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The perfect squelch is precedent. There are several.
One that comes quickly to mind is Hilton. There is a small hotel, I think in or near Monterey, California. It has no relationship to the Hilton chain. The small hotel owner's last name is Hilton. This was resolved in court in favor of the small hotel owner. I do not hove time to research this.
L. Ron Schultz, Consultant, Implementation, Market Economics to the President, Russian Federation

You have my support, your company should be the sole user of!
Manuel V. Montano

You have my 100% support on this matter.  I am Nissan car driving person and I like my car a lot, many times I had log in to your site looking for Nissan car maker.  It only speaks about Nissan car maker how slow they are moving forward (internet) and not thing of it earlier before you got your domain name.  I my self think they blow it long time ago and now they are trying to catch up with everybody else on your cause.  I can't not believe they are suing you for the name.  I slowly become less and less interested in any future business with Nissan car maker.
Good Luck!
Adam Milkowski

After reading all the information on your webpage and as a former owner of three Nissans, 1997 Pathfinder, 1995 200sx, and 1992 Sentra., I find that Nissan Corporation of Japan had no right to attack Nissan Computer corporation, for a domain name of all things. They should be working on cars and not lawsuits. I was going to buy an Xterra, but I will now get a Rodeo or Passport. I thought that Nissan had a good keiretsu business model, but I feel that this lawsuit changes all things. I thought I can just own Nissans, but I can't support companies who do not care about small entrepenuers. Besides they charge the Xterra too much anyway, trying to make 20 something's like me think that it is worth its price despite the commercials.

According to what Mr. Nissan tells, it is very clear that the domain belongs to Nissan Computer Corp. He is entitled to use his surname to identify his business.
Patricia Freire

One of these days big corporations are going to realize that the Internet is not their playground, and that they can't just go around bullying everyone into doing what they want.  Just because your company is bigger and can afford more lawyers doesn't give you the right to take something away that another company had first, and has the legal right to use.   Nissan Motor obviously missed the boat.  You have nobody to blame but yourself.  The best thing I could thing of in this case would be a multimillion dollar bid to buy the domain from the rightful owner.
Brandon Walters

I would like to start by saying that i do own a Nissan Altima GXE 1998. This car has been good to me so far but now it's in the shop and the parts are back ordered(4 weeks now! for a catalitic converter.. That's insane!) Anyways, according to Mr. Nissan's (The computer store) History with the Nissan name he should get to keep it. Mr. Nissan Has had his name longer then Datsun has had theirs (nissan) and therefore should not have to go trough the hassles of having to give up his business because the dim wits at Nissan (car company) never thought it was a good idea to register it. If you really want the name bad enough then just offer Mr. Nissan (The obvious owner of the Domain name a sum of money that would make him want to sell it to you. If you are not willing to do so then change your name.

Its ridiculous that Nissan Auto Corp. has the presumption to believe they have more right to the domain than any other company or individual who shares that name.  If they were concerned about registering this domain, they should have dug into their very deep pockets and paid to register it sooner than they did.  Nissan Computers was on top of the situation and deserves use of the name.  Period.  They spun their wheels, so to speak.  Welcome to the Internet, moves much faster than your cars!
Stella Anastasia

It's unfortunate that your company is involved in a domain name dispute with Nissan Motor.  I personally think your name "Nissan Computer" sufficiently distinguishes itself from the business of Nissan Motor so there shouldn't be any confusion between the two names.  At least there is no confusion in my mind.  Also, the disclaimer at the top of your site redirecting people to the web site is very helpful.  I believe you are doing your part to elevate any confusion that may have existed.
Best of luck in the future.

A copyright name should not have any pre-defined rights to domain name, as if any name with a copyright will be on the Internet. I think domain names should be on a first come first served basis just as copyrights always have been.  Fame and fortune should play no role in who retains a domain name, just like a copyright. The rights to a domain name should come down to the obvious- who was smart enough to register their domain name first.  Do you own a business? Do you want a piece of the internet? Well go get it! Were you too late? Too bad, so sad.
Adam Otterbein

Leave this guy alone.  He abided by the rules and registered both names.  Just because Nissan Motor Co. was too short sighted to see to it that their trade name was reserved on the internet back in 1994 does not provide sufficient basis for any lawsuit claiming infringement.  Any American judge who rules in favor of Nissan Motor Co. regarding this issue does not deserve to sit on the bench.  However, finding the appropriate court should prove interesting.  My support to Mr. Nissan and his computer business.  Clearly he is a man of insight.
Mark D. Roberts

I feel Mr. Nissan has proven his intent to provide legitimate services under the domain name  He has registered his domain in a time that domain names meant relatively nothing.  It seems to me to be only a case of Corporate America that feels hindered by their missed opportunity.
Joe Salyer

I dont think that should be a problem. this is your family name and you have the right to use it.
Mehran Ali Nasrisfahani

To whom it may concern,
I believe that Mr. Nissan has a legitimate legal right to use his birth name for any business he wishes to conduct.  So what, the Nissan Car Company did not think of using that Internet name bad.  If they want the name!  If they want it, then Mr. Nissan is going to need to be very GENEROUSLY COMPENSATED for his current, and any future business that would have been transacted if he had not been harassed by this HUGH CORPORATION.  They want it, then settle out of court like everyone else does for an unenclosed amount!!!!!!!!!!Hang in there Mr. Nissan and Good Luck.
Molly Barger

Are they fool? - Dont give up...Stand like Shaul in the Giboa' We will not buy any Nissan's car if they not stop. Please be strong ..Nissan..small company :) Take Care.

The name Nissan belongs to Nissan motors.  they advertise their name on TV, Radio and magazines.  people that go online usually assumes belongs to Nissan motors.  Nissan computer are getting hits online only because consumer like myself thought that we were going to look at some cars and trucks.  not computers.  i've would of checked  ask anyone in the US!!! Nissan is associated with cars and trucks, not a computer company whose getting free advertisement every time Nissan motors put an ad in main steam media.  Nissan COMPUTERS IS GETTING FREE ADVERTISEMENT FROM Nissan MOTORS!!!!  Nissan motors is a global company, just like McDonalds or Ford motors for an example.  Try to open a business using Mc (your choice name).  Your company will need to change its name to stay in business.  The same should go for Nissan MOTORS.  The are both global company which stimulates growth and jobs in the US and other countries.  They pour millions of dollars a year into the US economy.  Nissan COMPUTERS is a greedy company trying to get something for nothing.  as consumers we should boycott Nissan COMPUTERS AND ITS AFFILIATES (if they have any).  if they want a domain name which will identify them, they should be called or put millions of dollars in advertisement to promote Nissan....

Why don't you just offer to sell for a huge amount of money? You have every right to own this domain, but I came to this site by mistake as I'm sure thousands of other people have. You could make millions

I love Nissan trucks and will always buy them. Anyone who would boycott Nissan motors because of this is childish. They are a bigger company than you and have been around longer. Keep your last name, keep your website but change your company name. I think Nissan motors is right and you're wrong!

Hi I'm Steve LeBro and i am happy as ever driving my Infiniti QX4 and in a way i`m happy that Nissan Motors is suing Nissan Computers. I figure that Nissan Computers should have changed their name when Uzi Nissan got the letter of concern. If he had this wouldn't have happened so i think that Nissan Motor Co. should win this dispute. No Offense.
Steve LeBro

I think that the best way to solve the problem is to have be a jump point to Nissan Computer AND to Nissan Auto. Kind of like cutting Solomon's baby in half. **OR** both companies could agree to not use the name...Play nice in the sandbox guys or you'll both have to get out.
Russ Barlow

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