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First come first Serve! Only because Nissan the car company is bigger it does not give it any extra rights....  Good luck David

Leave this guy alone! You dragged your feet on new technology and now you want your share...too bad. If this is his real name, you have no business suing him.
Datsun Owner

I believe that Nissan motor company are just big corporate bullies and I wish you all the best. I do not believe that they stand a chance of winning as you have a legal and moral right to use the domain name Nissan if that is your surname. Perhaps if Nissan had offered you the money that it will cost for legal action for rights of the site they would resolve the dispute quicker.
Perhaps their IT department should have been on the ball quicker!
Good Luck
David Newey

Nissan motor corp. should have acted sooner.  Good luck Mr. Nissan!
Mark Miller

Mr. Nissan,
Good luck to you in your fight to retain your rightful claim to the domain! As you know, anyone in the computer business who gets to market first wins -- and you got to the domain first. You win! (I still like my Nissan Motors car, though.<grin>)
Dan Batten

I think Nissan Motors is acting inappropriately.  This man's name happens to be Nissan and he is in no way infringing upon the Nissan Motors trademark.
Leave him alone!

Dear Uzi,
The entire situation sounds ridiculous and honestly a waste of YOUR valuable time.  What I don't understand is WHY in 1995 when Nissan first noticed that this domain name was taken, they did not do anything about it, instead they waited four years to sue.. weird, um???  The fact is that they lost out on the domain name and that is it...Nissan should just deal with it.

I believe Nissan computer Corp. should have the full rights to the domain name. Any other ruling would be unfair and unjust.

It's a shame when lawyers take their clients for a "ride" knowing full well that the legal work is a waste of time.  Nissan Computer has full rights to the name - open and shut case.  Go lawyers, make lots of money, you blood suckers!

As I currently have a .com Domain registered with the Internet Solutions Organization that also happens to be the name of a large corporation out there I am concerned. I believe that Nissan Motor Company should be willing to pay you a huge sum to attain total rights and if you refuse they should have NO legal rights to force you to change. Further, they should not be able to litigate against you forcing you into a costly defense.
Anthony Pope

I think that Nissan computer is doing no damage to Nissan motor Comp.  The web address for the latter company is clearly marked on the top of the screen.  If Nissan motors wants the domain name for themselves they should request to purchase it from the Nissan computers, rather than underhandedly take legal action.
Naomi D.

I am not familiar with your company but if I owned it I would sell the domain name for a couple mill and change my company name.  Again I am not familiar with you net worth so that might be chump change to you.  If that is the case have fun with Nissan motors, they can't do a damn thing.
Jeremy Kluesner

What's the deal? Since "DOMAIN NAMES" are issued through one company, basically, and registration can cost quit a lot of money, and INTERNET is a free enterprise for communications, I don't see where Mr. Uzi Nissan has done anything wrong. He is not manufacturing automobiles, nor is he claiming to be a subsidiary of Nissan Motors. Since Mr. Nissan purchased the "DOMAIN NAME", he should not have to give up anything because he was first with an idea. If Nissan Motors is allowed to win their case, people will be suing everybody because somewhere on their web site will have someone else's name.
thanks for your time.
Steve Leber

From the information I have reviewed I feel that the Nissan Computer Corp. has committed no crime in registering "" as their company's domain.  The rule on the net up to this point has been first come first serve for everyone, regardless of whether they were a private citizen or a large corporation.  For example, the domain name "" was registered to a young man for his bicycling web-site and the company that wished to use the same name had to come up with another because he beat them to it.  Therefore it outrages me that Nissan Motor Co. is seeking legal action against Nissan Computer Corp.  In the fast paced business world of today, the proverb, "You snooze, you lose," is more fitting than ever.  It goes to show that even the largest corporations could use a little growing up to rise above silly legal squabbles which only tie up valuable court time for petty reasons.
Peter D. Siefer

Leave Mr. Nissan alone. You won't lose any sales of your cars (we drive a Nissan).
Good luck!
Tony Mammoliti

Dear Sirs,
I have serious doubts about your goals in this case. Might have been way easier to try to settle this with a nice amount of money to Nissan Computer. Because the law suit will cost you much more. And that is not what I, as a shareholder, need.
On the other hand, I do agree with your case. When someone says Nissan, half the world knows that they mean the cars. Not the computers (I didn't know them). Similar case was brought before court concerning heavy metal band Megadeth. Some obscure people claimed that they were the 'first' Megadeth around, although there was no proof whatsoever. The court found that the only Megadeth-similar name known to this world was Meggadeath (later known as Pink Floyd). Case dismissed. So, I'm pretty doubtful about the law suit, but if you want, I can understand your reasons for it.

Your fighting a big company, Nissan was well known well before 1987 as Datsun was just a range of vehicle's built by Nissan. Unfortunately you are a minority & they are a majority & on this planet majority rules. So for the sake of your pocket swallow your pride ghange your name & keep the money you would spending to win. Have you spent as much money as they have to make the name world wide known. To survive on this planet you must stop & think on what you say & do & how it affects people around you. Best of luck.
P.S. I,m a Nissan factory qualified mechanic with the last name Ford.

The Nissan Name belongs to Nissan Motor Corporation, not a small time computer company.  Nothing against the Nissan Computer company, which I've never heard of, and don't plan on purchasing anything in the future from them.  Nissan Motor Corp. deserves the domain name, and will not stop until it belongs to them.  Nissan Computer Company, has probably be offered a large amount for the domain name by Nissan, which is probably more then they make in 10 years. belongs to the Nissan Motor Corporation, and that's what I think. 
Good Day
Coz Ceh

I support Nissan... MOTOR Co. LTD, the New Nissan Z, the Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R, the future global Nissan R35 Skyline GTR and Nissan's efforts in motor sports. is available by the way, so stop leeching on Nissan. Nice list of Nissan domain names, difference is most of them are about Nissan cars, none of them are leeching off of Nissan customers like who are looking for information on Nissan vehicles.
Kenjiro Masaaki - Nissan Fanatic

The main reason you get so many hits is because your name is Nissan.  They shouldn't try to sue you, but no matter what bs excuse you say you named this site Knowing you'd get alot of traffic.

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