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It is unconscionable that Nissan Motors would try to remove this man's name from his business; it cannot in any way impact automobile sales.  The shame is that they, by superior resource and influence, will likely get away with it.  I urge the judge in this case to help restore our faith in the American legal system and dismiss this unrighteous farce.
Chris Wilms

Nissan is no doubt a giant of motor industry. However they should not get more than their due. I support you for this domain name case.
All the best !!!
Ling Hsiao Wang

Nissan is not a reserve word that only used by Nissan Auto. There is no right to prevent a person to use his/her last name for business use.  Wake up, this case shows the US gov. law is supporting the monopoly corp.
Cherk Siah

To whom it may concern.
I am an avid Nissan fan.  I have owned 2 Nissan trucks, and two cars.  I participate in many different forums and BBS' helping others with their vehicles.  I even was co-editor of the now defunct  The owner of this site received e-mails apparently from the Nissan motor corp. His site was then taken down.  I don't know who actually had the site taken down, but this is what he has told me.  I feel very strongly that the Nissan motor corporation should drop their suit against the Nissan computer corp.  They acquired the name in a legitimate fashion and should not be penalized for it.
Thank you for your time.
Timothy S. Brown

This story needs urgent exposure to the world community. Nissan Motors is attempting to disable your existence as a human being, family and business because of their economic strengths.  I was looking for then when I found you because I was trying to obtain information about their SUV The Pathfinder.  Because of their hostile actions towards a weaker entity, I am no longer interested in their SUV. I can do without them and will concentrate my efforts towards the the fine from Infiniti, and Isuzu.  The Nissan legal counsel that contacted you will fail, capitulate and self-terminate/self-destroy his own existence
Joseph Constant

I can not believe that this giant corporation is trying to sue you for using your birth name given to you by your fathers. It is a terrible world when giant money can push around the little guy even on something that is given to him at birth, his family identity. When will we stop letting money dictate everything. I say money because even though it is clear that you did not violate any laws or had any malicious intent, their ability to out do you monetarily in the legal expense should not be a deciding factor. I feel that your name given to you at birth should be yours to keep and use legally as you please, especially when you registered all names legally and before Nissan had made the attempt to register the name. If we do things in a legal manner, it seems to me that should be all she wrote. If big corporation is above all legal formats, then what protects us? Let the system work for what is right rather than what is might (money). This is why we have laws against strictly might, over what is right.
Earnest R. Cain Jr.

Nissan Motor Company does not have a leg to stand on! The Internet Name belongs to the first to register it period. End of discussion. I fail to see how Nissan Motor Co. feels the need to hassle you because they did not have the insight you did to invest in the technology that is changing the way we do business, their loss not yours. My father-in-law is an atty. that deals in issues like this involving software and after hearing the horror stories his clients have gone through because of someone else's stupidity is mind numbing. Tell Nissan Motor Co. to fire the marketing person responsible and go on with life!!!!!

Big corporations should not bully smaller companies. After all Nissan motors were also a small company once.

Nissan Motor Company,
I firmly believe in Mr. Nissan's right to use his surname for any business purposes he wishes.  He appears to have been very diligent and thorough in taking all necessary measures to ensure he was doing so legally.  I believe it is now Nissan Motor Company's problem -- NOT Mr. Nissan's/Nissan Computer Corp's -- that you are displeased about his use of this (HIS) name.  While it may be inconvenient for your company, please acknowledge the fact that the name "Nissan" has a great deal more associated with it than your motor company, hence you cannot control the use of this word in every situation.  Your company should respect the fact that Mr. Nissan registered and licensed the use of this word for his business first.  I would greatly appreciate seeing Nissan Motor Company stop trying to exert its control in this particular situation.  Frankly, it reflects very poorly on your company and its relations with the public.  Be assured I will do my part to spread the message about the legal tactics of Nissan Motor Company.
R. Von Dissen

It is unfortunate that smaller businesses are prey to large Corporations like Nissan Motors, but it has always and will always be so. Why, simple, the more money you have the more power you have, therefore Nissan will get the most expensive lawyers, probably pay-off to the appropriate people.  They will probably win the case, but who knows.  But if the court decides in your favor than Nissan Motors will look stupid.  If they were smart enough they would pay you to change your name on the internet. 

I think that Nissan motor company is strong arming this company to obtain the Domain name for it's use. If this person signed up first he should retain it. Especially since his name is Nissan...
R Carter

Get a life Nissan Motor Company!!! They keep finding new ways to irratate consumers and lose business.

I logged on to look at the new Skyline GTR. While Nissan can make some kick ass cars, their PR has always been wanting. Maybe they should spend less time concerning themselves over the name of their website and more time doing productive promotional exercises, instead of engaging in activities that ruin their public image. This statement refers to the last ten years, "whoever is in charge of Nissan's technical division is doing great, Silvia's, GTR's, Pulsar GTiR's, but whoever is in charge of Nissan's promo and PR needs to be thrown overboard'. These people are bringing the company into disrepute.

I have purchased cars from Nissan in the past and will continue to do so.  My first car with the Nissan name came in 1981.  My understanding is that Nissan is the Corporate name for Years, they just used Datsun in the USA because they thought it sounded more American.  It sounds like you have the domain name, but Nissan belongs to the Motor Company.  They should pay you for the domain or for helping you direct customers to their website.  But get over the persecution complex.  I expect to see this letter next time I'm back or you will seem like the bully
Tim Wood

In the world these days, you are inevitably going to run into someone with the name you had chosen for your domain.  If I look up I find the page has already been bought and is under construction.  If I look under I find Scientific Applications and Research Associates.  If I look under, I find a publishing company.  It's first come first serve people.  No need to get upset about it.  Stop pouting about the fact you didn't jump on the internet band wagon sooner and reserve a domain with and be happy that you got the next best thing.  My second choice when searching for you was Hey, guess what, I found you!  Now I can price my Xterra.
Sara Spencer

I still think that you could be fair to the general public and come to an agreement with Nissan Motor to let them use the domain name.  If you want to retain usage then you should consider suing Nissan Motor when they advertise their brand.  The whole thing is delicate but I think that common sense should prevail... How much did you ask them?
Steven Shaftzer

What the F!!K! You are still doing this pitty me website, damn dude just move on, its been a year since I went to Nissan (MOTORS) website and found this BULLSH_T. Oh yeah last year I posted a message about your stupid ass lawsuit and you didn't put it on your list of emails hmmmm I wonder why?? could it be that your using all this for publicity. Well anyway I hope you have the balls to put this one one your site or at least send me an email about. Oh yeah and by the way I'm going to Nissan( MOTORS) website to pick the options on the new Nissan Maxima Im going to by.
Enjoy The Ride ;-)
Harry A. Sanchez

The only reason you (Nissan Computers) want to keep this domain name is publicity. It does not matter for you what is your domain - or It does matter for Nissan Motor Corp. 99.99% of people visiting expect to get to Nissan Motor Corp., not Nissan Computer co. I am sure if Nissan Motor will pay you some money (like $60.58 + tax) you will release the domain.
Dmitri Krasnopolsky

Hi i think Nissan motor co. can cry all they what cause they don't have Nissan computer deserves it but i think is for sure Nissan motor co. makes the awesome car call the maxima
Jessica Smith

Dear Sirs,
I am sorry to hear about your domain name fight against Nissan Motors. I don't know you (I found this site of yours by accident during internet surfing), but I know Nissan cars very well, I even own one. Automobiles made by Nissan are probably best vehicles on the planet, I am not joking, the reliability of those cars is above all competition. Believe me, I live in Finland, country of extreme climete and season changes. Scandinavia is the place where motorized vehicles meet their ultimate challenge. So, if you ask me, the one who loves Nissan cars, I will say without doubt that Nissan Motors have earned the domain name concerned. But as I also said, I do not know you at all but I think that you are very likely to be quite good fellows.
I regret to say this to you, but I stand for Nissan Motors.
Mr. Maunu Lamminen

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