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Leave Mr. Nissan alone!!!
What makes Nissan motors so special that they are more entitled to the name than he is.  Web addresses are like real estate, in this case Mr. Nissan just happens to own a better plot than Nissan Motors. If Nissan Motors really wants this address bad enough they should follow the examples set by and and the many other companies that have "purchased" web real estate from the rightful owners.
Fred Wright

If your birthname is Nissan, then the Corporation should leave you alone.  I can see why someone might get mad though, I am here because I am looking for information on a 1991 Nissan Pickup hydraulic clutch system. (specifically I need the spec, and prices of cylinder repair kits. And as a matter of fact this is a drag. But dude, it doesn't matter, they can't take your name from you. I belongs on your shingle!  Our laws are so full of shit, here in USA, they need to be reformed!
Denny Bissell

Listen, I'm thirty-eight years old. When I was growing, I remember Datsun 240Z's, Datsun 510's - in 1985 I bought a used, 1977 Datsun F10 - I think that's what it was - Datsun's first front wheel drive car, with a 1400 cc four cylinder engine and front wheel drive.  I remember, vaguely, when Datsun changed it's name to Nissan. This guy with, his name has been Nissan his whole life. As was his father, and his father's father. Get real.  HE didn't change his name to Nissan - YOU DID!!!!
Thanks you,
Joe O'Neill

I am feeling very sorry, but do not worried, you can sued them too; PSYCHOLOGICAL DISTRESS, is one of the most important items in the behavior of the human been, so now you are unable to reach to ridiculous Nissan MOTORS SHIT.  BE STRONG, we are with you.. Regards,

I think it's time for these mega national companies to stop pushing their misplaced weight around.  I would think that a person using his family name especially since before Nissan was known as Nissan would have a cause of action against the maker of an automobile that might be putting a blemish on your good family name.  Sue them.  I bet there pockets are REEEAAALLL deep.
Ronald Sanfason

Nissan Motor Co.  You are sore losers, you should have registered the site first, you snooze you lose, there is nothing you can do about it.
Matt Dumas

I am supporting you in your fight against the motor co.  I believe that if you had your site first you should be able to keep it. The "First come first serve" principal should be kept.
Steve Freedman

I think this is an open and shut case.  Big companies such as Nissan Motor Co. should not be able to "bully" legitimate businesses.  It just so happened that both of the companies share the same name.  Mr. Nissan purchased the domain name in question.  Period.
Leslie Brown

I agree with you 100% Mr. Uzi. I think that the motor company should change there name and you keep yours!!!
James, (Major supporter)

I typed in the domain name trying to look at Nissan Cars.  Obviously my next choice will be to see if I can find them.  It is a little inconvenience because when one types in any domain of a fortune 500 company you expect to see the website of the most famous company dominating that name.  However, You have  a right to use that name.  This name has valid meaning in your company.  You were the first to register for this domain name.  If Nissan were smart they would try to buy that name for a substantial sum and you could change your name to something closely related to your business and not just your last name.  I am not happy with the fact that they have the gaul to try to sue you rather than trying to buy the name first.  They have no validity in their claim over that domain name.  I live in Atlanta, the home of CNN and I am sure that their is someone there that would be interested in this story. 
Israel Roberson - Ex-Nissan Car Shopper

I think it is petty that Nissan is suing a small business owner over using his own name.  It seems the small guy doesn't have a chance.
Tina Ashworth

I teach ethics, and I certainly can't see much ethical merit in what Nissan is doing, based on the information I have. It seems to me that they just blew it. They could have thought of getting a domain name before Uzi did, but they lost out. Besides, I don't see why they can't just use something like and try to arrange some payment to Uzi to have his web site tell people about this.
Anyway, good luck!
Elias Baumgarten

Once again I see big business is flexing it's corporate muscles to kill the small guy.  Nissan Motor Corp should be ashamed of it's self!
Robert W. Tiedemann

You don't have a suit. Go cry somewhere else. If you wanted the domain name you should have got it when it was only worth 70.00 a year.
Jim Lyles

It is gross injustice suing this man, particularly in a country like the US where human rights and freedom are an important item in the state's activities.
Valantine Nyenty

I was looking for the Nissan motor site and I found this address. I hope they get the rights to the domain name and sue you. You guys don't deserve it and I have no clue how you obtained it. Please just give up in the courts and return the name to it's rightful owners. I don't want to have to keep getting this site when I want to see the new features on the 2002 Maxima.  So I hope you lose.

Now that I have read some of the emails posted, it is clear mine will never be added to your site. What a bunch of babies. It is clear to me that if what you say is true, you would have some kind of documentation to back it up. Why didn't you sue Nissan when they changed from Datsun? You claim you had it first. This just strikes me of the work of a cyber-squatter who thought he was going to make a killing registering another company's name, but that company refused to pay his extortion. I will gladly buy a Nissan to show my support, and will never purchase from Nissan computer...nor will my friends. Who is getting hurt more?
Jeff Spicoli

Hey, I'm all for free enterprise, but it WOULD be helpful if you at least put a link to the Nissan Motor Co. site so someone who actually wants them and not you COULD get there--as MANY sites who share this problem do.  Then it would show YOUR good faith in resolving this problem and knock the wind out of their sails, so to speak.  While I am not ready to call Nissan the "evil empire" I do understand both sides--and the frustration being experienced by their customers trying to get info on their product, not yours.  A simple link would solve the problem, IMHO.

I have been a loyal Nissan auto buyer for some time now.  I will continue to buy Nissan cars and I believe that Nissan Motors should have the domain name.  Nissan Motors is an international corporation known to millions of people around the world.  It makes sense that Nissan Motors should have the domain so that the millions of people who are interested in the vehicles can have simple easy access to Nissan Motors' web site.  Uzi Nissan is putting up a ridiculous fight over the domain name; he should consider offering the name to Nissan Motors for a price that is reasonable.
Alex Roberts

I think that Nissan motor should be saved because Nissan is my favorite kind of cars.I think that Nissan computer should be sued because Nissan motor company came out first.
Marcus Simmons

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