to the domain or can tell another how to use their name. If you registered in 1994, then by all means, YOU have the rights to it and Nissan Motors CANNOT take it away from you just because they 'think' they should own it. You have been running your business for years under Nissan, long before Nissan even picked up the name. You have every right to own
Good luck to you and your business,
Angela Rohner

I am seriously disappointed at the childish behavior of the Japanese giant. It has me in a serious dilemma. Will I be loyal to my family when I buy a car next or will I make a stand against the "censored" who are using their giant size and recourses to attack a smaller company who by my understanding were called Datsun the time that was registered.
Rory Browne

The internet should be first come first serve. Maybe the car company should consider It's their own fault that they got involved with the internet so late in the game. They should sue themselves for being so short sighted. After reading the information provided I would have to stand behind the Nissan Computer Corporation.
Neil Ensign

Dear Uzi Nissan,
Congrats on your bravery. my message was that Nissan motors should rest their case as your company is not laying any claim to the ownership or affiliation of their company. They should also note that Nissan computers is a legal entity duly registered without prejudice to Nissan motors. Moreover, unlike Toyota and other car makers, Nissan failed to ascertain recognition of their products to a particular brand name by mixing Nissan with Datsun. Mr. Nissan, pls keep your flag flying. it's only a corporate threat. they can never succeed.
Best of luck.
Yours in heart,
Wale Al-Hassan

Leave People alone. You may have more Moneys to spend on legal suits. Not all people have the time to pay some one eles to play thier games.   Leave the name alone!!!!First come first serve! There are so many other names!  Why not
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! MOVE ON AND AND KEEP SELLING YOUR silly rice burners.
Derrick Paltrow

I was actually researching new cars. guess that makes up my mind about Nissans!! their new exterra is a totally lame attept at ripping off the 20-somethings anyway; I guess this on top of it doesn't surprise me. good luck.
Shawna Sullivan

I support you in your fight against Nissan Motor Corp. While I do not support people that intentionally use known names in order to make money, you have a valid use for your name which you also show a history of using this name.
Bryan Frey

It is ridiculous that a man not be able to use his own name when doing business, simply because it is a make of automobile!  Nissan Motor should most definitely find something better for their lawyers to do.  Obviously they are all very bored.
Shannon Scarpaci

This is a simple case.  Why Nissan Motor Company can't understand it is beyond me.  Mr. Nissan registered his domain first... Plain & simple.  Too bad for Nissan Motor Company.  Move on.
Robert Gagnon

Although I understand your wanting to use your last name on your website, I am not sympathetic with the use of  I know that several individuals went out early in the game and registered prominent names (,, etc..)  Unfortunately, these few ruined it for ones such as yourself with a legitimate claim to your website name.  I do have one question:  why rather than  I see through surfing your site that you also own other site names, and I think you could avoid a lot of hassle if you just surrendered the name.  I sympathies, as my name is also a large christian book publishing company, and therefore I consider it "out of bounds".
Josh Moody

I will be suprised if my comments show up on your web page because I have a different point of view.  My opinion... I am disappointed in the militant attitude of the comments I found on this web page.  This dispute can be decided civilly by rules of law governing trademarks and network domain names.  If Mr Nissan is confident he has a legal right to this name then go to court and claim it.  If he loses or doesn't have the guts to try, we need to respect the impartial judgment of the court and not threaten gorilla tactics like boycotts and character assassination by spreading Mr Nissan's propaganda to our email friends.  What next, fire bombing Nissan dealerships? I encourage you to get a grip and not get all militant over this petty disagreement.  NOTE: Nissan is not the first company to assert it's international trademark rights in this way, so stop acting like they are evil for picking on a little guy!  If he had done a legal trademark search he would have known that! "Nissan" was taken and shouldn't have used it.
Kyle Hortin

To be realistic, you should sell the domain to Nissan. Here is why: a) I recall knowing about Nissan motors back in the early 1980s, and Datsun was a name used like a brand. b) It will really look to most people like you are squatting on the domain to exploit a larger firm -- even if that is NOT what you are doing.  I just read about the new Nissan Altima, and so went to to learn about it. As I type this, I have no idea where to go, so will have to use a search engine or something. IE, the Nissan name is well known.  I would defend you if Nissan were a NEW company and suddenly came along. I promise you, the legal costs will be so much, it is far better you sell it. You can always get, where XXXXX is something else.
Just trying to help!

Why not just settle with them and move on?  The domain name should belong to Nissan the car company. What good does it do you to have all those people looking for Nissan cars on the web to hit your web site? Aren't you tired of it? It may be heavy-handed how they dealt with you - corporate lawyers and all - but that's what happens with big companies. Personally, I've owned Nissan automobiles for about ten years. I really like the company and the dealers I've dealt with. I do believe in the 'little guy' but in this case you're being dumb about it. I've never heard of your company and doubt I'll ever have anything to do with you even though I've been in the computer business in one form or another for 25+ years. You solicited my opinion on this web site and this is it...
Rick MacDonald

I think Nissan motors needs it more than you it is a multinational company i am here because i intend to brows their site ofcourse not yours.

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