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Nissan Motor Car's lawsuit is frivolous and should be thrown out of court.

It clearly appears that larger companies believe that they can bully around whomever they choose to get what they want.  It is called greed!  Nissan Motor waited too long and lost out on that domain name.  Bill Gates said recently that businesses who ignore the Internet will do so to their detriment.
I am on the side of Nissan Computers totally in this matter.
John Woodward

A domain name is just that, the domain of the person who thought first to use it. Too long big business has tried to muscle its way into the areas of smaller business. If Nissan, a giant in the auto industry didn't have the forethought to purchase the domain name Nissan, then I say, it is their loss. Where is it written, the ordinary person must wait up the powerful, the privileged and those with position. The domain name belongs to the original owner

Mr. Nissan has a very legitimate and evident proof that he is in no way of infringing upon Nissan Motor. He has documentation of his business name long before Nissan Motor (then known as Datsun) decided to change company names. It's sad to see how a corporate company tries to ruin a small, tiny business (in their eyes at least) just for a domain name dispute. Have you ever heard of the saying, "first one to cross the finish line wins" or "last one is a rotten egg"? Well, Nissan Motor did not act swiftly enough and apparently was not responsible to make a decision on the impact the Internet market was at the time. If they had a reliable marketing person or staff to be aware of this situation, then Nissan Motor would probably have had the domain name.
Joe T.

This sounds like the most ridiculous law suit.  The fact is that any domain name can be purchased by any person at any time.  If Nissan Motor Co. wanted that domain name they should have bought it first.  Since they didn't that's just too bad.  What they can do is try and offer Nissan Computer Corp. money for the domain name.  If they accept then great, if not then there is nothing Nissan Motor should be able to sue about. 
Yossi Babani

I think Nissan Motors should be ashamed of yourselves for picking on a company that uses his own family name.  He should not be put out of business for using his family name in his business.  How can his use of the name possibly hurt you anyway?  If anything, it is advertising, putting that name before the public more than ever before.  Pick on someone your own size, and leave the family owned business alone.

Uzi be relax. Datsun, is out of this game, your real name is Nissan AND THAT IS GOING TO BE UNTIL YOU DIE. So, those bloody japs in their lawyers need to be aware.. is more than one Nissan IN THIS WONDERFUL WORLD.

Keep fighting don't loose out to big corporate arm twisting tactics.
Nishad Hussain

Hi, I am an Indonesian people. I can feel what your feeling now. But I am behind you keep the fighting spirit Nissan.
jarod Harto

My name is Alisha Bartlett and I am contacting you to express my opinion in the matter of the domain name and the lawsuit filed concerning it. 
It seems to me that Mr. Nissan has made quite an effort to direct any customers of Nissan Motors to the proper destination of the Nissan Motors web site.  Upon visiting his site, the first thing I viewed was a banner directing anyone looking for the Nissan Motors site to the correct homepage. 
It seems quite strange to me that a man would be punished for using his given family name as the name of his business, or for extending that family and business name to be included in efforts to expand reach to cliental for such a business.  Also it seems strange, and almost out right petty that a company as large as Nissan Motors would concern it's self in suing a small business owner over a domain name that one, is a "God given" name to Mr. Nissan. Two, was a name acquired by Mr. Nissan first, and also based on his established business name.  And finally three, and most glaring in my own eyes is that Mr. Nissan's web site in no way could be construed as taking away from Nissan Motor Co. customer base.   The products promoted at the site would not be anything that would cause Nissan Motors to loss any potential customer to Mr. Nissan simply because of the name of the domain name.  And also, as I stated above, Mr. Nissan has taken it upon himself to be helpful to any Nissan Motor Co. customers who accidentally happen upon his site by placing a banner redirecting Nissan Motor Co. customers.  Therefore, how could Mr. Nissan using his family and business name as his domain name take any profits away from Nissan Motor Co.?
I ask you to think over these points, and reconsider if it is truly necessary to go after a man who in no way has intended to harm Nissan Motor Co. profits.  And has gone out of his way to help those customers of Nissan Motor Co. 
Thank you for your time.
Alisha Bartlett

It is wrong for Nissan Motor to be suing Nissan Computer over this. Clearly, Nissan Computer has the rights to the domain
Peter Shread

I think that it is ridiculous to penalize someone because of similarity of name PARTICULARLY when they had prior use, if ANYONE should sue ANYONE and get compensation Nissan Computer should be able to get compensation from Nissan Motor Co.
Ahmed M. Kamel

I have bought the new 2001 pathfinder, they're well liked, stick to making good cars and stop hassling good people just trying to make a living.
Matthew Burdman

Hi Uzi,
This can only serve to render some encouragement.  I sympathize with your situation. I can only tell of my experience with Nissan Motors. I owned a 93 Nissan Truck. It was really sick.  Traded it on a 94 (V6). This one had a peculiar "clank" when hitting bumps in the road. No one could ever find the reason! My wife and I were planning a trip to Lackland AFB to see our son graduate from basic training. But alas, too any things seemed to be going wrong with the vehicle. We decided that the truck was not reliable enough to make the trip. (At least we didn't feel safe) So traded it in on a 95 Chevy Silverado. What a relief!! I now drive a 99 Silverado with a big V8, and automatic trans. and it gets better mileage than the little 4 cyl, straight shift Nissan. The point is that I really believe that Nissan Motors won't be in business very long with that kind of quality control. (Or lack of it). Talk about government restrictions . . . this outfit should be outlawed!!   Hopefully your success will prevail.  I still think Nissan owes me some $7,000. Do you think I will ever see it?  Realistically, big money will prevail. Sad fact in this day and age . . . but we can only pray for you, and I will!
Charles I. Butler

There is obviously no conflict between, and the Nissan car company. not only are they in completely different business areas, but a person would have to be fairly unsophisticated to confuse the two. A family name, passed down from generation to generation must take precedent over a name which is artificially created by a corporation.
Jeffrey Bennett

It's very clear that Mr. Nissan's intentions are being used with innocence and respect to his generation's before him.  I believe that the Nissan Motor Co. will consider this lawsuit and see this matter from a moral perspective............. Good luck to Mr. Nissan.
I've also looked at the other Nissan names and there seems to be a lot off other names that are using the name (( Nissan  ))!!!
I guess the Nissan Motor Corporation is afraid that Mr. Nissan is going to be the next Bill Gates or Ted Turner.
To the Nissan Motor Co. just keep making those good reliable cars and you shouldn't have to worry about your logo (because that's exactly what it is a Logo) being scared...
By the way i was looking for the Nissan Motor Corporation, to check out the new Nissan300zx and instead i found this website so for arguments sake it is a serious matter and I hope Mr.Nissan and Nissan car can find a way to resolve this matter because it's very important to both parties.
Oh by the way to ((Nissan Motor)) I like the new 300zx I was impressed to read the article about how much it cost and how it's much faster than the BMW zx or the Porsche......
Elnan Ogando

We support Nissan Motor's view in this matter.  Nissan Motors has the full backing of the Hendersan Estate
Richard Hendersan III

My Dad owns a Sentra. my Mom owned a Stanza, and now a decked-out Maxima. My brother owns a Sentra. All bought new. My Ford truck is dying a slow death to be replaced by what? You guessed it! A Nissan (of some sort :)
Both of you, Nissan Comp and Motors, need to put down the dukes and be civil about this. How about a splash page equally linking the both of you with a clear, discrete statement of non-affiliation?
The Internet is supposed to be a community! Please respect that.
Although I love Nissan Motors, I have to admit, when it comes to the Net, the Web developer in me has to side with the first registrant of the domain -- he's obviously not a domain squatter!
Still, I think you'll both find that your Web audiences will appreciate a good splash page as above --- AND it will make a good impression on Web savvy users (and developers $$$) which I'm sure you're both interested in attracting!

I am horrified that one of my favorite car makers has this site to battle with for viewers! undoubtedly belongs to Nissan motor corp. and not you, even though you have the same last name.
Steve Heighton

All I can say is that anyone that says they are boycotting Nissan cars because of this are sad and have obviously never owned a Datsun or Nissan car, They are going about the process in a heavy handed manner but it would be difficult for such a huge firm to be gentle about anything.
Personally I believe that a website address should reflect the general perception of the company not just who got there first, I admit I don't know how much business you do yourself but it seems daft that people have to hunt about for the correct web address for a massive company because some other smaller firm has the name already, I guess that the cyber squatters out there have caused this problem for you, thankfully they have mostly been stopped and are loosing domain names fast. ( about time too )
The best solution I can see would be to make you change your name to and Nissan get then people may actually be able to find the correct site without using a search engine.
Dave Keiller

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