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Dear Nissan:
I believe you are in the wrong. Because of your slow action someone else has the right to the domain name. You have the choice of leaving it alone or purchasing the writes from Uzi Nissan.
Dear Mr. Nissan:
Keep up the good work. Your site and explanation are superb! You are in the right.
Phillip D Bidinoff

If the Nissan computer company registered the name before Nissan motor corporation then that's their site and their site name... none knew years ago that the web was going to be what it was going to be... so it belongs to the person who registered it first.  There is always a compromise and I hope both parties find it... but if Nissan Motors MIS department was so far behind the times as not to register their domain name then that's sad for them. Besides, if people go to and see that is a computer company when they need a car... I am sure they will go to a site like yahoo and search for the Nissan motor company web location..  that's what I did.... Domain names are like real estate properties... someone bought it first... then someone else comes along and says hey.. there is oil there I want it.... so.. pay for it.. good luck to both... and may the computer company retain its identity...
Manuel Rico
Former MIS Director of ADP corp.

I don't think you should be sued since you registered the domain first. They should have thought of this earlier. Good luck

I own a 1993 Nissan truck.  After reading about Nissan Motor action against Mr. Uzi Nissan and his company, I assure you that I will not grace a Nissan dealership again.
O. Z. Hamzah

I see no problems here. You registered your domain name with Network Solutions first, before them so the domain name is yours. On the Internet, the number one rule in winning the name game is "first come first serve". Unless they are buying out your name, and you refuse to take their offer, then they are trying to do a hostile take over of the name.
Timmy "Z"

Shame on you Nissan. Leave the little guy alone or pay him for what you want. Don't steal it or you will pay many more times that in lost business. I will not buy Nissan again, even though I used to be a Nissan owner.
Eric Straatsma

I can't help but feel terrible for Mr. Nissan - it seems only logical that he would want to promote his business with the use of his last name. Many of us are very proud of our heritage, and as a result, tend to use our names in a business venture as a symbol of our pride in where we come from, and where we hope to go. It seems to me that Nissan Motor Corporation is simply whining about their untimely attempts at registering domain names for their corporation. Too little, too late, Nissan Motor!. This is one of the greatest things about the internet - the David vs. Goliath syndrome doesn't apply - or at least shouldn't. It seems that in this case, Nissan is using its Goliath stature (and, not to mention, VAST financial and legal resources) to intimidate a small entrepreneur into giving up his domain registration. It appears that by constantly bothering Mr. Nissan, and bringing repeated litigation against Mr. Nissan, Nissan Motor Corporation is hoping that Mr. Nissan will simply surrender the domain registration in an attempt to relieve himself of the legal burden that Nissan Motor Corporation keeps placing on his shoulders. You know, it's funny what changes your mind about a company.
I was actually contemplating purchasing a Nissan Pathfinder in the near future. Not anymore!  I'm buying a 4Runer!!! Good luck Mr. Nissan, and I truly hope that you rid yourself of this burden while keeping what is rightfully yours. By the way - the website is a great idea - keep it up and remember, as long as these issues are kept quiet, large corporations will continue to walk all over the little guy. Just think of the money they would have to spend on damage control, positive spin, and public relations if this story ended up in the Wall Street Journal, or on CNN!  Kinda makes you want to make a call, doesn't it?
Jay Pulawski

I fully support Mr. Nissan's idea to use his family name for his companies. It is well within his rights to register both and even if his surname was not Nissan. I would have thought a big firm such as Nissan would have been able to resolve this a long time ago if they really wanted to. Firstly they could have bought the rights to the domain names, although I believe Mr. Nissan would have turned them down.  A second option would have been maybe to register or or etc.  I think the only people Nissan's lawyers should be bothering are the people in their advertising and marketing departments for not realizing the internets potential and reserving the domain names at the earliest possible time. I wish you the best of luck in your dealing with Nissan, Uzi. Good Luck.

I've already sent one e-mail but I just thought of something else.  I don't know if you noticed but lots of the Nissan cars are simply an English word plus an "a" at the end eg Maxima, Ultima, Sentra why don't they just use My father and I are both looking for new cars and we were a little swayed by some Nissan ads on TV. But then I heard about this pitiful lawsuit maybe I might still buy Nissan just out of sheer sympathy for those losers, actually no I won't and there is now way I'm letting my Dad buy a Pathfinder, Jeep Grand Cherokee it is.
Ayush Shrestha

Does a company have the fundamental right of ownership to a name?  No. However, it may be confusing if every company had the same name.  However, Nissan and Nissan Motors are two very different names.  Point: If someone used, would they be violating American Airlines or are they violating American Premium? Who knows? Nissan is not a car company but it can be used to refer to a car but Nissan Motors is the car company.  Nissan Motors should settle for As we know, Nissan Motors have been suffering from lack of sales. The famous Z300 had to be discontinued while Nissan Motors looked for a buyer. The bottom line: it's a market economy. Whoever pays for, get's it!
J. Berris

I've been in the computer industry for several years now, and I'm appalled by the actions that Nissan has taken. I came to with the intent to purchase a car, but after seeing what Nissan is doing to Nissan Computers, I have concern in making any purchase with Nissan.  I belive that Nissan has no cause, and no case against Nissan Computers. First come means first come. Good Luck goes out to Nissan Computer.
Anthony Flaviani,
Concerned Citizen

I love Nissan's and have been driving them for a long time. But, I have to side with the Nissan Computer Co. in this case. If you registered your domain name prior to Nissan Motor Co.'s presence on the web, then your entitled to the name. The problem is that many large firms, like Nissan Motors, try to push their weight around, but hang in there and show them there not God. There's a similar case like this with the NY domain name. I'm sure they'll be more.
Aaron Sherro

Though I love my Nissan Sentra 160GXI and the Nissan Sabre160GX I had before it and the Nissan Sentra 160GL I had before that, I feel strongly that Nissan Motors is really being unreasonable about it. If they have known for so long that you have had the relevant domain names registered to you and in use by you and did not do anything about it from the beginning, then 'tough luck' for them. I really don't see why it's such a problem for them. After all, you already have a link at to Nissan Motors, so what more can they ask for?  All the best,
Roger Hendrikse <---Proud Nissan owner, but also a believer in fairplay.

It looks like Mr. Nissan's use of is completely legitimate. If that is his last name, and has been his family name for generations, and he has been using it for his business for a long time, and he registered it first, I would say he has a right to keep it. It seems to me that instead of suing Mr. Nissan, you should just try to negotiate with him to purchase it. He is a business man, and realizes that the name is probably worth a lot to you. You probably should make a good offer. Thanks for listening,
Richard Merryman

I sympathize with your plight. I came looking for information on cars, but became interested in your story. As a result, I have lost interest in the Nissan auto line. My wife and I are going to buy a Toyota Prius, the new gas-electric hybrid, which is much better for the environment than the current standard. I am impressed with Toyota's forward-looking approach, and am exploring whether or not any other automakers are poised to enter the market with a vehicle similar to the Prius. (The Honda Insight was released in the attempt to be first on the market, but has some serious design flaws, not the least of which is that it only seats two.)  Anyway, good luck taking on Goliath!  My prayers are with you.
Tim Shates

Dear Sir:
 I was surfing the net for car information under the Nissan name and came across your website. I am so sorry about your plight. After reading your website, I can see your point of view. I use to own a 1982 Datsun Nissan Sentra. I do recall the make of the car was Datsun. I wish you luck on keeping the family business website under the "NISSAN" name.
Sylvia Johnson

Now, I don't agree with Nissan filing a suit against you. But I also don't agree with your handling of the situation either. I currently own 3 Nissans and have had 3 others. I will continue to buy Nissans. Why? Because they are great cars. And because there is no mention of any lawsuit or bashing of your company on their website anywhere. Especially not in flashing letters at the top of every page.  And if I were in the North Carolina area, I would absolutely refuse to do business with you. Because you are making a public spectacle of this situation. This is not a public problem. This is a problem between you and Nissan.
Again, I don't agree with Nissan's bullying tactics. But I also don't agree with your airing dirty laundry about the problem. You were first to Congrats to you on that. And I don't know what the actual lawsuit is trying to accomplish. They can't force you to give up your website or domain name. You own it. And you use it.
Personally, I'd opt to sell it for some obscene amount of money and retire.
Paul Hillman

Funny site. I imagine this will never see the light of day on your site, but here goes anyway.  You are a fool for not taking the buyout money and investing it back into your company. If you think Nissan is bad, think again. EVERY major company in the world would do the same thing to a small company. It's a corporate world these days and the almighty bottom dollar is all that matters to large corporations.  People send letters to your site that say' " I will never buy a Nissan again". Fools, I say. If you think GM, Ford, Daimler Chrysler, Toyota or any other manufacturer is above this, you are sorely mistaken. If you stick to your morals ( I highly doubt you will) you'll be walking to work every day.
Anyways, Good Luck trying to buck the system. Most people would be satisfied with a big fat check.
Rob Tribby

I think your site is hilarious. Especially the section entitled "people's opinion". I find it hard to believe that a guy cancelled an order for 80 (80!) Nissan pathfinders based on the sole reason that Nissan "isn't very nice" to other companies. I drive a Nissan, and I can tell you they are very nice to their customers.
So, I really could care less about what they are doing to another company.

I am a loyal Nissan owner and will continue to be for a long time. I've had my best success with my Hardbody 4x4. I think people that register a domain name just to capitalize on the success and public image of another company are lazy and dishonest. You could just as easily use and you wouldn't have this problem. You brought it upon yourself and I think it's time you stop crying about it and do the honorable thing. You can end this faster than anyone, do it!

Truthfully, I believe that you are comitting copyright infringement in due process under the US Law and YOU SHOULD BE SUED for employing a domain name of a giant corporation extremely beneficial to US interests.  If you can't handle the truth, thats your fault. should be owned by Nissan, the motor co.  (and oh yeah, their cars are great, I just bought an altima).

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