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Necesitamos luchar en contra de todos los piratas ciberneticos. apoyo el boycot en contra de Nissan motors.

In 1999 I purchased a NISSAN Frontier Pickup Truck.  To read that Nissan Motors is doing this to this Computer Company is beyond my understanding.
I am recommending that no one buy Nissan as they are playing like a big bully and I will also NOT BUY NISSAN in the future.  In fact I am not real happy with this pickup truck that I purchased anyway.  NISSAN MOTORS should be ashame of themselves, but then we know these type companys have no conscious, therefore they don't feel guilt, shame or remorse.
Personally I hope you poeple go bankrupt and all it takes is each one of us not buying NISSAN in the future!
David Brocato

I am personally offended over the domain name dispute and plan to tell everyone I know to stay away from Nissan motor Co. products. Honestly to drag someone to court over a, "Domain" name on the internet is absolutly pathetic!!!
Dean Sparks

Dear sirs,
I am sorry to say I actually own a Nissan.  That is a problem that i will soon correct.
I will never again buy a Nissan.  I will also make it a goal to tell every one what Nissan is doing to
Mike Brodeur

Is this true? Is nissan just another corperate bully? I am planning to purchase a 4-door pickup in Feburary, I know it will not be a Nissan.
John Lance

This is an unjust, indefensible and immoral abuse of power and money, which shows a corrupt, unprincipled corporation at its very worst.  I certainly hope it does not succeed.  I am so disgusted at the bullying tactics of large companies such as these, that I would in no way wish to support them, or contribute to their further financial gain and additional accumulation of power.
I will never buy from Nissan from this date.
Gary Preston

Your action, in this case, is out of order. The gentleman has the right to have a web site with his own name. You could choose from other options, like nissan-motors or nissancorp.
Be resonable, or I won't set my bottom on another car from yours, ever.  Or my family, for that matter.
Sol Newhouse

I hereby agree in fight against the big corporations, of hijacking Domain Name. I Hope that they will go down and give the opportunities for small business to compete freely and fairly within the society.

If I started a company and found my Identity on the net had been stolen from me by blood sucking money hungry aleins .....I'd be angry.
Fight for your Internet rights.
Alexie Sommer

This is a well deserved response for the would be hijacker.  A company, using subrefuge and malicious tactics to attain market share, will lose crediblity under public scrutiny.  The only outcome to any legal precidence set by this case is to create any (alpha) letter combination attached to a internet domain to be held hostage to the highest bidder. Trademarks, based on a graphic, is one thing but words should not and can not fall under this level of ownership.  I see Nissan Motor's stance as a personal attack on my rights to use the internet.  The exposure and retribution of this case is justified.
Thank you for informing me of such actions.  I intend to enforce this with all due veracity.

Nissan Computer got there first so plastic Nissan Cars can go twaddle off...
David McNally - England

On the surface, it appears that Nissan Computer has the right to the domain names it registered (according to the NSI records) in 1994. A visit to indicates they have an apparently legitimate small business site.  If they have had that legitimate web site established for several years, it would be presumptuous of any person or court to arbitrarily decide that this is a case of cybersquatting. Rather, it would be a case of a major corporation (Nissan Motors) being a "day late and a dollar short".  If Nissan Computer has had that site established since sometime close to 1994, Nissan Motors needs to either try to buy the domain name from Nissan Computer, or settle for or some similar name, and perhaps work out an arrangement with Nissan Computer to host a link to the automaker's site.
Michael Huebener

Nissan Computers you have my full support! Information passed on to everyone I know.
Matthew Gray

The improper use of domain names and the possession of domain names in order for later sale to interested companies must be stopped. People and/or companies should only be able to acquire domain names that represent acronyms of their names, their companies, their businesses or are completely accidental and thus not of public interest. When two companies have the same name: First come, first served.
Corneliu Linca

Nissan computer has every right to this domain name.  The net is first come first serve.  You are nos squating because you have good reason to own this site and you are not sellng it for prof.
Marc Seltzer

I think it's rediculous that (the biggest) companies or most popular people with names similar to dot coms automatically get them (for example this case of Nissan, and Madonna.) Domain names were set up on a first come first serve basis, and anyone in the world should have the same chance of owning any domain name. If Nissan Motor Corp wants the name, they can buy it from the other Nissan, or find a different name to buy. This is America, not a popularity contest.
Judah Press

Nissan Motors lacks morality and ethics. Thats the image one gets from hearing about this issue.  Mr. Nissan should make a counter suit against the crappy cardealer for; 1. they manufacture understandard cars that breaks up around the corner.  2.They have no right to use Mr. Uzi Nissans name as their trademark.
My support all go to the little man fighting Goliath.      Boooooooooooo to that Auto dealer.
Bjorn Andersson

I Hope Nissan Motor will lose a lot of goodwill on this case.  By the way I hate this Japanese "Rice boilers", as we call their cars in Denmark

The coincidence of Nissan family name with Nissan Motors is not enough to strangle Nissan's computer business.  In my Opinion, the company should be left alone.
Olubunmi Omitoyin

This family company has been around for decades before the Nissan Motor Company even existed.  This is NOT a case of "cyber-squatting" or a family trying to make money off the Nissan Motor Company's name.  You should back off from this family and recognize that this is one case you shouldn't fight.  There are plenty of other combinations of web names you could use that incorporate the word "Nissan" (e.g.,,,, etc.).  I'll be forwarding this topic to all of my e-mail lists so that as many people as possible become aware of what you're trying to do.  Shame on you.
Markus Honaker - Hollywood, CA

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