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This is ridiculous.  Nissan Motors should be ashamed of themselves for taking such a hostile stance towards a smaller company.  The only right they have is to pay for the name.  Nissan Computers should consider offers from Nissan Motors, but if they don't want to sell, they shouldn't have to.  If I were Nissan Computer, I would tell Nissan to get a life or pay up.
Isaam L. Shamsid-deen

I have purchased 4 Nissan vehicles (3 small trucks and 1Pathfinder) from Bales Motors in Jeffersonville, Indiana since 1991.  My stepson has purchased a Nissan truck from the same dealership and I am currently in negotiations with Bales to purchase my 4th truck, a 2000 model 4x4 Frontier. (I commute 180 miles a day and use the small trucks for that business purpose) I came to "" figuring that I would hit their website because I want to see what the current factory to customer incentives are.  I was a bit surprised to get this site and investigated the banner concerning the conflict between you and Nissan Motors.  If your corporation is legally registered under your name and you registered and own "", I don't see what they can do except try to harass and intimidate you into selling the name to them, as long as you let them threaten you. If you don't want to put up with it, then simply sue them back and force them to leave you alone.  You have the right to use your name and no corporation can take it away from you. They're mad because most computer literate individuals interested in contacting them on the net will naturally guess at entering,  just like I did. Personally, I would jerk them around to find out what their threshold of pain is for coughing up the bucks to purchase your rights.  Who knows, you might get an offer you can't refuse.
Jay R. Cobb

I fully back you, Mr. Nissan. I actually came here looking for Nissan automobiles, but I FIRMLY agree with your position.  You have full reason and RIGHT to occupy this web space.  For Nissan automobiles, I will look somewhere else. You have great credibility, and I look forward to seeing JUSTICE served. This domain belongs to YOU. Do not let a larger corporation attempt to hurt you because THEY didn't have the vision so many other corporations did. The internet has been everyone's for the taking, just as it was YOURS, and you took that opportunity before they did. That is fair, and LEGAL. Good luck Mr. Nissan.
Michael Patrick Hotchkiss

What a bunch of morons the Nissan Motor Company is making themselves appear. They should have registered the domain name years ago. Given that it is actually your name and you are not just "squatting" on the name they should go cry somewhere else.
Adam beck

I also came across this site while looking for Nissan motor cars (lowercase on purpose) a while back, apparently before this whole fiasco got started. I shortly found the motorcar site I was looking for. I came back not too long ago (again looking for Nissan motors.. forgetting until I got here that this was not Nissan motors) and read about the law suit.  I am VERY disappointed that they have taken this route. I have been a loyal Nissan motor car driver for over 10 years now.  If this is the attitude of Nissan motor car...I will NEVER own another.  My mother has recently expressed interest in purchasing another Nissan to replace her current.  Because of this dispute, I have convinced her NOT to spend her money with a company that would take action such a this.  I also convinced my cousin not to buy another Nissan a few months ago when he was in the market for another car.  I will continue to spread my opinion of disgust for Nissan motor car as long as they practice this disgusting practice of preying on others.  Nothing but Bullies!!! Find another way to settle this.  Pay Mr. Nissan some to advertise your company on his site or something.....
Ralph Reynolds

First come, first serve!  Domain names can be a pain, but what are you to do?  Look at Delta Airlines and Delta Faucets.   Those domain names are similar but neither of them could get ""!  In my opinion Mr. Nissan should win this one and just for future reference I will never buy a vehicle from a company who believes just because you are a large corporation you can get what you want!  Have a lovely day.
Jim Grantham

I myself work for Nissan UK and would like to express my outrage at the people who have taken this action against you. I cannot see how having the same name as them would affect Nissan Motor as a business. I only wish their was something I could say or do to help ease the frustration you must be feeling at present.  Whatever happened to freedom of speech!!??

Instead of bullying you for taking a proactive approach to increasing YOUR business, Nissan Motors' board of directors ought to take it on the chin for their lack of foresight. Or, at the very least, they should fire the negligent attorneys who were "asleep at the wheel" when, in the best interests of their clients, they themselves should have registered the domain names. Of course, what's the rush?  They figured they'd just have to call out the big guns and the little guy would suffer from the financial stress of a defense.

As far as I'm concerned.  Nissan Computers 'Owns' the web name They have as much right to it, if not more than Nissan Motor Co.  They were first to register the domain name, have a running history with the name, legally own the name etc etc... So as for Nissan Motor Co?? Stiff Sh*t! Why should the small man be blown out of the water once again because 'you' (being Nissan Motors) think that you have the rights to a name because you have more money than someone else? Get over it! And leave us real workers alone!
Best of luck Nissan Computers!!

I, like many others, came to this site looking for info on the Nissan Motor Corp's vehicles.  I am no longer looking at Nissan (deliberate lower case). Mr. Nissan, you did the right thing, both in being 1st on the net and by sticking to your rights.  I applaud you on your generosity of linking Nissan motor corp's site to yours. I am not sure that I could still be so nice. I was thinking of a $40,000 Pathfinder to replace my Toyota, now I'll pay more for my new Toyota and spread the word about this ridiculous lawsuit. I took the time to read a few of the other responses and I gather Nissan motor's is losing some real money. If Nissan motor reads these messages, I'd suggest dropping this suit, publicly apologizing to Mr. Nissan, paying his legal costs and take a lesson from him. Be a responsible corporate citizen. Thank you Mr. Nissan for bringing the facts to my attention, I can no longer support Nissan motor as a corporation.
Toyota you win.
Dave Dye

Nothing with Nissan surprises me anymore. I just got rid of my Altima for a Saturn. I don't understand what Nissan Motor Company's problem is.....if you own a Nissan for a while, they really don't have a great product (that they will stand behind) and their attitude toward their customers is not top notch either. When I decided to get rid of my Altima I did alot of internet research on cars. Almost all of the car companies use a different approach to a domain name. is one of them. Yes, Saturn uses, but they established a domain name before someone else could!! Besides, I have seen (and laughed) at alot of Nissan commercials, if you look at the bottom of the screen at the end of ANY other car commercial, you will see the web address. Allot of dealerships have their own web domain with links to the manufacturer's web. I guess Nissan Motors isn't smart enough to take a clue from their competitors! Nissan hasn't done that so they can prove their point about the domain name.. Personally, their domain name should be.... If they think their product is so good, they should pull up the service record on my old Altima!  The design and incompetence of their service department nearly killed my daughter and I while driving this car only 2 weeks after I bought it!!  Good luck to you Mr. Nissan.   This is your family name and you have every right to use it. Why would Nissan's CEO change his name to Jones if that's not his name? Nissan has no right to "bully" you into thinking that either. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Carolyn Dren

This family owned Nissan computer company has a legitimate claim to the name Nissan, as does any person whose name is Nissan.  Just because another, larger company shares PART of the same name doesn't mean that the larger company has exclusive rights to the name "Nissan".   What's more, this computer company has is in no way competing with the products/services offered by the large Nissan car company. The Nissan car company needs to either offer to buy the domain (for a very large sum), or it needs to back off and accept the fact that it was shortsighted in not claiming that domain name earlier. If the Nissan car company sues the Nissan computer company, and if that suit causes the Nissan computer company legal expenses, I would counter sue to recover both all legal expenses as well as loss of business related to the president of the Nissan computer company being tied up in the legal process. I would also recommend that the Nissan computer company contact their government representative to ask the US government to intervene.
Good luck.
Michael Teter

I support you in your cause.  Your domain name should remain yours. Good luck, and let us all know how it goes! If there's something else useful I can do to help, let me know.

I think that it is absolutely ludicrous that Nissan thinks that you have done something wrong, yet all you have done is register your last name. Plus, since Nissan is also apparently a month in the Hebrew calendar, you definitely have it made.  If Nissan weren't a gigantic company willing to spend millions on lawyers just to get a simple domain, then I'm sure you'd take the case.  Honestly, when I first saw the title "WE ARE BEING SUED" I thought it was a joke. You'd think Nissan would at least offer you money for it or something.  I mean, there are tons of cyber squatters that deserve to be sued a million more times than you do.  I'm sorry this misfortune had to fall upon you, my friend, and good luck. You should start a fund.  I'd be willing to donate. Or something (sorry i tried, gimme a break i'm just 14)
Amanda Kruel

This case seems utterly simple. For the masses, there's no doubt is easier than,, etc., to use for Nissan Motor's site, yet the decision remains simple, in my opinion. Why should a larger corporate entity such as Nissan Motor Company have powers over a smaller entity such as Nissan Computers in an environment (the internet) that by definition, entails no such powers to either party, and is unregulated, for the people. Nissan Computers registered the domain name before Nissan Motor Company, and while the former should have the rights to the site, the latter shouldn't initiate legal action just because they were too slow to enter the information age. Not the way to try and save face, NisMo.  Hey now that Nissan Motor Co. has Renault's capital to back it up, selling the domain name could be beneficial to Nissan Computers. Hmmm.
James DeRose

All I know is that I went to looking for a car and found this, I am trying to buy a Nissan, it is to bad that it had to come to this but since we live in a free nation this is the stuff that can happen. I am against suing, I feel people should work together to find solutions to their own problems. However as far as boycotting this product will affect not only the company but all the manufactures that supply Nissan Motor company with all their parts and supplies, the machanics that work on them, the people that sell them at all those dealerships across the world.  All those people (Who have nothing to do with the suing) are just trying to make a living to. So I am sorry to Mr. Nissan but If your last name is The same as a Huge car manufacture, you had to know something would eventually happen.  I will be buying a Nissan car I know they make a good product, and I support manufactures that produce good products.

I believe that you should be able to use your own name for business purposes, etc., but Nissan is internationally known as an auto manufacturer. It does you no commercial benefit to keep - now there is a name with commercial benefit.  I am sure you can save face somehow with Nissan Motor corp and acquire a url that is more fitting to your business.  Even though it is your family name, it is unfortunate that you are now considered a squatter.
Greg McLaughlin

I understand your position, and I understand why you do not want to sell the domain. However, a company as large as Nissan I'm sure can afford to pay you a 7 figure amount for the domain. Instead, you just want to have everyone think that you are this crusader for the "little guy." Well, you are not a little guy, you are a presumably a rich business owner who is not accepting a windfall to sell a domain to a fortune 500 company. That isn't something I support or respect.
Matthew Gonzalez

360 pages of people against this action.  However I fail to see anyone supporting it. Statistically there should have been a couple of supporters even if they were just joking.  Now, dont get me wrong im not supporting Nissan Motor Company nor am I supporting Mr. Nissan.  I am just pointing out the fact that all people, who have made the choice of boycotting Nissan Motor Company based solely on this issue, have been lead by the editor of this page.  I will not be surprised if for some reason my comments are not seen here and if it does show up it will most likely be the last one.  All I am saying is that it would have been less expensive for Mr. Nissan to change his web address rather than taking on a big company.
Carlos Romero

I can't wait for Nissan Motor to squash Nissan Computer in court. I can't believe you wasted my time. i'll look for the real Nissan Site and buy my brand new Nissan. Who the hell ever heard of Nissan Computer. I think Uzi, holding on to tradition, has attempted to blackmail a large corporation by hijacking their trade name. Nissan Motors is doing the right thing by spending it on the legal department rather than giving in to blackmail.
Stu Pendas

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