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Because "Nissan Computer Corp." owned the domain name since 1994 and the name "Nissan" derived from the company founder name, I suppose the guys HAVE the right to own the domain. Nissan Motors in their turn can use Nissan-motors, etc...
Uriel Ben-Iohanan

I came to this site by accident, I wanted Nissan Motor Company, I was going  to file a complaint regarding the mini van I purchased in March.
GOOD LUCK in your dispute.  I agree with you totally.
Dan Ostertag

So you (Nissan motor) were late to the Internet game, didn't register your company name or any of your car names, and you are taking it out on everyone else who was awake during the technological revolution of the millennium.  I believe the business term for that is "missed opportunity".  So what are you suing for, ignorance?

Nissan Motor: your wasting your time, you have no case, sorry u lose, your wasting your time and money, just register or something or, how difficult is that!!
Ted Nista

I think every one should have a right to have their own website.  It doesn't matter if Nissan has the name Nissan so no one else can use it.  If Nissan Computers came up with this "" before Nissan Motors, then it is their fault.  They should have known about the power of Internet.  Now they are bitching about it, is unfair.

From what I read on this website you should be able to keep and You were first and you were not taking anything from the Car Company.  Enjoy America!  It is a land of foreigners with dreams.
Leonard Palazzolo

I am sorry but this man has clear proof that the domain name did not come from the car Nissan.  In the old days in America when gold was found in the river and it was brought to town, it was the man holding it, that got to rep the rewards.
J. Kennedy

I do not believe that large corporations have the right to sue smaller ones just because they use the same name. In fact, the name first copyrighted or trademarked first should allow the owner of that name to sue the large corporation. Imagine justice being served with a major car dealer forced to change their name because they infringed on the rights and trademark of others. The rightful owner's trademark "Nissan" has been stolen and marketed by the hijackers. Because they have the $$, they think they can bully the public. However, justice SHOULD prevail.
G. W.

I think that you are the rightful owner of, the heck with them.  There is no conflict of interest in my eyes.  What they are doing is WRONG!
Tim Mackin

I work with a company that also specializes in Internet and web site design.  When one wants to register a domain name, they have the right to chose any name, obviously most suitable to their site or business. I feel Nissan Motor Co. was just too slow in registering their name, their problem.  Anyhow they could still use Nissan Motor Co.Com.  Good Luck, you will win the case!
Noelle Daudelin

I am in full support of this classic "david and goliath" story.  They (Nissan motor) don't have much to stand on other than the sheer power of their wallet to force you to cave.  I would stick to my guns and sue for your atty fees when you win.  By the way, when the Internet goes to .auto, .airline, .software, etc..., this whole thing will be a mute point.
Greg Maguire

If your company's name was legally registered and you obtained the domain name legally then there is no dispute.  I am even a big Nissan car fan and occasionally stumble across this page but It doesn't surprise me that computer companies made use of the web domains before auto companies.  The only people who Nissan (motor corp)  should be suing is THEIR OWN sales and marketing department who probably shrugged off the Internet idea initially when presented to them.  I say that because I have been using the "web" since before browsing existed and I found industries like auto companies slow to put out decent web pages or ones at all initially.  In fact, it was computer companies who made good use of the since the Internet was their business.

I wish to add condemnation of Nissan Motors.  Why did you not become the first to register  The rights to use the name should go to the first to register. Instead of maliciously acting to financially break the small entrepreneur, grow up and move on.  To Nissan Motor Co...If you must have the domain name, make Nissan computer corp a fair offer to purchase the name and stop this ridiculous lawsuit. 

Leave them alone this is America not Japan.
Daigoro Nagasone

This sounds like the big guy over powering the little guy. Its your surname and you where using it before they were. It should be you suing them.
Paulina Cuadrado

Well, you have a dilemma, trying to use a word, which is a common word from any language within a trade mark is risky in most courts when contested.  You should know that if I were on a civil case jury, I would vote against you.  I have sympathy for you, and understand your plight, but most cases like this fall to the litigant that is seeking to return the common term or word to public domain.  Granted Nissan Motor is being ridiculous and is seeking to take over something, can't see what and why, it does not really affect them! I agree it is petty. By the letter of the law in a US court, you would probably loose.
Peter J. Amendola

I was looking for Nissan motors I think most people who get here will be disappointed you don't sell cars.
Andy Irwin

Nissan Computer, you guys are retarded!  First of all most of the sites you named that use Nissan are sites that have information, sell accessories, or are dealerships for Nissan MOTORS!  Second of all, any of you that are "BOYCOTTING" Nissan Motors need to get a LIFE!  Nissan make quality automobiles at a good price.  Another thing, Nissan Motors has always been Nissan, they just made Datsuns.  My family owns nothing but Nissans.  I have had my Nissan Hard body (that is a truck for all of you morons) for 2 years and I never plan on owning ANYTHING BUT a Nissan.
Les Burris

Ok, I must admit it is a bit shallow of the big guy bring the house down on the little guy but lets get real.  When I wanted to open up my company I had to do research on the names I had thought up.  I could in no way refer myself to any other company out there ( for law suit reasons ).
Realizing that the 2 are apples and oranges, doesn't change the fact that you are using a name that has been established for years in the business trade.  Even for me, it would have been common knowledge that if I had chosen the name say "Pepsi", that something like this would have come forth.  Regardless if it is your last name or not.
I do feel sorry for you, but you should have done the research involved before making the name your company.  Actually, maybe I don't feel sorry for you, I mean I don't feel sorry for all those people who lose money to scams.  Its just total stupidity.  Common knowledge is such a sweet thing, its a thing you don't learn in college, its something that comes to you from just being...
I wish you luck in the lawsuit and hope all ends well, but I for 1 will not sell my Hard body, nor will it change my mind in buying the new 2002 Crew Cab when it becomes available.

I sincerely think that it is confusing as I ended up here today when my intention was to end up at the Nissan motors web site to look up some warranty information.  It did bother me and, in my opinion, you should realize that although your last name could be a legitimate reason to keep the fight you are also driving traffic away from their (Nissan motors) web site... otherwise, why didn't you register  I know they don't need any money (for obvious reasons) but you will end up loosing so much more than just the right to use your real last name... I know I would not waste my money (and energy, and peace of mind, etc.) on such a fiasco.  BTW, I'm pretty sure the name Nissan had been on their strategy way before 1986...
All in all, I think that was the real reason you registered to get a piece of their web traffic and that is not only sad but pathetic.
Good luck,
h.j. mejias

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