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Nissan Motor Co. should be ashamed of themselves.  They are idiots  Nissan Computer Corp has a completely legitimate basis for having registered the domain "".  Nissan Motor Co. should now suffer the way everybody else suffers when they have a lack of vision - pay a lot more for what they want!  Nissan Motor Co. probably figures it will be cheaper to spend money on attornies to put Nissan Computer out of business than it would be to simply offer Nissan Computer Co. enough money to SELL the rights to the domain name!!!!!  I certainly hope that the court involved will allow costs AND attorney's fees against Nissan Motor Co., who WILL lose this case IF Nissan Computer can afford to go that far.
It's just disgusting - and this is coming from an attorney, too.
Donald A. MacKay

I was browsing the Internet looking at Nissan Motor sites around the world.  While browsing I stumbled upon this site.  I at first I was slightly confused, but I soon realized the situation. Unfortunately for the Nissan Motor Co., Mr. Uzi Nissan owns the rights to this domain.  While this may be very inconvenient to many car buyers, the Nissan Computer Corporation is not breaking the law.  If the Nissan Motor Co. wants this domain bad enough, they should attempt to buy it from Mr. Nissan.  Be forewarned, however, he may not want to sell it, and, in that case, TOUGH LUCK Nissan MOTORS!

Your story is persuasive.  If you hadn't had all your ducks in a row beginning before Nissan changed its name from Datsun, I would have said give the domain to them.  But after reading your side of things, I have to say that Nissan Motor is in the wrong and will just have to deal with it.
Good Luck,
C.C. Rockstead

To Nissan Motor Corp.,
Your marketing department would be better employed innovating a new image for your company, than trying to extract revenge on a small dynamic IT company, that acted in a space that you should have acted in, years ago.
Joe Kelly

In relation to Nissan Motor suing Nissan Computer Corp., well. . . . first come, first serve!!! Nissan Computer Corp. got the name first - tough luck! So what if people have to re-direct their browser to the NissanDriven site, I'm just glad to see one of the smaller corporations standing up for themselves! lets hope it lasts!

you have the right to keep that domain.  Nissan motors, you snooze you loose.
Brian Lueck

Mr. Nissan,
It's your name and has been your name.  I see no reason that you should not be able to use your name like so many other people/companies do.  Nissan Motor is a very large and successful company so of coarse they feel they are doing you a favor by not suing you to change your name altogether.  Lord knows that if it wasn't for the existence of Nissan Motor your family would never have existed for so many generations, right? A lot of things in life are first come, first serve.  Mr. Nissan you registered the name first.  "The early bird gets the worm."  Nissan Motor, "You snooze, you loose."
Good luck against what appears to be a big baby,
Lewis V.

As a Nissan Motor Vehicle owner, I am shocked that this is becoming such an issue now and not four years ago. If you have registered your business names in the past and followed all compliant regulations for owning a business, than I do not see what arguments that Nissan Motors should have.
Kami Falcione

My advice to you is to get a lawyer and sue them for harassment and trying to deter your business.  You are in the right!!
Dawn Koester

You snooze, you loose - Nissan Motors! Notice my name? Tim Allen. If I wanted to register my domain name, I could have beaten the Home Improvement Tim Allen to the punch several years ago. However, I didn't. From what I understand, domain names on the Internet have nothing to do with copyright or infringements into a companies right to do business on the Internet. Oh sure, the more powerful company may try to force itself upon the smaller company in order to obtain something that could be highly lucrative. I notice that Nissan Computer does offer a link to Nissan Motors - so what's the problem? Nissan Motors should have recognized the importance of the Internet several years before. Their seemingly lack of planning is no grounds for suing. You may want to do further research into this matter and find out how many other domain names are similar to other company names.
I hope my opinion helps Nissan Computers retrain its Domain name.
Tim Allen

Change the car company back to Datsun - sounds better especially since the 240Z was a Datsun along with the 510
Stanley Vitt

I think it's foolish on the part of Nissan Corp. to be pursuing this matter.  Uzi registered first,  he gets to use the name, simple.  It's like this everywhere for business/domain names, first come, first serve.  If Nissan wants to pursue this matter they  should simply offer to purchase Mr. Uzi's rights to the web domain names.  If Mr. Uzi would agree to this of course.  I'm sure this would be far less costly for them than to pay their heavyweight lawyers in a court battle.
Justin Kiteley

Good luck with your battle. I think you are in the right!..... BUT... I was looking for Nissan Motor when I ran into your site. I bet Nissan would be happy if you just put a link on your page that says "click here for Nissan Motors" and request they do the same for you on THEIR website!  Or at least they should pay you for the link you provide!
go get em!
Mitchell Wilson

I'm just registering my belief that your lawsuit "Nissan Motor Vs. Nissan Computer" is unqualified.
Joseph Maritno

Apparently Nissan computer corporation got the domain name first so Nissan motor co. should just accept the fact. Nissan computer co. has a link to there website anyway. I don't see the problem except that Nissan motor co. is a large corporation throwing there weight around and bullying a smaller company I feel the motor company should find a solution with Nissan computer co. and work out a plan where they can have an active banner at Nissan computer co. website and a message that says "for Nissan motor co. click the above banner.
Thank you for your time listening to me rant.

Nissan Motors: Your heavy-handed actions not only reflect arrogance and insensitivity, they have an undercurrent of the historic Japanese anti-Semitism that made me think twice before I leased my first Infiniti in 1996. Because I enjoyed the car, I sublimated any negative thoughts about its origin and leased a second one in 1999 and a third one for my fiance a few months ago.
Now your remarkable hubris makes me feel that I may have made a mistake.  How dare you take action against a small businessman for wanting to use his own name to conduct business, particularly since his business is totally non-competitive with yours! It's apparent that his URL is in no way an attempt to exploit your name and it's equally clear that you are simply being bullies!! Get off this guy's back!!!
Uzi Nissan: Keep up the fight! Don't relent!! And don't let the bastards grind you down!!!!
Stephen A. Levine

Dear Dr. Nissan,
even a goy who has had just a primer in Jewish culture is aware of the fact that Nissan is a full-fledged Hebrew name: there is even a month in the Jewish calendar called "Nissan"!  Maybe in Japan there is not a Jewish community, or the culture of Nissan lawyers does not reach these subtleties.  I express my full support to you. I will suggest to my Jewish and non-Jewish acquaintances to read your website and to refrain from purchasing Nissan cars hereinafter. Try Italian FIAT/Alfa Romeo/Lancia instead!

Nissan Motor Co,
If Nissan is a family name; How can you arbitrarily decide that the name belongs to you? Uzi Nissan was born with the name Nissan long before Nissan Motor Co was ever thought of. I would suggest that Mr. Uzi Nissan counter sue Nissan Motor Co for harassment. I would be more than happy to recommend several good attorneys to pursue legal action against Nissan Motor.  I would think that the Nissan Motor Co would be more interested in creating good will with customers in a foreign country, rather than angering them over wanting to enshrine their name.
This is not a racist comment, read and understand.- Nissan Motor Co look at history. The Japanese have never been known to be overly intelligent when it comes to picking fights. Notice that Japan usually loses its wars. However the Jewish people have always prospered even in the most adverse of conditions. Think about Nissan Motor Co.
Ray Johnson

Nissan changed their name to Datsun after WWII. Nissan made the engines for the Japanese Zeros. Therfor they changed their name to better public relations in America.
After enough time had passed they changed it back to Nissan.

Nisan Motors and other giant sleaze balls, take heed. I have stopped purchasing your products and will make every effort not to promote it to others, either on the Internet or by word of mouth. I spend 4 years in one on your prison camps during WW2 and still don't trust the Japanese ruling class. You have not changed and never will. That will be your undoing like WW2 did. The bushido code stinks like rotten fish.
Ferencze Horvath

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