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I believe it to be a first come, first server world. Nissan Motors should have been there first if it was so important to them. I also think Nissan is being very nice by posting information on how to get to the Nissan Motors website.
Clark Whitten

Dear Nissan (automaker),
I did hit this page ( looking for more information on your Frontier line of vehicles, however within about .5 seconds I was made aware that this was not the appropriate site and was given the appropriate link to your site (  I feel that Mr. Nissan is acting accordingly and should be spared from any further court challenges presented by Nissan Motors.  Your may want to work with Mr. Nissan to place advertisements, with links to the appropriate site address or some other type of arrangement which will satisfy both parties.
Jeff Doepker

I think this is ridiculous. I think NCC has just as much right as any company to register there name as a domain and web address. The internet has and will always be a first come first served commodity. Its unfortunate that Nissan Motor corporation is upset that they were not the first to get the web address, Things are fine the way they are. NCC should continue with there web address and Nissan motors needs to deal with the alternative. When and if NCC goes out of business, Nissan motors should make an offer to  buy the address like NCC did years ago. The only fair business resolution is to offer NCC money for their site name. Its fair to NCC and its fair business, unlike getting upset at a company for having a similar name.
John Domros

I found because I own a Nissan vehicle and was looking for the Nissan Motors web site. I was a bit surprised to find Nissan Computers, but I discovered that they had conveniently placed a link at the top of their page to Nissan Motors.   In my opinion, Nissan Motors should revert to using their earlier trademark, Datsun, rather than to try to 'take over' the site. It does not seem that was registered by Nissan Computers in the spirit of 'cybersquatting', since the site obviously contains useful content and has for quite some time.
Brian Smyla

As in the old west, first one to the gold get to stake the claim. Now, should the car business invest enough capital to buy your claim then so be it.  As with Jacob and Esau- don't sell your birth right for a bowl of soup.
Chalk one up for the little guys!!
Troy Wahr

I urge Nissan Motors Inc to withdraw your suit against Nissan Computers as Nissan is a valid Jewish/Hebrew surname and appears in the Bible which is the oldest book in human history. Since Nissan Computers has obtained the domain name first they have the right to use it for their business. Just because Nissan Motors was slow to adapt to the Internet is not a good reason to attack a legitimate business domain name. It would be better for Nissan Motors to get an alternative domain name that reflects their business.

I wish Nissan all the best in his efforts to retain his domain name. He has all legal rights from the time he registered it; that it is his family name; and that his business has nothing to do with automobiles. The public supports him whole-heartedly.
Debby Bruck

Leave alone!   They registered the domain before you.  I own a new Nissan Pathfinder and if you pursue legal action against them it will be my last Nissan.   If you want it ( then pay them for it.
David Winslow

This situation of big corporate companies moving in and saying, "Hey that's our name too, we're taking your domain name because we have money and are bigger than you", is the same as a common schoolyard bully coming over to a fellow student, smaller possibly yet still a student same as him and saying hey you have to give me your lunch money because I'm bigger.   I guess big corporations feel a need to compensate for their technical ignorance and latency in aquiring common domain names that they feel that they must threaten smaller companies and individuals who had the intelligence and initiative to acquire these said domain names that they have every right to attain and preserve as their own.   It's ridiculous and the big corporate sectors need to realize that the public is who makes them possible through purchasing their goods and services and threats of law suits and bullying will only cause severe backlashes against them in the ways of boycotts, loss of customers and just feelings of malice and mistrust against them.
'Nuff said.

Instead of pursuing legal action against the rightful owner of the domain you should try other business tatics such as paying for the domain.

Be FAIR!  This individual took the name fair and square, and he has a legitimate reason to use it.  If you want, offer him $10 million for it and buy it, but don't abuse the legal system.   I'm in the market for a new truck, and will use the quote system.   If you continue this lawsuit, I will be forced to boycott Nissan on grounds of your tupidity. Leave him alone!!!
Jeffrey Tull

I think this is a combination of "you snooze, you lose" and a poor etiquette by Nissan Motors.  I know it must suck for Nissan Motors to not own, but who's fault is that? :)   If I were Nissan Computers, I *might* have sold you or give you a link off of and .net, but I would let you rott in hell before I would do that now.  Suing someone isn't a way to make friends. :)
Ryan Boehner

As others before me,  I stumbled onto Mr. Nissan's website because I was looking for information on the Nissan Xterra.   Well,  Mr. Nissan,  I'm a firm believer in your stand,  so I will look elsewhere for a car.   I will never purchase a Nissan,  and will recommend against them to everyone who will listen.
Good luck in your cause.
Tony Karakashian

What Nissan Motors is doing is ridiculous and uncalled for.  The Internet Nissan was here LONG before the Nissan motors were even recognized.  The Nissan Family is older then Cars it self.   Nissan Motors has no case towards the Nissan Family, the Nissan family was here first and did everything legally and should stay here.   It is their right.   Nissan Motors can get their own web address.
Abire Mansoor

I have been in the Computer Network and Internet industry for over 14 years now.   I do not like Internet squatting of domain names, but this is incredibly ridiculous.   Mr. Nissan is using a domain name to promote his business that takes after his given name.   I have been looking at buying a new car lately and have been overwhelmed with Maxima commercials and they started to win me over and had me looking at them.   After reading about this, I am changing my mind and going back to looking at Dodge Intrepids. Dodge obviously can deal with the fact that they were slow to get their domain name and had to settle for a second choice.   Maybe Nissan would be in better financial shape if they paid attention to real problems instead of items like this.
Bravo Dodge ...  bye Nissan
Jack Kessler

you people need to get a life....when this guy registered the name that time he clearly knew that Nissan Motors was in operation...and to think that he will get away with this scam is a joke...Who in the hell has ever heard of the bloody name Nissan Computer Co. are an opportunistic pig trying to take advantage of the situation for profit...a lot of people have legal last names that clash with corporations doing business....that does not give them the right to start a company to take advantage of name recognition...
you are an opportunistic scum trying to cash in on name..thats all.....and all you posters here get a life ...""oooohh I am going to sell my Nissan.......OOOhhhh i am never going to buy a Nissan...oooooooooooohhhhhhhhh i had bought 20 Nissans before...but thats it..I am never buying another one again....""" dumb ass losers.. get a LIFE

i'm a  shopper who came to look for a Nissan car but do not think Nissan has a legitimate case because you have been using your last name as a business name there is nothing wrong with haveing a website Nissan .com
you could have however a link to Nissan motorson the front page for ppl looking for Nissan motors
David niyaz

Get over it! this is annoying. I came to expecting to see Nissan cars not some computer shop! Look, my last name is Honda, I  understand how you feel. Nevertheless, Nissan Motor is bigger than your company and majority of people would assume to be Nissan Motor's web page. Just sell the domain name to Nissan Motor and make some extra cash. Rename your domain and just keep your mouth shut, please. Your ego is causing inconvenience for many people!
S. Honda

As the proud owner of a Nissan car, I would consider myself a fan of the company. Having run into your company by accident while looking up on the web, I was surprised to find that your company has the audacity to claim rightful ownership of the name Nissan. It is a comparable misdemeanor to someone opening up a Porsche Computer Co and claiming rightful ownership. Good on you, Nissan Motor Cars, go get those 'little guys'.
Nick R.

The dispute you have is totally unnecessary and is truly avoidable.  Let's face it, Nissan Motors is a globally known organization and everyone recognizes it as a Car Manufacturer company.  Does anyone know Nissan Computer Corp? The answer is absolutely "NO".  I know you are fully registered as the owner of the domain and that Nissan Motor will probably lose the legal battle if they decide to suit you.  But your action to stick with this domain name has nothing to do to promote your company but will and has created tremendous headache for the public.  There are a lot of people with the last name Ford and do you think they have the legal right to buy and own domain name?  Your true motivation here as I predict is just for profit.  You expect Nissan Motors to pay you a good sum of money for the right of the domain name and I hope this won't happen.  There were enough scum like you in the past who took up well known domain names for the sake of making huge profit.  Give it up, man!
Clay Taylor

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