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Mr. Nissan,
I must say that I applaud your cause and your efforts. Nissan Motor Company has no more right to use that name than you, and you just happened to beat them to it; certainly your intentions had nothing to do with NMC, so they need to just GET OVER IT. I could see them causing a fuss if you intended to use that name to extort money from them, but this was obviously not the case. You really need to get this publicized as much as possible to get public support. Corporations need to stop overrunning the small businesses. Small businesses are the concrete, which holds this country together. DOWN WITH THE SUITS!
Best of luck with your fight, and may God be with you...
Jared Bennett

Mr. Nissan,
When did Datsun become Nissan? Good Luck but it sounds like an attorney thing--

Mr. Nissan,
I just saw the site. I wish you luck with the lawsuit and I'm sending a link of your site to everybody I know. What Nissan is trying to do is wrong.
Carlos Melendez

Mr. Nissan,
Thank you for maintaining your position against the large multi-national corporations that seek to squash small business and free enterprise around the globe. Your actions should not only be supported by the United States government but commended. Keep fighting the good fight Mr. Nissan, a conscientious public is behind you.
Geoffrey Cecil

Mr. Nissan,
I was outraged to learn about Nissan Motor's lawsuit against your company. They have no right to force you not to use your own name. Fight the good fight, baby. They need to be taken down a notch for their arrogance.
Dave Thomas

I totally agree with you. This second grade car manufacturer should not be attacking your name, or property such as . I think that even if your name was not Nissan, these scum manufacturers should not threaten you like that.  More surprising to me the fact that their head attorney is Jewish, what a shame.

Look at DODGE. Their domain page is Why? Because some insurance company or something already has taken. IT'S JUST A NAME!!!! This shouldn't be an argument about how long you've had a name or what you call your company.
IT IS A SIMPLE MATTER OF WHO GOT THERE FIRST!!! Look at the damn date of when the domain name was registered. I am Quite certain that only one of the parties involved registered the name.  Why is there even an argument. Pathetic on Nissan Motors part. I mean, it should be as simple as driving. Whoever gets to the intersection first has THE RIGHT OF WAY!!! End of argument. Nissan Motors advertises that their cars are DRIVEN. Then what the hell is wrong with  What pisses me of is that it is such a simple and stupid argument yet they (Nissan Motors) are persistent in spending valuable money and time in legal fees. WHY DON'T YOU SPEND YOUR MONEY ON MAKING A BETTER TRUCK!!!! How about working on a full size truck so you can compete with the BIG BOYS like DODGE who have better things to do than piss and moan about a stupid web name.
Greg James

Dear Mr. Nissan,
I came to your site,, looking for information about Nissan Motor Company's line of Compact Pickup Trucks, specifically, the Frontier King Cab.   However, after reading about Nissan Motor Company's attempt at destroying your business when you obviously have every right to use the domain name, I have only one thing to say:  "Hello Ford Sport Track!" I am dead serious, I would not consider the Nissan product after reading about this.  This reminds me of a very little known trivia fact:  The Insignia/emblem for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Founded 125 years ago) was subsequently stolen and copyrighted by the Walt Disney Corporation more than 75 years later.  The RCMP has to ask Disney's permission to use it's own insignia! But anyway, good luck to you in your struggle to use your good family name. Don't become like the RCMP where you have to beg for a big corporation's permission to use something that is already rightfully yours!
Fred Broschart

Hi Nissan Computer,
I wish you luck in keeping your web name. If Nissan motors had not been so slow and ignoring the web, they may have beat you to it.   As is, I would say you are in the legal side of the argument, as you have a last name and a legal business with the Nissan name. Good Luck!
PS: Tell Nissan motors to rename themselves to Datsun!!!
Mike Mitchell

Mr. Nissan has not done anything wrong. He registered his domain name with internic in 94. He is the rightful owner of period! Nissan motors should have contacted Mr. Nissan to negotiate a deal involving the sale of the domain name instead of immediately pursing legal action.  I have a Nissan Truck and a 300ZX but I hope Nissan Motors loses this one.
Noah Baieve

Nissan Computer Company seems to have every right to use .net and .org. There appears to be a solid verifiable history on the Mr. Nissan's use of his familial name for business purposes. Nissan Motor Corporation, although I have great admiration for their vehicles, I think their business practices leave much to be desired. Think of something else to call your web site! Try changing you name back to Datsun! Leave Mr. Nissan alone.
Donella Tyler

I working it IT business and NEVER heard about company named "Nissan Computers", more, I am not very familiar with car companies, but I still know alot about Nissan Motor and their latest models. So, I think that more people come to in search for vehicles, not for computers, that means that you just registered that domain in hunt for big bucks. Good luck then.
Wbr, Alex.
I strongly doubt that my message will be posted to public, though I give you permission to do that.

I fully support your fight for the rights of your business. It is all too often that family and smaller businesses find themselves in a situation similar to this. And unfortunate that companies such as yours find themselves fighting for survival simply because the corporate giant has the cash flow to fight until you are no longer able. Thus, stealing your right as an honest business person. A similar situation effected friends of my family in New England. They owned a small bed and breakfast in Maine, that had been in business for around 60 years. A major hotel chain found out about their business, and because they shared a common name, sued the bed and breakfast. Our friends fought as they could, but could not match a publicly traded company with the dollars to defend themselves. Fortunately they did not lose their business, but were forced to cease the use of the name. Advertising dollars were never reimbursed by the greedy corporate giant. I work for a large NYSE company, and have seen this action take place. It is a shame that greed drives the actions of these corporations. They forget the roots of the business, and drive other companies to bankruptcy. This lawsuit is even more senseless, in that you do not even compete in the same business market.
I wish you good fortune in your quest for your rights.

Mr. Nissan
Hey man its cool to see you guys fighting the big corporation.  I own a small business in Denver and I know how it feels to be bullied by the bigger company with more money.  From what I read it seems like Nissan is just upset that you got to the "" name before they did.  Keep on fighting, good luck
Nicholas Ibarra

Good luck! Show those large corporations that they cannot step on the small business about some frivolous lawsuit
Paul Sanford

After reading the first 2 pages of posts I can't help but start laughing. I couldn't care less about this domain war, but the fact that people are willing to boycott Nissan cars because of this has me snickering. Nissan makes great cars, and like I've said before I couldn't care less about the litigation faced by these two companies. I will continue to support Nissan/Infiniti because they are GREAT CARS. Let the courts do their jobs and decide who "really deserves"
Jay P.

I learned something a long time ago.  There are 3 sides to every story and you are all ready to lynch Nissan Motor Company based on this Mr Nissan's side of the story.  I myself have driven many Nissan vehicles and will continue to for many years to come.  Pepsi and Coke sue people every year and have people stopped drinking their beverages?   Wake up people!

Nissan Computer ought to give this domain name to Nissan Motor Company.  Nobody has ever heard of Nissan Computer Company and you're just trying to get your name known by using that of a well-known company.  It's a real pain in the ass when I want to visit the Nissan Motor Company website to find your shitty website.

I think personally that the domain name should be for the Nissan motor corporation, because I have never heard of the Nissan whats-your-name cooperation and I'm looking for the Nissan webpage.
Herman Von Crieg

I hope Nissan gets the name, their a good company and just worried about their interests like ford, bmw, Mercedes, or any other company would be.  Even though your name is Nissan, most people coming to don't really come to it because of your last name.  Your practice is deceptive and just wanting attention.
Just my opinion.. Will you post it on the website or not?
Hopefully your open to all sides..

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