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I understand the situation that Nissan Motor Co. has on this problem. I was searching for a Nissan Quest to compare to the Honda Odyssey, and put in the domain I was surprised to get to the computer site under this name. I do appreciate that there is a link to the motor company but it doesn't by law have to be there. I too am in the technological field and understand the complications of limited domain names may have on certain companies, but wake up Nissan Motor Company and all you other big business companies who have waited until the year 2000 to hop on the band wagon. As far as I am concerned if you want the domain name pay up Big!  Or go find a different name. After all, if you advertise it correctly on the television people will go there. Good luck Mr. Nissan and if you ever need a good programmer let me know.

I have purchased multiple computer systems as well as hardware (computer cards) from Nissan Computers beginning as early as 1995 when they were located in Cary beside the Domino's Pizza franchise.  They have provided exemplary customer service and have always done so under the name of Nissan Computers.  Although Nissan Automobiles are more well known worldwide, the Nissan Computer name is well-known throughout the Carolinas area (due not only to the computer services and sales, but also due to their association with numerous computer-related publications and trade associations).  If Nissan Computer was the more astute corporation in registering the web address before the automaker was committed to internet access, they clearly have the legal right to that address.  My only hope is that the cost of legal defense will not prove to be so high that the larger corporation wins the legal battle by default!
Chris Spark

Nissan Motors can't possibly be right about this one.  No matter how big or how rich they are they were late to grab the site for themselves.
Mietek Boksz

I think Nissan motors should leave this man alone. He registered his domain name first. This is just like Kareem Abdul Jabar suing the football player whose name was the same. Could he help that his name is just like his. Just a bigger person trying to bully a smaller person.
Charles Roscoe

Hi Mr. Nissan,
I came to this web-site looking for the Nissan motors altima / maxima cars. And here I read that now famous heading "Nissan Computer vs Nissan Motors". Its surprising that Nissan Motors wold bully you just because they were sleeping on their business. I would suggest that this matter be raised in the company's annual shareholder's meet and they be made aware of their company's arrogance and injustice. Someone (shareholder) should sue Nissan Motors' attorneys and agencies for their negligence in not registering the domain name in the first place.  This dereliction of duty on their part has caused Nissan motors tremendous amount of loss (by loss of domain name). Perhaps the board at that time should also be sued for this. As for your fight I'm sending a copy of this e-mail to my numerous friends in the IT industry who would in turn write back to you expressing their support in this stupid case of a giant business bullying a small one. Best of luck and may you counter-sue for undue harassment.
Mainak Mandal

I'm in the market for a new car (currently owning a life-expired Nissan). Being lazy, rather than use a search engine I typed in So I see that Nissan are worried that people like me are not getting straight to their website. funny, it wouldn't have bothered me - I would have gone back to the search engine as anyone would do when, as is common, the domain name is registered to another quite legitimate user. However, now I don't need to as what I have stumbled across has made me decide that my next car will NOT be a Nissan. Good luck Mr. Nissan!
Dermot Carroll

Dear Sirs,
I just bought a Nissan Maxima, I like a lot. I like to see Nissan cars on the web - but: I think, that somebody who came in first place to get a name on the web, should have the only right to use it. The domain should link to the computer company in my eyes!
Best regards

I think this is a non-issue.. I understand where Nissan Motors is coming from but leave the domain name with the computer company as they had first control and it's not as if Nissan (computers..) has no commercial interest in the domain name unlike other cases of similar nature where names are registered deliberately to contest.

I am a Nissan car owner.   I have owned Nissans for over 12 years. I was going to look up the new models when I came across this site.  I am in FULL agreement with the current owner, Mr. Nissan. I am a Biblical scholar and know full well the Hebrew month and it's use as a last name.  Mr. Nissan has a right to use his God given name as a name of a company and website. I have been a loyal owner of Nissan Maximas for years but am upset to hear of the law suit. Mr. Nissan was here first, so he gets the domain name, end of story. If Nissan continues with this lawsuit, then this will be my last Nissan. Mr. Nissan you have my support. Email me anytime.   PS. I know a few good lawyers!!
Jeff Mitchell

The way i see it is that you used the name first on the internet so tuff luck to them..  Fight to keep you space. Put them in there place!!!!

I think this suit is absolutely ridiculous!  It's the man's name and he should be allowed to use it. After all, Nissan changed theirs from Datsun only a few years ago. And they could have registered the name as easily as Mr. Nissan did. Get a grip, Nissan, and leave the small folks alone. I will never buy a Nissan automobile, but just might buy a computer!
Melanie Joshua

A big bully trying to overpower and out spend a smaller business. Guess what, you were there first and too bad. They will try to out spend you with legal fees.
Ian Crooks

I believe you have a valid case against Nissan Motor if you have evident supporting your use of the name first. I just wanted to voice my support and best wishes in winning the case.
Phong Nguyen

Nissan has no claim legally or otherwise.  The only possible chance they have is if they register on the minute or second you fail to renew your domain name. No amount of money should allow anyone the chance to take the legally registered domain name away from you. Nissan has the chance to purchase it only under the above condition or unless they purchase the domain name from you.  Even if they purchase it from you legally, they still have to wait for the registration to expire.  But I am sure that you know most or all of this anyway.  Good Luck.
Brad Johnson

Sell the domain name to Nissan Motor for millions and retain the domain name for your business!

I think Nissan ought to quit hiding behind lawyers and offer ten's of millions of dollars to Nissan Computer. I hope I get selected for jury duty.

Hi!  I think that you are totally right but you should sell your domain name...not for  Nissan but for the people that are looking for a know people will look for car most of the time...make a deal with them...common man! take the money and run! you can find another name that will well serve your bussinnes i am's common sense!  good luck anyway.
Charles Drouin

I like it how you only print the emails you resive from people who back you up. i feel that Nissan the moter company has the right to sue your company, they had the name before you so they are intailed to it. people who say i canciled my Nissan 4x4 because of this are crazy, Nissan make the most realiable cars, and their going to stop ordering theirs because you copy Nissans name. i do agree with you in one way! its your name and many people would loved to have a busisness named after them, but nissan the motor company had it first. will you print this on your web site?

I think all you people need to stop getting mad at Nissan Motor. Do the right thing change your name from Nissan Computer. I AM 100% ON Nissan MOTOR'S SIDE
George Arrambide

Better yet, why don't we get an effigy of the accursed Japanese Nissan Logo and burn it--cursing and circling it with sharpened knives??  I would like to introduce you to a new word--overreaction! Nissan is a GLOBAL Corp- what one subsidiary (America) does may not fully represent the Headquarters (Japan). Therefore i am DISGUSTED with the affiliation of this struggle as between 2 cultures or RACES. This is NOT, as in Mr. Nissan's words, a "David against the JAPANESE Goliath"-- It is strictly a CORPORATE thing. If this is NOT published then it is further testament to Mr. Nissan's RACISM.

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